Wednesday, February 9, 2011

San Pablo's Seven Lakes: Twin Lakes (Lake Pandin)

Brgy. San Lorenzo, San Pablo City, Laguna
by lakwatserong tatay

One of the twin lakes of San Pablo, known as Lake Pandin. This is also, our third stop for reaching the seven lakes of San Pablo. There are no guides to reach this lake, although the locals of Pandin/Yambo area offer to guide visitors. They also offer to rent bamboo rafts (P180/per person) and a large floating raft where you can have a picnic or lunch (P180/ per person) that will take you across Lake Pandin to get a closer access to Lake Yambo, with a little bit hike to Mt. Malauban (318MASl), a hill that separates twin lakes and back.
Lake Pandin
Lake Pandin is located in Brgy. San Lorenzo, San  Pablo Laguna. Lake Pandin has an area of 20.5 hectares with a maximum depth of 63 meters. It has a calculated volume of 6,600 cubic meters of water in storage. This lake also considered oligotrophic because of the abundant plant and fish life.
Welcome Marker of Lake Pandin
The Third Lake "Lake Pandin"
To reach this lake you must trek for almost 20-30 minutes, depending on your group facing towards to reach the lake. It may cause your group some time if the sun is really up. But what i can really say is, if you do reach the lake you will be rewarded with a beautiful and scenic view of its lake and have the chance to swim also on this lake. Below are some of the photos taken while were going to Lake Pandin.

The trail up to Lake Pandin
The Last Marker when you reach Lake Pandin
We choose to spent some time in here, because of the suggestion of some of the locals that we meet at Nagcarlan, that it is the best lake, where you will have the chance see the twin lakes, the chance to ride a large bamboo craft, that reminds me of River Cruising of Bohol and the chance to swim also on this lake.
Xplorerboys @ Lake Pandin

Some The Children of Lake Pandin
A myth story about this twin lake:

Based from very rich couple lived in a beautiful house surrounded by a entensive fuit orchard and flower garden. They had and could have anything that money could buy. However, despite the rich, comfort and convinience of life that they have, the couple were still lonely. They prayed continuingly that if they would be favored with a child, they would do anything that they might be asked to do. After twnety years of married life, their prayers was answered. A fairy lady showed up to inform them that their prayers would be granted provided, however, that the lady baby to be born should not be allowed to set foot on mother earth; otherwise, something terrible would be fall the family.

A daughter was born to the rejoicing couple, and the girl grew up to be a beautiful woman. All these years she had never set foot on mother earth. Then a young man invited her to come down the house and promenade with him about the green orchard, but the girl demurred. Suddenly the young man grabbed the ball of thread and threw it out of the window, and would not listen to the pleadings of the girl to retrive the ball for she could not get if herself. Angrily, the girl forgot her parents's instructions and got out of the house to get back her ball of thread. She has hardly stepped on mother earth when a terrible noise followed by the cracking grumble of the earth and the heavy downpour eventually converted the orchard into a twin lagunes separated from each other by a bare strip of land. Learning about the story, fate of the two lovers, the peole of the nearby villages named one lagune after the girl who was Pandin, and the other after the boy's name Yambo.

Below are some of the pictures taken while we were on the lake having fun, we did some minor trekking to reach the Lake Yambo, visit their man-made grotto and of course swimming sessions...hehehehe...
The Large Bamboo Rafts
Xplorerboys @ the Large Bamboo Rafts

Lakwatserong Tatay in rowing position...hehehe...
There are some other groups also in some of the large bamboo rafts when we cruise the lake.

There man-made grotto is also the place where do they get their fresh and nature made water. It is really refreshing and you could also drink on this fresh water. But be aware if you a person that is not really quite drinking original nature water. Please do not try it.

Mama Mary's Grotto on Lake Pandin
Photo opps with other Visitors of this lake

Xplorerboys in swiiming action
We had a great time on this two lakes: Lake Pandin and Lake Yambo. I could really recommend all of the trippers out there to try this lake, to have you lunch and do some picnic and swimming and hiking activities. But always be aware that always take care of our environment.
This lakes is been Xplored..............
Watch out for my next entries....four of the last seven lakes of San Pablo....


Chyng said...

aaww, ang ganda! everytime I see a blogger's post about this lake, lagi kong sinasabi sa sarili kong pupuntahan ko din yan!!

Anciro said...

ganda ng place sana makapunta one day,,

lakwatserong tatay said...

@chyng, alam ko kayang kaya nyo mapuntahan yan...hehehe...
@anciro, hello po sir, thanks for viewing...taga bohol po pala kau...kasi po un ang province ko, taga ubay, bohol po ang mother ko...

asiong32 said...

sir brian...sana nga makasama ako sa mga treks o adventure nyo soon...taong gala rin kc ako eh pero wala akong grupo, indie lang...u

dong ho said...

saya diyan. out of the seven ive been to just two. dapat mapuntahan ang iba. for the pinatubo trip, just send me an email at send ko details next week.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@asiong, cge po ngpopost naman ako ng invites dito. monthly you could view it perhaps, and then pareho tayo guest na owned kasi ung outdoor org ko eh.
@Sir dong, opo dapat mapuntahan nyo po talaga ung iba pang lakes. Tapos cge po email nlang po ako sa inyo...wait ko nlng po ung details.
thanks po.

Lionel said...

mga sirs, ano pong byahe ng jeep ang sasakyan patungong twin lakes ng San Pablo if im coming from San Pablo City proper? thanks in advance...


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