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Mt. Nagsasa Traverse to Nagsasa Cove

Our last stop for year 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mt. Nagsasa and Nagsasa Cove
Subic, Zambales
October 24-25, 2009
SPI Mountaineering Club

By Lakwatsero

Jumpoff: Sitio San Martin, Subic
LLA: 14°49.03N, 120°06.25 E, 450 MASL
Days required / Hours to the Cove: 1-2 days / 3 - 4 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail Class 1-2

We were invited by the Yabag Group to join them in Nagsasa in September but we had a climb then. After their adventure, they shared the pictures with us. We were amazed at the beauty and promised ourselves that we would also visit that site. A month later, we were at the jump-off in the middle of the night. This is the story of Mt. Nagsasa and Nagsasa Cove and how beautiful the adventure was.

Friday night, we all trooped to Victory Liner and hopped on our rented bus for Olonggapo. 3 hours later, we were at our favorite Zambales waiting spot, Chowking, for a very early breakfast (2am). The jeep then arrived and brought us to the jump-off. We immediately wore our headlamps and walked towards the mountain. We all thought the real jump-off was a few minutes away until we noticed that there did not seem to be any plan to stop walking.

The initial walk was long but since we started long before sunrise, the cool air helped to make the walk relaxing. The trail was not steep but it was long. We were expecting a 5-hour climb but were hoping for something short. It took some of us as little as 5 hours to get to the cove, while a majority took longer. Once we reached the saddle of Mt. Nagsasa, our eyes suddenly turned to see one of the most beautiful beaches ever. We could see the blue waters of the beach and the white sands of the shore. It gave us a super boost of energy. The only daunting thing was the realization that between the saddle and the shore was a long, long, looooong path.

At the beginning of the last leg of the climb, we went down a steep path. After which, the path was easy. The trail ran through rocks, rivers, streams, soft sand, hard sand, cogon, and more sand. A few hours later, we could already see the shore. It was a sight to behold. It was a place like those in post cards and coffee table books. It was clean, barely inhabited, quiet, and dreamlike. All the efforts spent trying hard to get to the beach were worth it. Everything was worth it!

Clear skies, blue waters, white sand, sweet scent of the mountain breeze, they all relaxed our weary bodies. It was after lunch when the last group reached the cove. Lunch was already set for them. Our guides ate lunch with us. They were very helpful in bringing our heavy materials and pointing us to the right direction.

The entire time we spent on the beach was dedicated to having as much fun in and out of the water. We swam, had a pictorial session, walked along the shore, transferred to a fresh water cove, and socialized with so many new faces. There were more than 40 participants in total.

The next day, some went to the hidden falls and experienced the cool rushing waters of the untouched falls, chilly at times but still cool and relaxing. After all the last minute dips, we prepared to trek back to the other side, another looooong trek. Before we finished packing we were invited to take a boat ride to Subic instead. Some were more than eager to take the boat and see more of what Nagsasa Cove had to offer. The rest trekked patiently. Both ways had their own wonders.

Those who took the boat ride were treated to some rocky waves and the refreshing sea breeze. It was a relaxing trip, most of the time. Those who chose to trek went to a nearby river to wash up. The water was so clear; it was easy to take pictures under water.

By 7pm, both groups (boat and trek) met back at Chowking to prepare for the 3-hour ride home bringing back not just memories of a beautiful beach but also the wonderful experiences with new found friends.

There are so many fun destination in the Philippines and many more to discover...... Im lucky to part of the second group to traverse Mt. Nagsasa and go to the Nagsasa Cove, vice versa, so this is very different one traversing from to other ground of the mountain, back to back.....hehehehe... The pristine condition of the newly explored mountain and the clear waters of the lakes, rivers, and beach greets our group, to be recognized as the 2nd batch of Nagsasa explorers....

Suggested Itinerrary;

Day 0

2130 Assembly @ Victory Liner (Pasay)
2330 ETD for Olangapo, Zambales

Day 1

0200 ETA @ Olangapo, take early breakfast (Chowking Olangapo)
0230 ETD to jump off (Sitio San Martin) w/ secured climbing permits
0330 ETA at jumpoff, secure guides, courtesy call to tribe chief
0400 Start trek
0630 Saddle Ridge View(Nagsasa Cove (sunrise awaits) Descending
0700 Water source
0745 ETA Nagsasa flat grounds valley
0900 ETA Nagsasa beach/cove (courtesy call to Nagsasa chieftain)
1100 Prepare lunch
1200 Lunch time
1330 Enjoy life, swim, midafternoon socials
1500 Explore the hidden falls of Nagsasa
1700 Back to camp, enjoy the sunset @ beach
1900 Dinner time
2000 Socials
2300 Lights out

Day 2

0700 Wake up call, enjoy again
0900 Big fresh river
1130 Prepare Lunch
1200 Lunch time, break camp
1400 Start trek
1600 Saddle ridge view (last view of Nagsasa)
1730 Jump off (wash up)
1830 ETD to Olangapo
1930 ETA @ Olangapo
2000 ETD to Manila

Victory Liner Pasay Station......ready na to trip.....pero picture muna.......o diba?

We arrive in Chowking take a very early breakfast..........hehehehehe...

This is it.....start nah.....back is Mt. i am.....

one of the yougest climber that join this climb......he is only 7 years old.......astig!!!!!!!

At the saddle of Mt. Nagsasa........a scenic view of Nagsasa Cove.............hay...ang layo pa.....

The beautiful view from the left side of Nagsasa Cove.............

and at the right you can also see how beautiful and how preserve Nagsasa was.......

Sunset at Nagsasa..........

of course....ang sumisikat ngaun......tinatalo na ang marami..............THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we go for a dip sa malamig na tubig ng unknown and hidden falls of Mt. Nagsasa.......

e2 pa isa.........ang sarap talaga............

last pic for our group............the one with shades is the Pres. of YABAG ORG....Sir Migs......thanks again!!!!!!till the next climb.

Mt. Daguldol Getaway Adventure 2009

The 3rd Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

San Juan, Batangas
September 19-21, 2009
SPI Mountaineering Club

By Lakwatsero

Major jump-off: Brgy. Hugom, San Juan
LLA: 13°40.380N 121°19.160E, 672 MASL (+ 672 m)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3

This is my 2nd time around to this mountain, together with SPI MC again, I'm part of group 6, headed by Ms. Jing of SPI-CIS Manila, were composed of 10 individuals in our group, most of us are girls, were just only 3 boys, me, regie, and voltaire, others are girls, named nie, maroth, and the other girls from SPI-CIS Manila.

Me, and my officemates just stays for 2 days only, together with, Ms. Jing & Voltaire, headed back to Manila, Sunday afternoon, actually it nice to stay there until Monday, but we have to go to work by Monday, so sad to say, were so envy to others who stays that afternoon until the next day....But all in all, the climb was so nice and so wet....hehehehe...Hopefully ill be back again in this mountain... To test my strength and endurance again....

Here some info's for this mountain....

In Southern Batangas is the coastal mountain of San Juan, Mt. Daguldul. The name 'Daguldul' or 'Daguldol' has been used since olden days. It has an onomatopoeic feeling ? that of suspense and grandness. Maybe it describes the grandeur of the range and the abrupt rolling of its slopes.

Actually a small mountain range, Mt. Daguldul has several 'gems' to offer. First, there is the unique seascape that greets the hiker on the intial beach trail. Then, there is trail, moderate in difficulty, passing by woodlands and light forests. In some parts, the greenery is total.

Of course there is the peak, which, although not really spectacular in terms of views, has a refreshing feel. Finally, there are excellent sidetrip choices such as the unique Naambon Falls and the acclaimed Laiya beach.

Suggested Itinerary :
Day 1
0600 Take Lipa-bound bus from Manila(Buendia/Cubao)
0830 At Lipa, charter jeep to Brgy. Hugom
1130 ETA Brgy. Hugom: Arrange for Guides / Lunch
1300 Start Trek - Beach front

1530 ETA Mang
Lizardo's place
1730 ETA Niyugan Campsite, Set Camp
1900 Dinner / Socials

Day 2
0500 Wakeup Call
0520 Start trek to going to summit
0540 ETA summit
0700 ETD from summit
0730 Breakfast
0830 Breakcamp
0900 Start Descent
1000 Back at Mang Lizardo's Place
1100 Take Naambon Falls sidetrip (1hr)
1200 Resume Descent
1300 Back at Brgy. Hugom; head to beach resorts
1700 Rent jeep back to Lipa or Batangas City
1800 ETD for bus to Manila
2100 ETA Manila

We are on the last van...because one of us is the last.....hehehehehehe!!!!!!(joke)

Jump off point........Brgy, Hugom, Laiya...............prayers muna for the safe climb........

Lucky kami ni elnie...nakapagpapicture kami sa kasama naming model ng BIOLINK...............hehehehe...pwede dba?
One of my favorite shot.........this is the view of sunset in laiya....of course we are on the summit na....dat time....astig!!!!!!!!

Pasensiya na po.......papicture lang......yan po ang hitsura pag pagod nah...............hahahahaha!!!!!
of course dapat meron group pic....This is the Group 6...........actually hindi ko lahat tanda ang pangalan....sensya po!!!!!!!
syempre dapat meron pang ibang post.....sino ba mukhang antok pa? say cheeze............

The costal line of laiya.......ang ganda diba.....actually on the other side pa po ung mga kilalang resort on laiya...Most of this part is privately owned......

Of course mahabang lakaran paakyat at pababa............masarap magtampisaw sa dagat.........hehehehe!!!!
siyempre.....kelangan ulit meron picture along sea shore...........hay ang sarap!!!!!!!!

At last, uwian nah....Thank you Playa Laiya....parang nagstay dun eh noh!!!!!! Till the next climb!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mt. Kalisungan

The 2nd Stop of 2009!!!!!!!!!!!

Calauan, Laguna
June 27-28, 2009

By Lakwatsero

Jump-off point: Erais Farms, Brgy. Lamot, Calauan
LLA: 14° 08.790N; 121° 20.683E; 760 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2.5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-2

In Laguna, there is a mountain that has many names. Some call it Mt. Calauan or Mt. Nagcarlan after the two towns it borders; others call it Mt. Lamot because it lies in Brgy. Lamot, and it may have been a mossy forest a long time ago. There is growing consensus, however, that this mountain, rising to 760 MASL, should be known as Mt. Kalisungan.

Japanese guerillas, at the twilight of World War II, made Mt. Kalisungan their last stand in Laguna. Afterwards, locals erected a white cross at its peak. It has become a local Holy Week custom to climb the mountain. Throughout the year, Mt. Kalisungan receives ample rainfall, and because of its relatively rustic location, its great charm lies in its serenity.

Verdant fields surround the slopes of Kalisungan. There are coconut trees, banana plantations, corn fields, citrus orchards, and vast grasslands leading to the summit. As one goes higher, the view becomes more distinct: directly in front of you, to the north, is Talim island with its Mt. Tagapo shaped like a young woman’s breast; you can also see Jalajala peninsula jutting into Laguna Lake like a ship, with Mt. Sembrano on its helm. Moving your eyes to east, the highlands of Caliraya appear. And once you reach the peak, you will be able to glimpse upon the seven lakes of San Pablo, flanked by Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw. Then, from a distance there is Mt. Makiling, to the west, completing the circle.

In this climb, we were not complete, the missing in action areLORD and RYE........
We climb this mountain together with Johari.......and with the SPI MC (Laguna) headed by Gilbert.....

Suggested Itinerary (Night trek):

Day 1

1400 Board Green Star bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna (from LRT Buendia)
1630 Arrive at Victoria, Laguna (at the Dunk Junction). Take tricycle to Brgy. Lamot, Calauan, Laguna
1700 ETA Brgy. Lamot (ERAIS Farm) ; arrange for the guide
(you may park your vehicle inside ERAIS farm)
1715 Start trek
2000 ETA summit. (mark of White Cross)
2030 Dinner
2130 Socials
2300 Lights out

Day 2

0600 Wakeup time
0700 Breakcamp
0730 Start Descent
1030 ETA jumpoff point (back at ERAIS Farm)
1130 ETD for Victoria, Laguna (via Tricycle from Brgy. Lamot)
1200 ETA at the Dunnk Junction
1230 ETD for Manila
1600 ETA Manila

At the jumpoff point...Erais you can see at the back is the peak of Mt. Kalisungan......

What a beautiful view.................Mt. Kalisungan here we are........

Actually climbing mountain in night a bit scary.......but can as you can see are scared......Hey.....johari..................ang sweet............night trek with your loveone (left photo)..

as usual......ano pa ba ang ginagawa sa bundok........................Socials all the way even if it is raining.....hehehe

The summiteers..........from left(Jaja(slim), Jaja(sexy),of course me(brian), johari, renchie, and ibanaks.....
on the other pic...we were with our guides........and doggy(?)........hehehehe......

The post climb.........eating time at Chowking Calauan............ang sarap...............till the next climb......

Mt. Mariveles (Tarak Ridge)

To start this, last year this group was formed, consisting of individuals that loves and having the same common goals to reach for the heights, to see the beautiful sights, and experience the wonders of the nature.

Our 1st Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mt. Mariveles (Tarak Ridge)
Mariveles, Bataan
March 21-22, 2009
SPI Mountaineering Club
by Lakwatsero
Jump off point: Brgy. Alas-asin, Mariveles
LLA: 14°30.357′N, 120°30′E, 1,006 MASL (ridge); 1,130 MASL (peak)
Days required / Hours to summit: 2 days, 5-6 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 3

Tarak Ridge, on Mt. Mariveles’ west face, that has gained much attention. Its craggy landscape, sharp rocks, and steep location may have given rise to its name, Tarak, which is somewhat of a cross between ‘Tabak’ (hunting knife) and ‘Tarik’ (steep). There is a scenic, 270-degree view of Bataan which includes the islands of Corregidor and neighboring islands, as well as Manila Bay all the way to Cavite.

The trail is divided into two: a first part involves wide trails, at times dense grasslands – which are during summer months burned in kaingin. The typhoons in 2006 damaged sections of the trail, including one which now needs the assistance of a rope to be crossed. This first part takes three hours and ends in Papaya river – a rest station and water source. Then the next part involves woodlands, steep trails in which you can hold on to branches and roots for support. After 90 minutes, you’ll find yourself in Tarak Ridge. Set up camp here, then go for the optional assault on Mt. Tarak (El Saco and Tarak peaks). By the time you return, it’s approaching dusk. The sunset is colorful and dramatic.

Gusts of wind, coming from the South China Sea, pound hard on the Ridge, requiring extra pegs for tents at night. Inside your tent, you will feel aboard a sailboat, with the sails flapping noisily with the wind. This extra thrill makes Tarak Ridge a truly breathtaking and exciting destination.
Suggested Itinerary:
0300 Board Genesis or Bataan Express Bus Lines to Brgy. Alas-sin, Bataan
0630 ETA Brgy. Alas-Asin
0700 Start Trek
1100 ETA Papaya river, lunch
1430 Resume trek to woodlands
1600 ETA Tarak Ridge, set up camp
1630 Explore the Summit (there is a mossy forest there)
1830 Back at the Ridge; sunset viewing
1900 Prepare for dinner
2000 Socials
2200 Lights out
0600 Breakfast; break camp
0700 Start Descent
0730 ETA papaya river
1000 Back at the jump-off point
1100 Optional sidetrip (Corregidor Trip / near Resorts)
1200 ETD for Manila

This is the start of the trek off picture picture(starting from left...jaja, rye, johari, brian, lord and regie............)
Registration area.....again the max together with pia...(spimc pres.) & tatay & nanay, the caretakers.
At the papaya are the papaya boyz.............
if we could swim to this clouds.....we will is really nice to see this kinds of views...the breeze of the wind..and the excitement of taking pictures....of course.........hehehehe....

At last we were on our way home...see the faces.....are all smiling.................. pagod lang!!!!!!!!


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