Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trippers Journey to Anawangin Cove

by lakwatserong tatay

We arrived early at San Antonio, Zambaes, around 3am in the morning. After few minutes our boatman/guide arrived, Kuya Joven, and then the start of journey to Pundaquit starts, It was still dark in the Punadaquit Bay when we arrived, so Kuya Joven give us a place to stay for a while, and wait the sun to rise. It was around 5am, when few of us go to Public Market, and before yours truly proceed to the market i went first to it's Parish Church of Holy Infant of San Antonio, one of my previous post. After my visit and praying for some guidance for our trip and stay that day, i followed my fellow tripper to the market and after buying all our necessary stuffs, for our dishes, rice, some noodles & canned goods and of course some liquiors...hehehe..We've been to public market for an hour and the sun was really shining when we got back to Brgy. Pundaquit. Of course, after getting back the trippers that does not joined us to buy our stuffs, are responsible in packing up our stuffs to our respective boats, and for me, i just hold my camera and photo sessions started.....^_^.
Our Sidetrip: Capones & Camara Island
It was 6:30am, when the trippers completed to packed up our things and stuffs to our respective boats. Here are some of the shots along Pundaquit shores.
Left Shore Side of Pundaquit Beach
Right Shore Side of Pundaquit Beach
Trippers photo opps while preparing to wear their life jackets and boarding our respective boats...hehehe.^_^.
Go on co-trippers
Here's co-x-plorer Jaysee the Eagle....and where together in a small boat...
my co-xplorer.....Jaysee D Eagle
The small boat of "The Great Sky".
Our boat....."The Great Sky"
And then, our cruise starts, there were so many hills, coves that surrounds this Pundaquit Bay. So if your a trippers like us, you may also be amazed, how really beatuiful our country was.
Start of our journey....
Camara Island
Capones Island
After almost 30 minutes in the sea.....of course, photo opps again....our co-trippers getting first in this open sea waters.
the trippers...
My co-trippers
other trippers...^_^
Another cove that can be explored, i forgot to ask Kuya Joven about this island....^_^.
Another cove that we passed by....
This rock cliffs, reminds me of my trip in Palawan. Although this rocks is not as might as in El Nido. It was also a picturesque shot. Also on this exact site is the entrance of the Anawangin cove.
Specially this two rock formations, that looks like the gate to enter the Anawangin Cove.
The gate to Anawangin
Just few meters away, It's nice to be back in Anawangin.^_^. Among all of us trippers, there were all virgins on this cove, sad to say, i just wanted to say that this cove is much nicer and you will feel that your really close to nature wayback years ago, not like this time, this coves are now called resorts, that has different owners....
Anawangin Cove
Left Shore Side of Anawangin Cove
Right Shore Side of Anawangin Cove
We arrived few minutes ahead to our fellow trippers. Of course, i will not missed to have a self portrait photo souvenir in the shores of Anawangin. Wow, this is my 3rd time to visit this cove, and i've seen the changes of this cove. At first this cove can be only reach thru hiking via Mt. Pundaquit and now open to all tourist and backpackers that you could have 2 choices by hiking and leisure trip like what i suggested to my fellow trippers...a boat ride...^_^.
Lakwatserong Tatay's 3rd time @ Anawangin Cove
It's been a while since my last visit on this cove, it was 2007,  there were so many changes. And i'll try my best to reminisce all of it and share it to you on my next story, that is all about Anawangin....^_^.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Church of Holy Infant Catholic

A Glimpse of Parish of San Antonio
by lakwatserong tatay
Everytime i'm visiting different places, there's one place that i will not miss. Visiting it's parish church, and now i'm with another group of trippers. Our group will explore the town of San Antonio, Zambales, where the famous coves can be found. This town is the jumpoff for all the coves and island that is located near San Antonio.
Parish Church of San Antonio
This Church was created due to Mt. Pinatubo eruption on June 15, 1991 almost destroyed the entire church. For five years, this church was a make-shift chapel. Then by September 3, 1996, with the approval and encouragement of Bishop Deogracias S. IƱiguez Jr. construction of new church started, and after one year of construction on September 27, 1997, Church of Holy Infant was opened, and ready to served the people of San Antonio.
The center isle of the Church
Church's Altar
Before going to Public Wet & Dry Market of San Antonio, i visited this church first, to pray for guidance and safety of our trip that day. And of course, everytime i'm visiting churches, i really love to take some picture inside a church, like what i have shared to you....^_^
Choir group area
One of the most unique piece in a church are different saints placed in different portion of a church. Maybe for the reason, that some advocates and devotees pray for specific saints. Like on this church, the presence of different saints can be found.
Patron Saints around the Church
Also this piece, is always present in a church, that comes with different styles, like this picture below, most of the bowls of holy water i've found in churches is included and cemented in two of the big post of the church entrance. But this one is a copper based type stand that has a bowl of holy ^_^.
Bowl of Holy Water
After offering some prayers and taking some of photo souvenirs inside the church. Of course, Church marker is always part of a church. Specially like this church that is built after the Mt. Pinatubo explosion.
Church Marker
Of course, one of the most important place inside a church, the confession area, where us, devotees, seeking guidance and ask for forgiveness, in a way of talking with a parish priest.
Church's confession area
Parish Church of Holy Infant Jesus
And then, after visiting the Church of San Antonio, we tripper go to the public market and buy some of food stuffs and beverages thtat we will be using on our trip to Anawangin.
One last look of Parish Church of San Antonio
Parish of Holy Infant Jesus
San Antonio, Zambales, 2206
Tel. no.: +63(47) 913-4507
Titular: Holy Infant Jesus, (2nd Sunday of January)

Next stop is our journey to Zambales and our sailing experience to Anawangin....^_^

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Palawan: Thanks and Goodbye......

Promise.....I shall be back again!!!!!
by lakwatserong tatay

Wow, at last this is the last entry for my Palawan trip, and seeing all of those stories, it's reminds me that were lucky enough to visit this tourist spots and also the chance to have set on foot, Palawan is one of my dream places that i wanted to go, because this place is been called as the final premiere destination in our country. After being here, i could definitely say it, that it is true, and i'm one of the lucky travelers that has set foot on it. Puerto Princesa, Taytay and El Nido, really has different tourist spots that could be visited.
Puerto Prinsesa Airport
Now, this is the last saga of my Palawan Blog Series, it's time to go back to Manila, equipped with memories and fun filled experiences in the cities of Puerto Princesa, Taytay and El Nido, that i have shared to you.
The trippers at the PP Airport
Ok, let's go back to PP Airport, i've been to different airport, and if ill compare this airport from the others, i really find this airport really pleasant because it's really spacious and maybe it's newly renovated. Of course, if your first timer on this kind of areas, what do you opps....^_^.
The check-in procedures
it's my time to check-in.....^_^
So after the group have check-in, were just waiting for our boarding time at 1730H with Flight # 5J-640 and will be arriving in Manila around 1845H. The whether that time is not actually on our side, it's a bit windy together with a dark cloud that makes the place darker when we boarded our plane.
Our flight no.
Our fleet...Cebu Pacific
Actually, im dreaming that one of this day, i could have a photo souvenir within the pilot cockpit just for a souvenir picture only.....^_^.
One of my have photo opps inside this place...
Of course, i have also souvenir shot inside the plane, on this shot, some of the passengers were so busy arranging their things on over the head compartments, of course im done with my things, so what i did is  to take some souvenirs of it....^_^
All are getting ready.....
Just a short commendation, i would really like to say thank you...Kuya Ronald for being so patient to us for 5 days that you've part of our group. Being our driver / tour guide and of course being part of our trips. Thanks, i do hope when i have a chance to go back in Puerto Princesa, and choose again the services of Kuya Manny's you will be our tour guide / driver......^_^.
My photo opps.. with Kuya Ronald...^_^
Wah.....we arrived early from our time, and we had a great weather condition when we arrived in NAIA Terminal 3. This is one of my souvenir shots....^_^.
Ground of NAIA Terminal 3
Lakwatserong Tatay is done with Puerto Princesa...^_^
Wow, at last....i'm really done with my Palawan stories....hope you love it and share it to anyone you know, that wants to experience Palawan on its finest......

Next on my bucket of backlog stories....My Weekend  Getaway at San Antonio, Zambales...^_^

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant

One Quick Lunch at Balinsasayaw
by lakwatserong tatay

After a long ride, and a quick stopovers with Palawan Musuem, Immaculate Conception Cathedral and Plaza Cuartel. It's time  to have our last lunch at Palawan. The group opted to choose Balinsasayaw, one reason where all "bitin" at El Nido Soup.....hehehehe....It was one very sunny day, a good day ending our 5 days of journey in Palawan. Although this lunch was a really quick one, due to our schedule...hehehehe..dumami kasi ang stop over pabalik...from El Nido to Puerto Prinsesa.
Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant
Palawan is not only a place for nature lovers, it is also a perfect venue for food trippers like us. Hence, to top off one's relaxing vacation in Palawan, here is one of the restaurant that our group dine in, aside from Bilao't Palayok and Kinabuchs experience, that all of the guest could have unforgettable dining experience.
Dining Area on their Modern Nipa Type Huts
Balinsasayaw is named after the Balinsasayaw bird which is native in Palawan. The bird's saliva, used in making its nests, are the essential ingredient in making the famous nido soup also known as Bird's Nest Soup.
Their Center Display
Our tour guide/driver recommended this place to have our quick lunch. At first, we're not all aware why do Kuya ronald recommended this restaurant. This restaurant serves great Filipino dishes concocted to please the foreign taste buds. Their main specialty is chicken, which is grilled and marinated to perfection. Alongside its chicken dishes are seafood dishes that are sure to please the seafood lovers out there that choose to dine in this restaurant. Aside from having different food choices, for me it has the affordable price for their cuisines that starts from Php80 to Php150 per meal, with dishes ranging from grilled seafood to tropical desserts.
Entrance to Main Dining Area
Aside from different food choices and affordable prices, it's surroundings was very relaxing, where you can feel the fresh air of the province, it's homey ambiance is really spectacular, it has center piece were they are turtles and a manmade running water and different choices of food cottages. The staffs were so accomodating and very friendly, that why i really love to dine in here. Sad to say we just had a quick stay, but i was very good decision to dine in Balinsasayaw.
The Main Dining Area
The food trip experience......and some of souvenir shots.....^_^.....when i will have the chance to go back on Palawan, i will definitely go back and dine in this restaurant.
ayan nah....^_^
The trippers on action......^_^
Were done eating....hehehehe!!!!!!
So for all the trippers out there and want to experience what we've experience while dining in, and get some affordable and great food choices. Here's there address:

Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant
Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
Tel. no.: (048)-434-5804
PP's Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant last story to go....I have to say goodbye to Palawan, but it doesn't mean that i will not go back to Palawan....^_^.

Disclaimer: I'm not placing this blog for the benefit of the restaurant, i'm just sharing our experience that i would you to experience too....^_^.

This story is part of : Five Days of Trip at Palawan


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