Monday, July 18, 2011

My 7 Links: Lakwatserong Tatay's X-plorations

by lakwatserong tatay

One of my friend from PTB Group, Mervin of Pinoy Adventurista tagged me along to participate in My 7 Links Project of Tripbase. It aims to unite bloggers in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

And here it goes......

MOST BEAUTIFUL POST - A Five Days Trip at Palawan

One of my dream destination....It was a fulfilled dream that happened last February. Together with my closest friends at my was a 5 days of fun-filled moments, very beautiful sceneries and will be a start of a yearly tradional birthday celebration trip of my kumpare...^_^....

"Palawan" ikaw ay marating ko.....^_^

MOST POPULAR POST - Borawan Island of Padre Burgos

As a backpacker, beacheenering is always one of the best choices for sidetrips. This post was one of the most viewed entries i've ever had .....for more than 1 year and 7 months to be exact into blogging,  I was really lucky to have a pageview that is counting 3,403 views and 9 comments. Maybe one of the best reason is travellers right now been challenge to look for new and best scenic spots that only few tourist/travellers like us explored it. Lucky for me, i have the chance to visited it first before it will be commercialized....^_^

MOST CONTROVERSIAL POST - Weekend Getaway Show (Vigan Episode)

This post was just a teaser, until now the story itself is still on draft due to my busy work schedule, right now if i total my bucket of backlog was to many to mention...^_^. But for me this trip is the most controversial of all of my trips. It was aired on television (GMA News TV). It was shoot last June 9-12, on Vigan and Ilocos Sur. Aired last June 24. An all expense paid trip.....a one of a kind experience..^_^..In all of the status that i post in FB, this was one of the most commented and liked by my friends, family, colleagues, and even my all forgotten classmates up to elementary years..^_^. Right now all the pictures and video episode is posted in my fanpage....Lakwatserong Tatay.

MOST HELPFUL POST - Puerto Galera: White Beach Resort Accomodation

Maybe you will say, if you will read this series of post about Puerto Galera, Mindoro, you may say i'm a local from Mindoro with 9 consecutive visits only on this place..^_^ , but im not, i'm a Proud Bisaya. Maybe one of the best reason why i really love Puerto Galera because i've seen its transformation from a local paradise and now being known commercialize resort in Mindoro. I may say this was the most helpful post because of number of queries not all posted in comment (21comments) but thru email inquiry, asking question regarding the accomodation and boat transfers from Batangas to Puerto Galera.

A POST WHOSE SUCCESS SURPRISED YOU - Xplorerboyz: Conquers Albay and Sorsogon

As a mountaineer for more almost 7 years right now, i'm really strict when it comes to Trip Itinerary. But this trip that we have, had so many unexpected things from time, places to visit and adventures to do. This trip also was the start of X-plorerboyz, consists of 4 boys, 2 daddy's and 2 soon to be daddy's..^_^. We have a fun-filled of 5 days of a different adventures from Albay to Sorsogon. Visiting most of the scenic and tourist spots you can find on this places. You may check the series of this post that could maybe helped you in your future trips to Albay and Sorsogon.

A POST YOU FEEL DIDN'T GET THE ATTENTION IT DESERVED -                                     DIY Trip: Xplorerboyz goes to San Pablo and Nagcarlan, Laguna

For me, Laguna has so many to offer that most of us travellers missed out. Like our DIY Trip to San Pablo and Nagcarlan. Most of the tourists right now are just looking for places that are related to beaches, gives promo airfare to go much farther, when you come to think of it. Its just a bus ride for almost 2-3 hours, you could check out 2 towns in Laguna that could offer most scenic lakes, historical sites and unexploited waterfalls. I'm not up in promoting this 2 towns but i do hope you will have the chance to visit its "God's Given Creations".

THE POST THAT YOU ARE MOST PROUD OF - The Birth of my Third Angel "Baby Gabriel"

Lakwatserong Tatay "Brian " with my "Baby Gab"
This post is not about any of my trips, this is a one of a kind trip that only fathers had gone through and soon to be father too. By this time im not named as Lakwatserong Tatay. On this moment i was only a TATAY waiting for a new angel to be a part of my life. It was March 27, 2011 (Sunday at exactly 5:50 in the afternoon), another lakwatsero was born, named Gabriel Rein Enzo. Gab is the third angel that given to us, my eldest is Gian and the my 2nd angel is Gayle. I've created this post, just to share to each in every one, my friends, followers and readers, how proud i am being their father, having three adorable kids and a loving and very understanding wife named Reggie. This link that i've shared for my 7 links of blogs is the most important of all in which I'M REALLY REALLY PROUD OF.

Now, i will forward this project and hoping they would continue it:

Ai of Buhay Prinsesa
Ca de Ramos of Adventurous Feet
Marcos of Ambot-ah!
Sir Jojo of
Sir Jasper of The Backpack Boy


Chyng said...

napanood kita pramis! sabi ko sa parents ko - yun ka-blog ko yan! hehe

lakwatserong tatay said...

thanks, chyng......sana kayo makita ko rin sa show ni drew....or kahit anong travel show...^_^

Anonymous said...

wow, astig napanuod ko din yung episode mo sa weekend getaway...astig...sarap siguro noh..

Anonymous said...

wow...ang galing naman ng bonding ng tropa niyo....hope makita ko na un entries of weekend getaway episode...and kainggit ang palawan getaway mo, sama mo pa yung trip niyo sa bicol, sorsogon and backtrip sa laguna...and congratz sa third angel mo

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous1....thanks po...uu masarap talaga..libre eh..^_^

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous2..soon po...nde ko lang sure kung kelan talaga....hehehehe..


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