Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Vigan Airport

by lakwatserong tatay

It's time to go back to Manila, and end the wonderful experiences and adventures we've done in Vigan. Luckily for us, the WGA did not include us to go back to Manila via land travel, but instead gives us opportunity to ride a plane via SEAIR propeller type plane, it was just a 30 seater plane as i remember. Both of us, we're first to ride this fleet, so we felt a bit excitement......^_^

Our free shuttle from Vigan Plaza Hotel...thanks kuya..^_^
A brief information about Vigan Airport also known as Mindoro Airport serves the general area of Vigan City, capital of province of Ilocos Sur. This airport is classified as a community airport by Civil Aviation Authority. Vigan airport is located in Barangay Mindoro. This airport was considered a "sleeping asset" for Vigan, since no revenues generated from the airport's operation. Plans have been formulated to expand and modernize the airport, to lighten the burden of traveling to Vigan from Manila and other cities and towns by bus, as well as to develop more city's burgeoning tourism industry.
The Mindoro Airport's Arrival & Departure Area..
inside Vigan Airport...
our plane ticket via SEAIR...^_^

Bagong sideline ni Johari...^_^
Luckily for us, As of February, 2012, Southeast Asian Airlines cancelled and pulled out its domestic flights from Manila Domestic Airport (MIA) to Vigan Airport and back. But as of now a rival airline took the route known as Lion Air, its flights schedule would be the same of SEAIR, Lion Air will leave MIA at 2pm every Friday and Sunday and land at Vigan Airport. The same plane will leave Vigan Airport at 5pm on the same days. The only authorized booking center in Vigan for Lion Air for flight booking schedule is the Vigan Plaza Hotel.

my photo opps with SEAIR fleet....^_^
the lakwatserong tatay's....
Going back to our flight, this propeller type plane is just a 30 seater plane, and as we step up inside this plane, we we're just 7 passengers plus 5 crews from SEAIR including the pilots....^_^, maybe that's the reason why SEAIR pulled out it flights...what you think.....^_^

As soon all of the passengers got in and all of the baggages were placed in the plane the propeller was bit bumpy ride...i think our trip going back to Manila was a bit windy..or our fleet was just to small so we mostly feel the rough ride...^_^

Here are some of my photos as we got in the air and getting near to Manila...within less than hour we reach Manila Domestic Airport....^_^

SM Mall of Asia

Our adventures as lakwatserong tatay's for this show would not end, we really love exploring...specially travelling...but given such a experience like this would be really remarkable to us and one of our treasures...aside from that, sharing our adventures and experiences on this WGA show is one of my main goal, to make you inspired to go to this place or you may want to join the free weekend getaway show...^_^

A photo opps again in MIA...^_^
There is still one more to go....our price....The Double Dinner Date with our Loveone' Chef Laudico's at The Fort....^_^


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Ichan said...

sa lahat tlga ng byahe ang mejo malungkot eh ung pguwi pero at least un ang reason para mas itreasure mo ung xperience..


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