Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dinnertime @ Chick-Boy: Chicken at Baboy

by lakwatserong tatay

Here's is one of recent food trips together with my wife and kids.....^_^
I know most of you heard and maybe eaten in Mang Inasal...include me also to the numbers of person who dine in this food chain, a grilled type cuisines is one of the most "IN" this time, so most of the fast foodchain serves grilled type dishes nowadays. But there's one foodchain who served both grilled type of chicken and pork dishes. I've seen different branches and food reviews about this foodchain. There are good and bad reviews but most it were positive reaction through their food choices and dishes.....and this will be my firstime to dine in and experience it's grilled cuisines....this fast foodchain is known as.....
CHIC-BOY (Chicken and Baboy).......^_^

Here's a brief history about CHIC-BOY, this foodchain is manage by one of the successful restaurant chain in our country, Pier One Bar and Grill....and here it goes...

Having first tried the delicious and tasty lechon manok and lechon liempo in Cebu and the chicken inasal of Bacolod, Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings Corporation saw its business potential and the opportunity to tap into the lechon manok, lechon liempo and chicken inasal industry and therefore, brought the secret recipe to Manila. Chic-Boy opened its first Dine-In Store last May 5, 2010 and began offering its Dine-In store concept for franchise. In just 1 year and 6 months since we opened our first franchised store in Molito Alabang, we have grown into a total of one hundred seven (107) dine-in stores, one hundred three (103) units of which are franchised. Thirty four (34) more franchised stores are under construction.

It was Sunday night, after we attended the mass at Antipolo Cathedral, i decided to have dinner on this foodchain....So i expect that this restaurant is we enter inside, boy it was crowded and yet we manage to be given a seat for 5...hehehehe...

The view from our seat.....there was quite file of line in getting their orders.....hmmmm...mukhang masarap nga rito...^_^

After few minutes, my order it was quite fast, as far as i remember it just take less than 10 minutes when our food been served with the number of person i saw...they really got a quick and pleasant service....1 point.....

That night, we got ourselves, Cebu Lechon Manok and Cebu Lechon Liempo, Chicken Sisig, a single order of Sinigang na Baboy, for appetizer, i've ordered Tokwa't Baboy (php80), and Side orders, Ginisang Kangkong sa Bawang (php35) and of course, i got also dessert, Saba in Syrup (php30) and Halo-halo Special (php75)...i wasn't able to take photos to my other orders because i was busy eating that time when my other order arrived....hehehehehe....^_^

Cebu Lechon Liempo (php115)

Cebu Lechon Manok (php99)

Chicken Sisig (php99)

Sinigang na Baboy (php59)
All in all, we had a great dining experience, although the restaurant was really crowded that time, the services and crews were really attentive and very pleasant even if there so busy that time...and of course the food that been served really taste great, and one of the most thing i like, it was served hot....^_^.....the prices was also affordable and they have also a wide range of food choices....^_^

Kuya Gian, Nanay Reggie and Ate Gayle
Of course, i wouldn't miss the opportunity to have my photo opps while dining in CHIC-BOY.....definitely will go back and dine in.....i just hope that the services we got on this branch is just the same on their other branches....^_^

Lakwatserong Tatay is done eating....hehehehe...^_^

For more information, inquiries and here....CHIC-BOY

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Our Price: Double Dinner Date with Our Loving Wives..

Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino
by lakwatserong tatay

Day after our Weekend Getaway Adventures in Vigan is our schedule set of Double Dinner Date in Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino that is worth Php 10, 000....

Here's a brief history about Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino is a fine dining, modern Filipino restaurant. This restaurant is a reminiscent of the world's top restaurant but is truly Filipino in its creativity and flavor. A distinctive approach to their native cuisine matched with top notch service and meticulously interiors that showcasr native materials and Filipino artistry. Bistro Filipino presents Filipino cuisine in a modern light, but preserves its traditional flavors. They also serve excellent wines and signature cocktails. They have also patisserie whips inspired desserts and handmade Belgian chocolate truffles infused with indegenous flavors.
our set menu....^_^ dami!!!!
Of course, before we start, photo opps muna...hehehe...this dining experience was also included in the show...both of our wives were shy to the cameras, as we having conversion the camera rolls...hehehe...^_^

the lakwatserong tatay's
the lakwatserong nanay's....(?)....^_^
And then finally our set menu started to served, one by one from appetizers, then soup, afterwards a salad, then of course the main course....and followed by desserts..and beverages. 2 of this shots is courtesy of ChefLaudico's site...sad to say i forgot to bring a camera that most of our shots is just from my phone that luckly have a flash...^_^

While having our dinner date....the camera continue's to roll as we not eating...and it was not a usual dining experience....nakakahiya sabi nga ng misis ko...san ka ba naman makakita...dinner date binivideo...hehehehe..

I wasn't able to check the time...but the WGA crew leave as after they finishing with filming our dining experience....whew...promise ang hirap kumain na meron umiikot na tabi mo...

Johari & Renchie...^_^
For more information, reservations or inquiries:
Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino
Ground Floor Net 2 Building, 3rd Avenue,
For Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Telephone: 856-0634 / 856-0541
Mobile: 09178002433

Brian & Reggie...^_^
As i end this Weekend Getaway series, i would like to thanks my travel buddy, my kumpare, and of course my co-lakwatserong tatay...Johari...thanks pre...ang galing mo sa 2nd task natin..kasi sobrang hingal na talaga ko...hehehehe....and all of the Weekend Getaway Crew....for a job well done in giving as one of a kind experience of vacation and getaway as the WEEKEND WARRIORS.......thanks po! promise hindi namin makakalimutan toh....^_^ last tapos nah...hope you like our Weekend Getaway experience in Weekend Getaway Show of Drew check out all of our experience and actual show...check out this our here..

Weekend Getaway: Vigan Airport

by lakwatserong tatay

It's time to go back to Manila, and end the wonderful experiences and adventures we've done in Vigan. Luckily for us, the WGA did not include us to go back to Manila via land travel, but instead gives us opportunity to ride a plane via SEAIR propeller type plane, it was just a 30 seater plane as i remember. Both of us, we're first to ride this fleet, so we felt a bit excitement......^_^

Our free shuttle from Vigan Plaza Hotel...thanks kuya..^_^
A brief information about Vigan Airport also known as Mindoro Airport serves the general area of Vigan City, capital of province of Ilocos Sur. This airport is classified as a community airport by Civil Aviation Authority. Vigan airport is located in Barangay Mindoro. This airport was considered a "sleeping asset" for Vigan, since no revenues generated from the airport's operation. Plans have been formulated to expand and modernize the airport, to lighten the burden of traveling to Vigan from Manila and other cities and towns by bus, as well as to develop more city's burgeoning tourism industry.
The Mindoro Airport's Arrival & Departure Area..
inside Vigan Airport...
our plane ticket via SEAIR...^_^

Bagong sideline ni Johari...^_^
Luckily for us, As of February, 2012, Southeast Asian Airlines cancelled and pulled out its domestic flights from Manila Domestic Airport (MIA) to Vigan Airport and back. But as of now a rival airline took the route known as Lion Air, its flights schedule would be the same of SEAIR, Lion Air will leave MIA at 2pm every Friday and Sunday and land at Vigan Airport. The same plane will leave Vigan Airport at 5pm on the same days. The only authorized booking center in Vigan for Lion Air for flight booking schedule is the Vigan Plaza Hotel.

my photo opps with SEAIR fleet....^_^
the lakwatserong tatay's....
Going back to our flight, this propeller type plane is just a 30 seater plane, and as we step up inside this plane, we we're just 7 passengers plus 5 crews from SEAIR including the pilots....^_^, maybe that's the reason why SEAIR pulled out it flights...what you think.....^_^

As soon all of the passengers got in and all of the baggages were placed in the plane the propeller was bit bumpy ride...i think our trip going back to Manila was a bit windy..or our fleet was just to small so we mostly feel the rough ride...^_^

Here are some of my photos as we got in the air and getting near to Manila...within less than hour we reach Manila Domestic Airport....^_^

SM Mall of Asia

Our adventures as lakwatserong tatay's for this show would not end, we really love exploring...specially travelling...but given such a experience like this would be really remarkable to us and one of our treasures...aside from that, sharing our adventures and experiences on this WGA show is one of my main goal, to make you inspired to go to this place or you may want to join the free weekend getaway show...^_^

A photo opps again in MIA...^_^
There is still one more to go....our price....The Double Dinner Date with our Loveone' Chef Laudico's at The Fort....^_^

Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend Getaway: The Baluarte Experience....

by lakwatserong tatay
One of the tourist spots that we visited is really known in Ilocos Sur, known to be Chavit's home town, known as BALUARTE. Some might say it is a must visit, one of the best tourist attraction in Ilocos and as we've seen it, infact for us, that was true......hehehehe..^_^

Baluarte, stands on a hill and provides an awesome scenic view of the Vigan city. It has approximately 80 hectares with a mini zoo, shooting range, and a chapel....and among others.  The Structures of facilities and amenities, phases of construction is its best possible realisitc and natural habitat for its animal care.

There are so much things and activities you could do in Baluarte, and its absolutely for FREE!!. Such as feeding them, petting them, riding the "tiburin" (a small horse-drawn carriage) and stay for meanwhile on their Butterfly Garden, a picnic area for your family and friends.

One of our most memorable part on this trip is being part of Baluarte's Live Animal Show, held 4 times a day, 7 days a week, this is a animal encounter show that allows the visitors to come up close and personal with 8-10 exotic animals, as part of it educational and necessary survival instincts of these animal where discussed to the guest. Right after the show, the guests are given a chance to have their photo souvenirs with these animals with the assistance of the caretaker to guarantee its safety. This show is also for FREE!.

Below are some of the photo opps of other visitors and of course us, Lakwatserong Tatay's....^_^

Some of the animals that got our attention....^_^

It was a very cool experience, having the chance to encounter in flesh all of those exotic creatures and one of my favorite is our photo off with tiger (below). Actually we had a video that was not included in the show, because me and johari really got shocked when the tiger suddenly turn his head to us while having this photo opps, but it was just that and all of the crew that time, laugh all the way as they saw of afraid and shocked faces...infact as we watch that...we also laugh....(kayo ba naman ang tumalon paatras ng sabay angat pa talaga paa at kamay....hehehehe...sabay tulala mode ng sandali dahil sa sobrang gulat....^_^)
one of my favorite photos....^_^
For more information about Baluarte, you may want to click this link: here

Hour of operation are 7am to 6 pm - 7 days a week.
Entrance are FREE, Ride are FREE.....


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