Thursday, November 25, 2010

Magayon Hotel

Peñaranda St., Legazpi City
by lakwatserong tatay

Magayon Hotel
Magayon Hotel is an economy class hotel, located within the city. Only a couple of minutes from the airport and about 5minutes walk to the city center, this hotel gives you some peace and quiet time. This hotel is consist of 4 floors, no elevator. Has an standard aircon room for single /twin sharings for P600-700 and non-aircon room for P150 w/ common bathroom and Aircon rooms with bath (double de luxe, P1000 -P1500).

hotel room accomodations
This hotel is recommend by one of our xplorers, johari, where they usually stay when their around Legazpi. Because of its location and swak sa budget rooms. But just to sum it up, what can i say to this hotel is just fine. Don't expect to much because as i categorize this hotel. For me this can be a mid-range type in hotel-accomodations.

what do you think?
Here some of the Mid-Range Hotel Accomodations located in Legazpi City:

Albay Hotel

The 2-storey bldg., located at 88 Peñaranda St., has 88 rooms (aircon rooms with bath, suites), restaurant (Miraya), coffee shop (Cafe Ola), bar, swimming pool, grand ballroom (Ibalong) and a disco.
Tel: 480-8660, 214-3640-44 & 214-3364.
Fax: 214-3364 & 214-3642.
Manila booking office Tel: (632) 893-5733. Fax: (632) 815-4730.

Avenrose I Residential Suites

A tourist inn at the Renaissance Gardens, Kap Aquende Drive, Cruzada, is a two-minute drive from the airport.
It has 14 suites (standard, superior, presidential suite, P1350- P3050), restaurant, banquet facilities, swimming pool and offers access to a local country club.
Tel: 820-8329, 481-0877-78 & 820-4790.
Fax: 320-5824.

Gazelle Hometel

Located at the Airport Site, East Concession Rd., Cruzada, has aircon rooms with bath (single, double, family, junior suite, executive suite, P700- P1200) and a restaurant.
Tel: 481-0232 & 820-0504.

Hotel Victoria

An economy-class hotel along Rizal St., Lapu-Lapu, has 14 aircon single/double rooms with bath and TV (P800 - P900).
It also has a restaurant, coffee shop (Café Jose), and conference rooms and offers free airport service and car rental service. Tel: 820-7549, 214-3476-77 & 480-6543.
Fax: 214-3246.

Hotel Villa Angelina

An economy-class hotel along Rosario St., has non-aircon (standard) rooms with common bath (P300) and aircon rooms with bath (celebrity de luxe, executive suite, presidential suite, P1500- P3500).
Tel: 481-2560, 821-7835 & 480-6345.

Ibalong Travelers Hostel

A tourist inn at Fidel Cu Bldg., 210 J.P. Rizal St., Lapu-Lapu, has non-aircon rooms with common bath
(standard, P200 - P550) and aircon rooms with bath (single, double, family, P800- P1200).
Tel: 820-3333.

Jennifer's Garden Apartelle

An economy-class hotel , along Don juna Estevez St., Guevarra Subd., Ilawod East, has aircon single/twin/family rooms with bath (economy, business class, P600- P1500).
Tel: 245-5172 & 480-1086.
Fax: 820-4467.

King Arthur Motor Lodge ( tourist inn)

Bogtong Road, Bonot
Tel: 480-8984 & 820-4071)

Legaspi Plaza Hotel

An economy-class hotel at the 3/F, J & O Bldg. along Lapu-Lapu St., opposite the post office, has 34 single/double rooms with bath (non-aircon and aircon), restaurant, disco, music lounge, ballroom and a convention hall.
Tel: 480-6147, 24-3085 & 2-3344-45.

Legazpi Tourist Inn

A tourist inn at 3/F V&O Bldg. at cor. Quezon Ave. & Lapu-Lapu St, Dinagaan, has non-aircon single/double rooms with bath (standard, P550- P600) and aircon single/double rooms with bath (de luxe, P800- P1000).
Tel: 820-4880 and 480-6148.
Fax: 480-6147.

Sampaguita Tourist Inn

Located along Rizal St., Brgy. Rizal Street, has aircon (P350- P700) and non-aircon (P275- P325) rooms with bath and TV. Tel: 480-6258.

Tanchuling International House

An economy-class hotel along Jasmin St., Imperial Court Subd., Brgy., Rizal St.,
Has 19 rooms (non-aircon/double rooms and aircon rooms with bath, P750 - P1050).
It also has an restaurant, coffe shop, function rooms and disco.
Tel: 480-6003 and 8202912

How to contact this Magayon hotel:

Accredited by DOT:  Hotel
Peñaranda St., Legazpi City
Tel: (052) 480-7770
Fax: (052) 820-4174
General Manager: Josie Po Lam
Magayon Hotel is been Xplored

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ligñon Hill

by lakwatserong tatay

This is one of my few backlog blog entries, for my Sept backpack trip. Ligñon Hill (pronounced as "Linyon"), is another prominent landform in the city located behind the Legazpi Airport Tower and beside the Albay Wildlife Park. Aside from the Majestic view of Mayon Volcano standing serenely behind it, this hill is one of the first landmarks that greet visitors upon stepping down from an airplane. This hill stands 156 meter (511 feet) tall.

Welcome signage of Ligñon Hill
Xplorerboyz in photo mode
Ligñon Hill’s summit offers a breathtaking 360 degree view of the City of Legazpi, the deep blue Albay Gulf, nearby towns and islands, and of course the majestic Mayon Volcano. It is becoming one of the most popular destinations for locals and visitors alike. Entrance to the hill is P40. The hilltop is accessible through a scenic concrete road that winds up the hill offering a challenging 30 minute trek. Because of this, it has become a favorite exercise area for local joggers and fitness buffs.

The best time to ascend the ligñon hill is at early morning just before sunrise, while the air is cool. Visitors have the opportunity to witness the morning sun rise up from the Albay Gulf and cast its golden rays on the city below. Early morning is also the best time to view Mayon Volcano since it is usually in all its naked glory at this time of day. An alternative is the sunset or evening walk up the hill where one can see the sparkling city lights sprawled below and enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean.

Ligñon Hill offers
Ligñon hill offers some extra curricular activities aside from viewing the Mayon Volcano, it also offers a zipline adventure that been managed by Globe Quest Adventures, aside from zipline, there are also Lava trek tour, off road driving using All terrain vehicle and Cagsawa ruins sighting.

Although they were many offers that is around the hill, that by using a habal-habal, a single motorcycle you could do that also just for P800 only. But due to some financial reasons, we rather choice to do zipline adventure just for P300 back and forth, 1st is superman style and 2nd is the usual one. But if you try to do zipline with just the usual way by sitting position it just cost P200.

Here are some of our pictures from our zipline adventures:

xplorerboyz in zipline gears mode
syempre dapat meron ako solo...hehehe....
We were really lucky that time, when we arrived at Ligñon hill, the sun was really up and Mayon Volcano is not shy as we arrived at Legazpi Airport. I thought, this volcano will be just a dream to see, but now im really happy i was able to see it, and really hoping for the next time i'll visit Legazpi, ill definitely do the other actvities that been offered to us.

So lets back to Mayon Volcano, because of some issues that time, all of us is contented just to take some souvenirs pics of this volcano, and really were lucky because we see with our eyes the cone shape like volcano.

Mayon Volcano
Some of our souvenir shots together with the Majestic Mayon Volcano.

Mayon Volcano is been xplored......
So lets go to our zipline adventure here at Ligñon hill. Below is some of our souvenir pictures taken while we were doing the ziplines. The 1st picture shown below is one of my favorite highlight pictures of our 5 days of different adventures.

The Superman adventure
im really lucky because i did not fell to the ground....hehehehe...
up...up...and a away...
jobari and jeson after their zipline adventure...
im really here but i don't know if you could see me....hehehehe....
yours truly in zipline mode
The group behind this zipline adventure

How to Get to Ligñon Hill?

From the airport: Turn right to Magayon Drive (you will pass through a private subdivision). Turn left at the junction with Bogtong Road and proceed until you reach the tennis courts, just before the gate to the Albay Wildlife Park. You may start your trek up the hill at the entrance (near the tennis courts). You can also drive your vehicle up the hill.

From Legazpi Port: A Legazpi-Daraga Loop 1 jeepney will take you directly to the foot of the hill.

From Daraga: Take a tricycle from the centro to Tagas and ask the drive to drop you off at the tennis courts.

Lakwatserong tatay @ Ligñon Hill

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trekking Basics - Mt. Tagapo

SPI Mountaineering Club
by lakwatserong tatay

Hi guys, this is the 1st time that i will place a mountaineering activity of my group. It is open to any individuals that are ready to test their endurance. Actually this climb is one of the basic training climb of a backpacker. Aside from that yours truly will be part of this climb, its been a while since i last join to climb my group. Infact im a proud senior member of this company owned mountaineering group from Batch Eco.

Here is our itinerary:

Day 1:
0600 meet up at SPi
0615 ETD for EDSA-Crossing terminal
0700 take jeep to Binangonan.
0830 ETA Binangonan port, take passenger ferry to Brgy. Janosa.
1030 ETA Brgy. Janosa; arrange for guides,
1200 lunch; start trek
1500 ETA summit, set camp
1600 Summit for pictorials
1730 Back at camp; prepare dinner
1900 Dinner
2000 Socials
2200 Light’s out
Day 2:
0500 wake-up; summit pictorial
0600 Back at camp; prepare breakfast
0700 Breakfast
0900 Break camp
1000 start descent
1130 back at jump-off, take return ferry
1330 ETA Binangoan
1600 ETA Manila
We are currently requesting for free shuttle service from SPi to EDSA Crossing for the first 15 official registrants with paid registration fee and signed form.

To all would like to join you could see our group from EDSA Crossing or you can get in touch with our club president Pia.

Pia : 09063250119 / 09266256469

or you could visit our website:

Rizal Beach Resort

Gubat, Sorsogon
by lakwatserong tatay

After passing by some of the must see places to visit here at Sorsogon. It is time again to have a pit stop, and one of our choices is this resort. There are two places to stay in Rizal Beach Shorelines. One is Rizal Beach Resort and the other one is Veramaris Beach Resort. Both are pretty old so don’t expect much in terms of looks and accommodation.

Rizal Beach Resort
After our uphill trip to Bulusan Lake, and visit some of the historic markers and places for Sorsogon, the Bulusan Belfry aka Punta Diamante and Barcelona Church and its ruins. We choose to stay at Rizal Beach, as per Johari's advice because it is quite expensive if you will be staying at Veramaris Beach Resort.

Resort's reception area
Below are some of the photos that you could see when you will stroll around this resort. Infact that time i think we were just one of the three visitors that will stay on this resort. They are both foreign nationals, first is a japanese national and together with his.....hmmmm...and second is 2 american nationals but actually they live the resort before it gets dark.

one of the caretakers of the resort....i forgot to ask the name...hehehe...
Here some of the tourist spots that you could visit if your here in Sorsogon.

Tourist spots of Sorsogon
Rizal Beach Resort latest price list accomodations...hope it could help you tou find really suite you and your group.

beach accomodations price list
Actually this are some of the parts of this resort that i really like.
What do you think?
The beach does not really have white sand. It’s more of a lighter gray one but is soft on the feet. It stretches far into the sea so swimming is quite enjoyable without having to worry about corals and pebbles that can hurt your feet.
left side shoreline of this resort
here is the other part of its shoreline
Actually it was really hot that day when we arrive on this place is was around 1pm in the afternoon as you can see on our background. so what we did is just stroll around and buy some stuffs for our pasalubongs. Of course, there is always be in a pasalubong, a keychain..hehehe!!!!!
Xplorerboyz @ photo mode session
another one.....
and again.....
After our lunch, we go straight to our room to ready our swimming attires...naks!!!!...Even though the sun is really up we hurried up and place one of my tent. After that, what do you think happens? let's see below....hehehehe....
ung isa talaga dito hindi marunog magpitch ng tent?
After pitching our tent, and photo opps continuous and start of our beachineering time again...pls. see below...para lang mga nakawala sa hawla....hehehe...but in fairness to the resort, the serenity and quiteness of this place, make this one of the unique resort i've been with.I do recommend this resort if your looking for a quite place that you will just think and think, and think....hehehe...
so tingin nyo?
cencia po nakalimutan ko magsando...hehehe...
So lets start to get wet and ganun!!!!! Just wait and see.....

this moment we just up to take a post....hmmmm

another post....

but suddenly......
After getting getting wet, we decided to buried ibanak's...hehehe..gusto sana namin kasama na ung ulo eh...
kaso lang nagpapicture pa.....hehehehe...

And it's time to wrap up the day and end our beachineering...We had a great day, the sun really burns us out. But before ending that...let's have one last shot...hehehe...

have a good day....

Sad to say we did not capture sunset due to this cloud! hmp...
Day 4: of our stay at Sorsogon, we got up early to have breakfast because we will be going back to Legazpi, and spend our last night. Actually, our breakfast is not as usual breakfast it is like our brunch (combi: breakfast and lunch). hehehehe...because we requested for our breaskfast.
sinigang, grilled pork and fried chicken....sarap...
and then we start....where is johari.....

After having that one of a kind meal....breaktime and siesta time....before preparing for another long trip of a different adventure. Here is our room accomodation nga pala. Actually this room has own terrace, a sala, a bedroom with 1 masterbed and 2 solo beds and a hot & cold shower....not bad....

Xplorerboys in siesta mode
our room
Once again, this place and resort is placed on our list that been XPLORED......


Of course, i will not miss this opportunity to have a souvenir pic of it resorts welcome signage.

Once again it been Xplored by Lakwatserong Tatay
This is one last pic before we departed this resort. The water is really getting up to the rizal shoreline.

Rizal Beach Resort Shoreline


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