Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ligñon Hill

by lakwatserong tatay

This is one of my few backlog blog entries, for my Sept backpack trip. Ligñon Hill (pronounced as "Linyon"), is another prominent landform in the city located behind the Legazpi Airport Tower and beside the Albay Wildlife Park. Aside from the Majestic view of Mayon Volcano standing serenely behind it, this hill is one of the first landmarks that greet visitors upon stepping down from an airplane. This hill stands 156 meter (511 feet) tall.

Welcome signage of Ligñon Hill
Xplorerboyz in photo mode
Ligñon Hill’s summit offers a breathtaking 360 degree view of the City of Legazpi, the deep blue Albay Gulf, nearby towns and islands, and of course the majestic Mayon Volcano. It is becoming one of the most popular destinations for locals and visitors alike. Entrance to the hill is P40. The hilltop is accessible through a scenic concrete road that winds up the hill offering a challenging 30 minute trek. Because of this, it has become a favorite exercise area for local joggers and fitness buffs.

The best time to ascend the ligñon hill is at early morning just before sunrise, while the air is cool. Visitors have the opportunity to witness the morning sun rise up from the Albay Gulf and cast its golden rays on the city below. Early morning is also the best time to view Mayon Volcano since it is usually in all its naked glory at this time of day. An alternative is the sunset or evening walk up the hill where one can see the sparkling city lights sprawled below and enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean.

Ligñon Hill offers
Ligñon hill offers some extra curricular activities aside from viewing the Mayon Volcano, it also offers a zipline adventure that been managed by Globe Quest Adventures, aside from zipline, there are also Lava trek tour, off road driving using All terrain vehicle and Cagsawa ruins sighting.

Although they were many offers that is around the hill, that by using a habal-habal, a single motorcycle you could do that also just for P800 only. But due to some financial reasons, we rather choice to do zipline adventure just for P300 back and forth, 1st is superman style and 2nd is the usual one. But if you try to do zipline with just the usual way by sitting position it just cost P200.

Here are some of our pictures from our zipline adventures:

xplorerboyz in zipline gears mode
syempre dapat meron ako solo...hehehe....
We were really lucky that time, when we arrived at Ligñon hill, the sun was really up and Mayon Volcano is not shy as we arrived at Legazpi Airport. I thought, this volcano will be just a dream to see, but now im really happy i was able to see it, and really hoping for the next time i'll visit Legazpi, ill definitely do the other actvities that been offered to us.

So lets back to Mayon Volcano, because of some issues that time, all of us is contented just to take some souvenirs pics of this volcano, and really were lucky because we see with our eyes the cone shape like volcano.

Mayon Volcano
Some of our souvenir shots together with the Majestic Mayon Volcano.

Mayon Volcano is been xplored......
So lets go to our zipline adventure here at Ligñon hill. Below is some of our souvenir pictures taken while we were doing the ziplines. The 1st picture shown below is one of my favorite highlight pictures of our 5 days of different adventures.

The Superman adventure
im really lucky because i did not fell to the ground....hehehehe...
up...up...and a away...
jobari and jeson after their zipline adventure...
im really here but i don't know if you could see me....hehehehe....
yours truly in zipline mode
The group behind this zipline adventure

How to Get to Ligñon Hill?

From the airport: Turn right to Magayon Drive (you will pass through a private subdivision). Turn left at the junction with Bogtong Road and proceed until you reach the tennis courts, just before the gate to the Albay Wildlife Park. You may start your trek up the hill at the entrance (near the tennis courts). You can also drive your vehicle up the hill.

From Legazpi Port: A Legazpi-Daraga Loop 1 jeepney will take you directly to the foot of the hill.

From Daraga: Take a tricycle from the centro to Tagas and ask the drive to drop you off at the tennis courts.

Lakwatserong tatay @ Ligñon Hill


Chyng said...

ah yan pala yung zipline jan.
mayon is the 1st real mountain I ever saw. kabataan days ko pa yun.. hihi

will add you sa blogroll ko =)

lakwatserong tatay said...

hi mam chyng,

thanks nga po pala for adding me in your blogroll....

by the way one of your friend si ai aka buhay prinsesa, i think were just working in a same company...hehehehe....

sana po makasama ako sa mga isa sa adventure mo next year noh...


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