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San Pablo's Seven Lakes: Bunot Lake

Brgy. Concepcion, San Pablo Laguna
by lakwatserong tatay

This is our first stop for our day tour, The Bunot Lake, is one of the 7 lakes of San Pablo, Laguna. This lake is known for its cultured tilapia and quite crowded of fishpens for Nilotica fingerlings. Bunot lake has a normal surface area of 30.5 hectares with a maximum depth of 23 meters.
Bunot Lake
Bunot lake is only 4.5 kms. from its city proper. You could have two options on viewing this lake, first is via Carmelita Road and the other one is Sabang Road, our tricycle brought us too Sabang Road. This lake is not quite popular, like the known "Sampaloc Lake", because most of its part, caters for fishpens who maybe owned by the local residence nearby this lake.
City marker along highway
The xplorerboyz
This lake is not quite hard to be found, because the marker is just place on highway going to Nagcarlan, Laguna, where most of the PUV goes through. So if, you do have your own vehicle, you could just ask for directions, on how to go to national road that goes to Nagcarlan. Laguna. But if you will do what we have did, you have 2 choices: 1st is via tricycle and 2nd is via Jeepney, just don't forget to inform the driver that you will getoff by Brgy. Concepcion.
The road we took
Here are some of our shots that we took while we were on this lake, we would like to thank on one of the local residence of Sabang rd., for letting us passby his property, and stay for a meantime on his kubo, back of his house, where we had a beautiful view of the lake. Im really sorry to forgot his name, infact i ask him, is their any place or part of this lake where we could possibly had a much wider view of it scenery. He said that there is an open space/lot in Carmelita road where you could possibly see the whole lake and also on later part of this road there is also a space where you could possibly stay for a while.

Here is one myth story that i've found about this lake:

In the course of their routine patrol work, some Spanish soldiers came upon a quiet lagoon and would want to know its name for record purposes. They inquired from a man husking coconut by the side of the lake. Thinking that the soldiers were asking for the native name of the coconut husk, the man replied: "Bunot". The Spanish soldiers left, muttering the word, "Bunot, Bunot", thinking that it was the name of their newly discovered lake. Based from

Bunot Lake is also a convenient site for family picnics. Specially if you do own a space/lot around this lake. It is a ideal place for swimming and relaxtion, as per the local residence that i've ask.
Bunot Lake is been Xplored

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY Trip: Xplorerboyz goes to San Pablo and Nagcarlan, Laguna

A One Day Trip of Xplorerboyz
by lakwatserong tatay

It was a typical weekend day, when we visit the towns of San Pablo and Nagcarlan, Laguna. Our plan was to visit all of the 7 lakes and a visit a underground cemetery as a sidetrip, but of course there will some unexpected idea's that will happen in every trip, so we were lucky to include on our trip, a visit the one of the Old Churches of Laguna, St. Bartholomew Church known as Church of Nagcarlang, and swimming session at Bunga Falls. This trip was planned way back 2010 and due to my insistence that we will pursue this trip by the start of the month of 2011. The date is January 15 and our meetup is at LRT-Gil Puyat/Buendia Bus Station and the adventure starts again......

It was supposed to 6am meetup but due to changes, where we both (regie & I...late nagising...hehehehe) and johari accidentally got the wrong bus going to LRT-Gil Puuayt Bus Station, he got a ride from Alabang that bound to Lawton, Manila...hahahaha...meaning naligaw siya....We meetup at KFC Leveriza branch and take our breakfast. We all bound a bus around 745am, JAM Liner going to San Pablo, we have to get off to the San Pablo Chowking branch we will start our dayttrip of 7 Lakes of Laguna. It is around 920am when we finally reach Chowking San Pablo....and then it started......1st stop....Bunot Lake of Brgy. Concepcion.
Bunot Lake
After taking some photo opps around Bunot Lake, were back to highway and boarded a jeep going to Nagcarlan. After almost 30 minutes of jeepney ride, we had already the on our site, one of the historical place under town of Nagcarlan, The Underground Cemetery, we offered some prayers for the souls who is lying on this place and of course we will not miss the opportunity to take some souvenir photos.
Chapel of the Underground Cemetery
After our photo opps at Underground Cemetery, we just walk by the side walk of highway to reach the town proper of Nagcarlan, because we decided to have our lunch on this town. On passing by the highway, we had the chance to take some photo opps Nagcarlan Presidencia (Nagcarlan Municipal Hall), actually fronting this building is a majestic view of a mountain but im not sure if it is Mt. Banahaw or Mt. Cristobal.
Nagcarlan Presidencia
After a short walk, we reach the Pamilihang Bayan ng Nagcarlan, we decided to take our lunch on one of the food stalls located along this market. Just right across this place is where Nagcarlan Cathedral Church is located, one of the oldest existing church in Laguna.
Nagcarlan Central Market
Simbahan ng Nagcarlang also known as St. Bartholomew Church, there is one thing why this church is visited by many of the tourist visited Nagcarlan because of its famous big old bell up the belfry, and also who will ever forget the Local TV series "Kampanerang Kuba", where shooting of the scenes up of its church belfry, and became it to be more popular to be visited in the town of Nagcarlan.
St. Bartholomew Church of Nagcarlan, Laguna
After offering some prayers and take some photo opps around the church. We then back to market area and boarded and chartered tricycle to bring us at Brgy. Bunga, where we will find the Bunga Falls of Nagcarlan. Actually we had the time to swim around this falls but beware the center of this pond is really deep. Johari attempted to reach the base but he said it was too be careful...
Bunga Falls of Nagcarlan, Laguna
After enjoying our quick swimming sessions at Bunga Falls, we then proceeded on our main goal to visit, swim and take some photo opps of the 7 Lakes of San Pablo, Laguna. Back to highways of Nagcarlan, we boarded a jeepney going back to San Pablo and get off the jeep at Brgy. Sto. Angel. Where the 2nd lake is located. Lake Calibato,you will just have to walk down the hill around 10-15 minutes or it will depends to your group and wheater situation.
Lake Calibato
After walking up and down the hill, you will go back again to highway and board again a jeepney. It is just few meters away infact. The 3rd and 4th lake is located. You will just have to get off at Brgy. San Lorenzo. A few minutes of hiking you will see two of most pristine lakes of San Pablo. This lakes are just divided by a hill where you will have to hike to see the majestic view of Yambo Lake. The 3rd lake is Lake Pandin, one of the lakes that you could go on swimming, having the experience of eating lunch while you cruise along its lake and on a balsa, it just reminds me of Loboc River Lunch of Bohol...and visit also their grotto where there also real fresh water you could drink. But it depends if your stomach is not choosie, when it comes to water....hehehehe...We stayed again on this lake and enjoyed the lake water feeling that is quite hot upside but under you will feel, it is quite cold. After staying on this place for more than an hour. We decided to proceed for the last 3 lakes of San Pablo.
Lake Pandin
Before we did the swim at Lake Pandin, we hike the small hill (called as Mt. Malauban) that divided this 2 lakes just to see this majestic and not quite commercialize lake. The Lake Yambo. The 4th lake of San Pablo's 7 lakes.
Lake Yambo
Back in the highway, with just a shortwalk again. You will just have to ride a tricycle, going to Brgy's of San Buenaventura & Sta. Catalina. Where two of the last 3 lakes will be found. Fifth of the seven lakes we visited is the Lake Palakpakin, found under the Brgy. San Buenaventura. This lake is quite commercialized, where you could see fishponds, and one of the viewpoint is right across a small bridge...hehehehe...
Lake Palakpakin
The sixth of the seven lakes of San Pablo is Lake Mohicap, there is a pathway but not as really recognizable, where you could see the beauty of this lake. This lake is located under the Brgy. of Sta. Catalina. Also on this lake, you will have view of a small hill that im not aware of its name, and this lake is alsocrowded of small fishponds by the locals.
Lake Mohicap
The last of Seven Lakes of San Pablo is located on its city town proper a short walk from San Pablo City Hall and few minutes away the San Pablo Cathedral Church. The busiest place in town also converted to a park, and playground for all the locals and tourist. The Sampaloc Lake, this lake is the most commercialize and largest lake of all the seven lakes of San  Pablo, with a majestic view of mountain ranges of Mt. Cristobal.
Sampaloc Lake
That's the end of our one day trip of San Pablo and Nagcarlan, Laguna. We went home with smiles and tiring body. But seeing and fulfilling our goal for this trip, was enough in exchange of our tiring legs and body..hehehehe...BTW: I will do have separate entries for this lakes, and places that we've been in these towns.

We will also organized our 1st Trip with the Xplorerboyz, that will be happening in Feb. 26, last Saturday of the month. I will do have a separate entry for the details or you email me or just place a comment if you will a question.

Here is just a recap of our day trip expenses:

Here is our Backpack Itinerary that i made for this DIY Trip:

Watch for the separate entries for this DIY Trip. I will proceed for my next stop for this year...hehehehe...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Lady of Manaoag Rosary Garden

The Rosary Garden
Manaoag, Pangasinan
by lakwatserong tatay

This is one of peaceful place you could found in the church grounds of Our Lady of Manaoag, where the shrine lies the Our Lady of Manaoag Rosary Garden.

This is a real garden with a purpose. Where you could find life-sized statues of the main character of each mystery of the rosary will transport you back to the life of Christ. The Incarnate Word (Joyful Mysteries), the Christ who suffered Passion (Sorrowful Mysteries), and Christ who Resurrected (Glorious Mysteries).

The statues were arranged in a rosary form. Upon entering the garden, there is an oval walkway with crucifix in the middle. To the right starts the Joyful Mystery. Another feature is an imposing waterfall with a large fishpond at the far right of the garden.

Some of the statues that is placed in a rosary form:

This garden also welcomes pilgrims with its green lush surroundings that will surely renew your body and soothe your spirit as you pray the rosary. There are also big gazebos that provide shade and serves as sitting area.

The garden was formerly called Pilgrims Garden. Through the generosity off Our Lady’s devotees, it was totally renovated in 1999. In the morning of March 18, 2000, the Our Lady of Manaoag Rosary Garden was inaugurated.

I do hope when you visit The Church of Our Lady of Manaoag, you could visit the Rosary Garden and say your prayers with the whole family, loved ones, and the other church's amenities dedicated to all of the pilgrims of the Church of Our Lady of Manaoag.

Rules and Regulation inside the Sacred Garden
 It was a nice experience, even though it was a very short visit. It really bring  backs some of my memories when the first time i visited this church together with my family. So this is it, the last part of my Manaoag Trip.
So see you again, on my 2011 Adventures...

Museo de Nuestra Señora de Manaoag

Manaoag, Pangasinan
by lakwatserong tatay

This museum is another part of Our Lady of Manaoag Church's ground aside from its Rosary Garden. Also this is part of my Manaoag sidetrip and a visit to the patron of Manaoag.

Entrance Signage
Inaugurated on May 10, 2000, the museum intends to foster the preservation, enrichment and dynamic evolution of Our Lady’s history and works. It aims to conserve, promote and popularize Our Lady’s historical and religious heritage. Much more, to recognize and respect Our Lady’s and the shrine’s memories.

The museum displays collection items of Our Lady, of the old friars, and of the shrine as well.

Hers are some of  the collection items you could see inside the museum:

An Old Carroza which is used to transport the image during her procession.
An Earlier Pedestal.
A collection of Pre-Vatican II chasubles, capes and a dalmatic which may date back as far as 17th century.
Monstrances, Chalices, Ciboria, Paten & Communion Plate, Candelabras.
Haloes and Crown of Our Lady and of the Infant Jesus.
Our Lady's Vestments, Perfumes, Pieces of Jewelry.

Below are some of the that i've taken inside the museum standing just in place where you could take some shots.

Our Lady of Manaoag
Aside from this musuem there is more spacious of new candle gallery that can accommodate the large number of devotees who light candles for their prayers and petitions. Subdued lightings that accentuate the glares of candlelight also add solemnity to the place. At the center of the structure, a soothing fountain is yet to be completed, where a replica of the image of Manaoag will be installed.

Devotees who wish to have their religious articles blessed may ask a priest to bless the items at “blessing area” beside the candle gallery. The area accommodates the blessing of holy water, religious items, and vehicles. Pilgrims may also find religious books and items at the newly-renovated religious stores in the shrine premises that sell a variety of rosaries, religious images, novenas and books.

Our Lady of Manaoag is a canonically crowned image of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, duly recognized by the Vatican and enshrined in a church under the Dominican Order in the country.

Museo de Nuestra Senora de Manaoag is part of the Convent of Our Lady of the Rosary (Manaoag). It is open from Mondays to Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except on Tuesdays. Admission is free of charge but donations are welcomed to augment museum maintenance and education program. They also accept mass offerings and donations for the Shrine.

This museum is been Xplored...hehehehe...Reminders: Taking pictures inside this museum is not prohibited but their is only one place you could take all of you shots.
Lakwatserong Tatay @ Manaoag Museum

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baguio's Transient House

Lyn's Transient Homes
by lakwatserong tatay

After of months of preparations for this trip. There were so many revisions happen. We had inquired for almost 10 transient houses in Baguio, and finally we decided to choose Lyn's Transient Homes, located at 79-B City Camp Alley, Baguio City.

View from Lyn's Transient Homes
The room that we availed is at 4th flr of their 5storey building. Infact the time we check-in this transient house. It was fully booked, we were really lucky to booked it on time.We got this rm also for P5k for 3days & 2nights..hehehe..

Room # 4B
The room we choose is good enough to 10 to 12 persons, this room is consist of 2 bedrooms w/ 2 double deck beds that could accomodate 2 persons/per bed, Cable TV, Refrigerator, Gas Stove, Hot & Cold Shower and a Electric Fan. Actually, you will just feel your in your own home. Most of the stuffs that you could see in your house is available on our room.

The Living Area

One of the Bedrooms
My bed and some of my stuffs

The Kitchen place
 This transient house is really convienient, infact you could easily go to city proper of Baguio. Few minutes away from Baguio City Market, Burnham Park & SM Baguio.

You may contact Lyn's Trasient Homes, by clicking the images below. There is a complete information regarding it's contact no. and even Lyn's Transient Homes location.

Here is our walk from our transient house. A few minutes of steep walk and a 2-3 street distance, you will see the Burnham Park.
The Trippers


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