Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Natnat Beach

One of the Shores of Cadlao Island
by lakwatserong tatay

Cadlao Island, is considered to be the largest island in El Nido, occupying a land area of 10.06 sqr kms. Among all of the islands, this is the closest to town proper and has the highest peak that towers up to 640 mtrs. above sea level. This island is known for its white sand beaches, gradually sloping sea floor, hidden lagoons, and nature trails through its lush forest cover. One of these nature trails leads to the Makaamo Lagoon. A saltwater lagoon that is surrounded by ringed of mangroves. It said to be best enjoyed in silence at sunrise or sunset when the tropicals birds are in action and enhance by the feeding birds in the lagoon.
Cadlao islands shores features a number of white sand beaches that are ideal for swimmers, snorklers and sun bathers. Starts with Bocal Point aka "Bukal Island, Bukal Beach", Paradise Beach, Sabang Beach is the Northeast part of Cadlao that offers good snorkeling opportunities, though some of the tourist recognize it as one of settings for the Scandinavian TV show Robinson Expedisjonen, counterpart of Survivor. and last, Natnat Beach which is the fourth island we visited and explore.
Natnat Beach
For our 2nd Day of Island Hopping in the El Nido's Bay two of our last island hopping activities is found in Cadlao Island. Here is the one of it.....Natnat Beach, it's like a large cove, a few kilometers in expanse. It has all natural debris of trees along on its beach shores.
Shoreline of Natnat Beach
After our Snake Island photo session, we took advantage of the beach again because of it scenic spots that is perfect for us camwhores again....^_^..
At the otherside....
A bit wide shoreline is suitable for us like trippers just to lie down on its pure white sand and have a sun bathing. Most of us that time just had siesta time. Some takes a nap, few of us take a dip, but few of us explored its shorelines as far as we could do.
Big Rock formation stands in Cadlao Island
This is the weird looking tree that im telling, it's just like a bonsai tree that was placed on a rock. But it was really an eye catcher tree, imagine a big tree that is clinging onto a big rock, a weird fruit is also available upon exploring the beach.
Big Tree clinging onto a Big Rock
At another angle....
Calm seawaters of Natnat Beach
Here are some of our pictures while having our siesta time at Natnat Beach......^_^
Trippers siesta time....^_^
Here are some of my pictures with my featured model trippers.....thanks, chris, jenny, liway and gracey....^_^
My models that time....^_^
Chris photo opps on the big tree on big rock
Here is one of the shots taken by Caloy that i really like......^_^
One of my stolen shot thanks....Caloy...^_^
Here are two shots that i've taken as Gracey is our make take a look....^_^
Photo sessions with Gara....^_^
Upon exploring and walking through shorelines of Natnat, we've to most far of it, and found out this Signage..."No Trespassing Trespasser will be arrested by Security Guard by TKPI and a Notice to the Public...same notification from TKPI this beach is maybe owned by a private individual?
A warning signage on Natnat Beach
So lets back to the beach and forgot those private owner's notification, but one thing i would like to remind and comment....i know in the near future, maybe they will be a resort in Natnat Beach, what do i hope that they would still be aware in preserving this beautiful place called Natnat Beach....^_^
Lakwatserong Tatay was on Natnat Beach...^_^ island to go.....and the 2nd day of Island hopping will be finish....^_^.

All in all, we had a great time staying on this beach. Natnat Beach has it own uniques from the islands and beaches i've gone through...Because of its white sand bar shoreline, amazingly clear water and an impressive reef that is also great for snorklers like us.
So don't miss this island and placed it in your itinerary when your going island hopping in El Nido.....^_^.

This story is part of: Five Days Trip at Palawan


pusang kalye said...

maaring El Nido to--one of the most talked about places in the Phils pero off the beaten destination parin for most people even me.mailap kasi masyado.mohol!!!hahaha

lakwatsera de primera said...

Pwede bang mag camp dito overnight? Parang gustto ko rin gawin dito sa El Nido yung beach camping sa ibat'-ibang islands for a week. Boat rental na lang at food ang aasikasuhin :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

@sir anton....hindi naman po, unless nalang pares lang talaga kayo pupunta ng El Nido, but i would really suggest kung big group kayo...they could go and visit El Nido.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@ms. not really sure po kasi meron ng area na my meron talaga guard and really armed, siguro po in El Nido town, you may ask the tourism office....^_^


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