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Antipolo's Bosay Resort

Summer Family Outing : Bosay Resort
Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City
May 16, 2010
By Lakwatsero

Bosay Resort

This weekend is supposed to be my climb at Mt. Banahaw de Lucban, but due to this re scheduled family outing. I have to exchange the climb for this outing, of course family first before all the leisures....hehehehe..baka d na ko payagan ng wife ko.....The Macoy's finally decided to go to Bosay Resort for our family outing, one of the Antipolo's Hottest and known resort now a days, maybe due to their services, and amenities. Personally i would like to get back to this resort, because first in my life swimming in a pool like this that i have to wear only swimming trunks...hehehehe...just browse below.
Bosay Resort located near Galang/Roco farm, Mangman Road, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City, Rizal. One of the finest resort that you will find if you want to go swimming at Antipolo, maybe because of their 7 different swimming pools, including the 2 restricted pools that you must wear really a swimsuit for girls and trunks for guys, the olympic pool and disco pool. There are wide range of choices for cottages, that you can swak to your budgets, and if you want to have privacy, there is also available private pools that you could choose. For me, I must say Bosay resort is really a resort that complete with amenities and wide ranges of choices, in short a complete resort.

welcome signage of the resort
For our stay we just choose the Family Wooden Casoroy (P1500), we rented it just for a day swimming (7am to 5am).

group pic opps

this my son...

my daughter is ready to swim too...

family pic photo opps....

jhed & ruth

Our first destination inside this resort is of course, for my kids, the turtle pool and kiddie pool with slide. Actually that day, it was a really jam pack day for Bosay Resort, as you can see below, you can't swim back and port because you can suddenly found your self under a person or easily get hit by other swimmers.

my father wih my daughter @ Turtle Pool

photo opps again @ Turtle Pool

I haven't got a chance to swim to this pool because of taking care of my kids, this pool is 10 feet below with a bit long slide. As you can see there is just only few swimmers because i know you what's the reason....hehehe

pool with long slide

This is one of the pool that is really strict when it comes to swim wear, and sad to say, most of us didn't bring any swim wear like me, i just wear a board shorts, and we don't have any choice but to buy some trunks for me and other and a swim suit for my wife....hehehehe...this was not included on our plan...But as you can see how beautiful and really clean is the water of the pool, maybe thats why you must wear proper swimming clothing...In this pool we stayed for long, swimming all the way, and take of course photo opportunities..within the Olympic Pool.

Olympic Pool

at last im already inside....hehehehe

group photo opps!!!!

entrance of Olypic Pool

Dinosaur area within Olympic Pool

My kids, with their cousins and tito jr & Lolo Dagul....

the group pic...

My Family and father

The Macoys' there is 1 missing Ruby....

photo opps area in Olympic Pool

how beautiful and clean it was...

cleaning time...

got to disco pool....

This is the other one that i am saying that is also very restrict when it comes to the swim wear you gonna used inside this pools. This pool is really unique, and really different to the other resorts and pools that i've been, because it has really round balls up, and also music when you inside this area. This pool is an indoor type of pool, so expect the water to be cooled...hehehehe...And i think this best place for lovers...hmmmm...joke only...We also stayed in this pool for a meanwhile...see for the photos below...

disco pool in olympic area side view

the entrance of disco pool

a giant octopus in the middle of the pool

different sea creatures are displayed inside the wall of disco pool

my wife, my kids with their Tita Ruth

who do you think this is? hehehehe!!!!

Here are the resorts amenities. Below are some of the photo spots, room type accomodations, club house, and pavillion, and resorts store, where we bought our trunks...actually it is really one tip i could advice please don't forget to bring trunks for males and swimsuit for females....

near the therapy pool

the veranda room (P3000)

want to buy something?

Resort's Club house

Entrance of Club House

want to dine in the Club House...

Pavilion Area of the Resort

admins office

the Family Wooden Casoroy

Basketball area ? or Parking space.....hehehehe

Thank you come again!!!!!!!

Here are some additional information about the resort:

Entrance Fee: Day Swimming (7am to 5pm) Adult P150 / Child P110 (4ft. below)

Night Swimming (7pm to 5am) Adult P170 / Child P110 (4ft. below)

Pool cleaning time : 5 am to 7am / 5pm to 7pm

Bosay Resort
near Galang/Roco Farm, Marigman Road
Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City
Tel. nos.: 695-1806 * 695-1807 * 386-8842
387-0255 * 391-1011
Mobile nos.: 0917-3974534 * 0918-9903634


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