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Bukal Island

Cadlao Islands: Bocal Point
by lakwatserong tatay

The last island destiantion we had in El Nido. One of the four island known in Cadlao Island, known as Bocal Point, infact this island has many Bukal Beach and Bukal Island. An island that is known for snorkeling and kayaking activities because of its cryrstal clear waters, undersea wonders and shallow coral gardens.
Bukal Island
Limestone Cliff in Bukal Island
At closer look...^_^
Bukal island, is an small island that stands separated from the Cadlao Island but not far from each other, passing between them, you can see some Bahuras / Corals. Different species of the corals are available and can be reached via kayaking. It'seawater was pretty cold, i dont know why? maybe because it was quite late afternoon that time when we stayed on this island.
The views from Bukal Island
One thing Ate Beth told us when were here is we have to snorkel and go swimming on this area. Because of its shallow coral reefs and different species of fish, of course always present is nemo....^_^.

The small shoreline of Bukal Island.....
All of us go on snorkeling upon boarding off our boat, because it's kind a late and the time is not actually on our side that time. But were really lucky to have a bit snorkeling opportunity.
View from Bukal Island
Another tourist is also in the island

Another part of Cadlao Island
One thing, that really catch my eyes is this rock formation that i've taken a shots for so many time. On its different angles, different backgrounds, and of course a photo opps with rock formation....^_^.
I really like this stone formation...^_^
Waks....what is that?
And now the snorkeling classes began....^_^. Here is Liway making some tips to Gara on how to....^_^..... I'm just joking and i'm not really aware on what they discussing.
Snorkeling tutorials (?)
This is one of the shots while having again camwhoring sessions in Bukal Island with my model "Gara".
It's nice to be alone......
At the snorkeling classes....^_^.
Snorkeling time.....^_^
Reasons Why to Visit Cadlao Island: 

Largest Island in El Nido - This island has a land area of around 10.06 sqr mters, making its the largest island in El Nido. Visitors will have the chance to visit and explore its entire island that is composed of white sand beaches, towering marble cliffs, mangrove areas with lush forest.

Highest Limestone Peak in El Nido - This isle boasts because of its highest peak that is towering about 609 MASL, the peak stands taller than other land features in El Nido's Bay. If you will have the chance to go on top of it. An amazing view could awaits you, seeing all the other island in El Nido, that surrounds by blue seawaters.

Undersea Wonders of Cadlao Lagoon - There were numbers of hidden lagoons in the island that will amaze us visitors. One of this is Cadlao Lagoon, an ideal location for snorkeling, picturestique limestone walls and formations and lush corals. Sad to say we missed out this lagoon....huhuhuhuhu....

Makaamo Lagoon - One of the place in Cadlao Island, that is most recommended to be seen. Specially when it is SUNSET. A saltwater lagoon that nortures and serves a nesting area of some tropical birds that can be found in El Nido. Ringed by mangroves and better to be visited when sunrise or sunset due to the feeding time of birds on its lagoon. Again we missed this out of our plan....huhuhuhu......

White Sand Beaches - Cadlao Island has a number of featured white sand beaches that are really ideal for swimmers, snorkelers, divers and of course sunbathers. Cadlao Island is consists of four major tourist spots starts with Bocal Point, Sabang Beach, Paradise eBeach and Natnat Beach, all of this island offers gradually sloping sea floor that is safe for novice swimmers like us trippers that time. Were lucky to visit 2 of its island, Bukal and Natnat, personally i hope the next time ill be visiting El Nido, i could visit all of the places that i've missed out in this island....^_^.

Nature Tripping and its Shallow Coral Spots - A visit on this island is one of a kind experience. As they will encounter its marine ecosystem together with its shallow coral gardens that has schools of colorful fish. Added to that the experience of lush forest via its nature trail that leads to the fascinating inland lagoon.
Lakwatserong Tatay is at Bukal Island....^_^
Wow, at last i'm done on my story telling of our 2 days of Island Hopping in Bacuit Bay of El Nido. Truly it was one remarkable experience that i will really really treasure in my entire life. An experience that is not all of us has the chance to do it. But if i will be given a chance to do it and visit this islands, beaches and its nature.....why not....^_^....lalo na kung libre.....^_^....calling all sponsors....lalo na un weekend getaway show....^_^.

So, my next is all about the town of El Nido and going back to Puerto Princesa.....^_^.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Natnat Beach

One of the Shores of Cadlao Island
by lakwatserong tatay

Cadlao Island, is considered to be the largest island in El Nido, occupying a land area of 10.06 sqr kms. Among all of the islands, this is the closest to town proper and has the highest peak that towers up to 640 mtrs. above sea level. This island is known for its white sand beaches, gradually sloping sea floor, hidden lagoons, and nature trails through its lush forest cover. One of these nature trails leads to the Makaamo Lagoon. A saltwater lagoon that is surrounded by ringed of mangroves. It said to be best enjoyed in silence at sunrise or sunset when the tropicals birds are in action and enhance by the feeding birds in the lagoon.
Cadlao islands shores features a number of white sand beaches that are ideal for swimmers, snorklers and sun bathers. Starts with Bocal Point aka "Bukal Island, Bukal Beach", Paradise Beach, Sabang Beach is the Northeast part of Cadlao that offers good snorkeling opportunities, though some of the tourist recognize it as one of settings for the Scandinavian TV show Robinson Expedisjonen, counterpart of Survivor. and last, Natnat Beach which is the fourth island we visited and explore.
Natnat Beach
For our 2nd Day of Island Hopping in the El Nido's Bay two of our last island hopping activities is found in Cadlao Island. Here is the one of it.....Natnat Beach, it's like a large cove, a few kilometers in expanse. It has all natural debris of trees along on its beach shores.
Shoreline of Natnat Beach
After our Snake Island photo session, we took advantage of the beach again because of it scenic spots that is perfect for us camwhores again....^_^..
At the otherside....
A bit wide shoreline is suitable for us like trippers just to lie down on its pure white sand and have a sun bathing. Most of us that time just had siesta time. Some takes a nap, few of us take a dip, but few of us explored its shorelines as far as we could do.
Big Rock formation stands in Cadlao Island
This is the weird looking tree that im telling, it's just like a bonsai tree that was placed on a rock. But it was really an eye catcher tree, imagine a big tree that is clinging onto a big rock, a weird fruit is also available upon exploring the beach.
Big Tree clinging onto a Big Rock
At another angle....
Calm seawaters of Natnat Beach
Here are some of our pictures while having our siesta time at Natnat Beach......^_^
Trippers siesta time....^_^
Here are some of my pictures with my featured model trippers.....thanks, chris, jenny, liway and gracey....^_^
My models that time....^_^
Chris photo opps on the big tree on big rock
Here is one of the shots taken by Caloy that i really like......^_^
One of my stolen shot thanks....Caloy...^_^
Here are two shots that i've taken as Gracey is our make take a look....^_^
Photo sessions with Gara....^_^
Upon exploring and walking through shorelines of Natnat, we've to most far of it, and found out this Signage..."No Trespassing Trespasser will be arrested by Security Guard by TKPI and a Notice to the Public...same notification from TKPI this beach is maybe owned by a private individual?
A warning signage on Natnat Beach
So lets back to the beach and forgot those private owner's notification, but one thing i would like to remind and comment....i know in the near future, maybe they will be a resort in Natnat Beach, what do i hope that they would still be aware in preserving this beautiful place called Natnat Beach....^_^
Lakwatserong Tatay was on Natnat Beach...^_^ island to go.....and the 2nd day of Island hopping will be finish....^_^.

All in all, we had a great time staying on this beach. Natnat Beach has it own uniques from the islands and beaches i've gone through...Because of its white sand bar shoreline, amazingly clear water and an impressive reef that is also great for snorklers like us.
So don't miss this island and placed it in your itinerary when your going island hopping in El Nido.....^_^.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

My 7 Links: Lakwatserong Tatay's X-plorations

by lakwatserong tatay

One of my friend from PTB Group, Mervin of Pinoy Adventurista tagged me along to participate in My 7 Links Project of Tripbase. It aims to unite bloggers in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

And here it goes......

MOST BEAUTIFUL POST - A Five Days Trip at Palawan

One of my dream destination....It was a fulfilled dream that happened last February. Together with my closest friends at my was a 5 days of fun-filled moments, very beautiful sceneries and will be a start of a yearly tradional birthday celebration trip of my kumpare...^_^....

"Palawan" ikaw ay marating ko.....^_^

MOST POPULAR POST - Borawan Island of Padre Burgos

As a backpacker, beacheenering is always one of the best choices for sidetrips. This post was one of the most viewed entries i've ever had .....for more than 1 year and 7 months to be exact into blogging,  I was really lucky to have a pageview that is counting 3,403 views and 9 comments. Maybe one of the best reason is travellers right now been challenge to look for new and best scenic spots that only few tourist/travellers like us explored it. Lucky for me, i have the chance to visited it first before it will be commercialized....^_^

MOST CONTROVERSIAL POST - Weekend Getaway Show (Vigan Episode)

This post was just a teaser, until now the story itself is still on draft due to my busy work schedule, right now if i total my bucket of backlog was to many to mention...^_^. But for me this trip is the most controversial of all of my trips. It was aired on television (GMA News TV). It was shoot last June 9-12, on Vigan and Ilocos Sur. Aired last June 24. An all expense paid trip.....a one of a kind experience..^_^..In all of the status that i post in FB, this was one of the most commented and liked by my friends, family, colleagues, and even my all forgotten classmates up to elementary years..^_^. Right now all the pictures and video episode is posted in my fanpage....Lakwatserong Tatay.

MOST HELPFUL POST - Puerto Galera: White Beach Resort Accomodation

Maybe you will say, if you will read this series of post about Puerto Galera, Mindoro, you may say i'm a local from Mindoro with 9 consecutive visits only on this place..^_^ , but im not, i'm a Proud Bisaya. Maybe one of the best reason why i really love Puerto Galera because i've seen its transformation from a local paradise and now being known commercialize resort in Mindoro. I may say this was the most helpful post because of number of queries not all posted in comment (21comments) but thru email inquiry, asking question regarding the accomodation and boat transfers from Batangas to Puerto Galera.

A POST WHOSE SUCCESS SURPRISED YOU - Xplorerboyz: Conquers Albay and Sorsogon

As a mountaineer for more almost 7 years right now, i'm really strict when it comes to Trip Itinerary. But this trip that we have, had so many unexpected things from time, places to visit and adventures to do. This trip also was the start of X-plorerboyz, consists of 4 boys, 2 daddy's and 2 soon to be daddy's..^_^. We have a fun-filled of 5 days of a different adventures from Albay to Sorsogon. Visiting most of the scenic and tourist spots you can find on this places. You may check the series of this post that could maybe helped you in your future trips to Albay and Sorsogon.

A POST YOU FEEL DIDN'T GET THE ATTENTION IT DESERVED -                                     DIY Trip: Xplorerboyz goes to San Pablo and Nagcarlan, Laguna

For me, Laguna has so many to offer that most of us travellers missed out. Like our DIY Trip to San Pablo and Nagcarlan. Most of the tourists right now are just looking for places that are related to beaches, gives promo airfare to go much farther, when you come to think of it. Its just a bus ride for almost 2-3 hours, you could check out 2 towns in Laguna that could offer most scenic lakes, historical sites and unexploited waterfalls. I'm not up in promoting this 2 towns but i do hope you will have the chance to visit its "God's Given Creations".

THE POST THAT YOU ARE MOST PROUD OF - The Birth of my Third Angel "Baby Gabriel"

Lakwatserong Tatay "Brian " with my "Baby Gab"
This post is not about any of my trips, this is a one of a kind trip that only fathers had gone through and soon to be father too. By this time im not named as Lakwatserong Tatay. On this moment i was only a TATAY waiting for a new angel to be a part of my life. It was March 27, 2011 (Sunday at exactly 5:50 in the afternoon), another lakwatsero was born, named Gabriel Rein Enzo. Gab is the third angel that given to us, my eldest is Gian and the my 2nd angel is Gayle. I've created this post, just to share to each in every one, my friends, followers and readers, how proud i am being their father, having three adorable kids and a loving and very understanding wife named Reggie. This link that i've shared for my 7 links of blogs is the most important of all in which I'M REALLY REALLY PROUD OF.

Now, i will forward this project and hoping they would continue it:

Ai of Buhay Prinsesa
Ca de Ramos of Adventurous Feet
Marcos of Ambot-ah!
Sir Jojo of
Sir Jasper of The Backpack Boy

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El Nido's Snake Island

Originally known as Vigan Island
by lakwatserong tatay

After our sumptuous lunch at Cudugnon Cave/Cove too...hehehehe...^_^. For our third island stop that day. Is one of the famous tourist spots and island in El Nido is Snake Island, originally known as Vigan Island. A two islands that are connected by a long stretched of winding white sand bar. One is the Vigan Island itself and the other one is the hill that serves to be the head of this sandbar that shapes like a snake.....
Snake Island
Located near Pangulasian Island, this was called as the "Snake Island" because of the fine natural sandspit (s-shaped sandbar) that "snakes" off it shores. The sandbar is usually clearly visible only when it is low tide. On its both sides are shallow swimming areas.
At closer look of Vigan Island
Upon arriving on this island, all of us hurried to go up to the hill and see the spectacular scenes that our boatman telling us a while ago...Below are one of my shot going up to the hill and photo opps while staying up on it.
The trail up to the hill
The viewdeck area in Vigan Island
Aside from being one of my favorites spots in El Nido, is Snake Island, because of its clear shallow waters. Its has also a hill that gives the trippers/travellers/adventurers...etc...a 360-degree view of the surroundings. But of course you must climb up to the top, it is more or less 5minutes to hike, and at the top is a small umbrella hut used to shed for sightseeing trippers and then the photo opps is at your sights.
The other islands sites from Snake Island's hill
After getting under the sun at the top of the hill in Snake Island, we then proceed to sandbar, that has one of a kind shape because of its s-shaped sandbar. Although in Palawan, there is two island with the same name, the first is on Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa and other one is in El Nido. As of now i can't compare the two islands because i did not have the chance to visit the Snake Island of Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa. I could be biased if i say that Snake Island of El Nido is much nicer than one in Puerto Princesa. But i do hope soom i could go back to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.....^_^.
Closeup shots in the sandbar of Vigan Island
But as my experience in Snake Island of El Nido, i must say it one of a kind, i really love the trekking up to hill and stay for meanwhile on the sandbar and also take a dip on its shallow waters....^_^.
The other end of Snake Island that serves to be the head
Star fish are present on this sand bars...
All of us trippers that time were camwhores, and we did not miss the chance on having different photo souvenirs of Snake Island. In different angles, backgrounds and sights. We had it all, below are some of our selected shots that i really find nice and just want to share it to you....Hope you could do it too...^_^.
Girls of Temptation Island...^_^
The photographers of this trip...^_^
Boys of Temptation Island....^_^
 After our beacheenering experience on this island, its time to go to our next destination.......and have to say...bye...bye.....Vigan Island...Snake Island....and wishing to go back on here.....^_^ 
its time to go back...
ang sarap humiga dito...hehehehe..
Snake island sandbar...
one last shot.....bye...bye.....
Truly, El Nido is a place of grandeur with its signature limestone clifss, fascinating sights, and one of a kind islands. It is a paradise that is all in one.....^_^.
Lakwatserong Tatay was here....^_^ will be the fourth island....Natnat Beach of El Nido......^_^.

This story is part of: Five Days Trip at Palawan


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