Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Getaway to Anawangin Cove, Zambales

Lakwatserong Tatay with DCPI Trippers
Brgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales

I'll just cut off first my Palawan Trip stories, to share some of my other backlog trips, first is about my Weekend Trip to Anawangin, Island Hopping to Capones and Camara Island, Trek to Capones Lighthouse. A Family Getaway Trip to Splash Island and the most important another traveler is born......My Son, My Third Angel "Gabriel Rein Enzo".....

On this trip i was with co-xplorer "Jayson D Eagle", actually all of this trippers is first timers at Anawangin Cove. And yours truly was responsible for all of the things and itinerary that we used on that trip. We scheduled this trip on the 5th and 6th of March, because i already committed to another trip before this trip was scheduled....hehehehe....We board the last bus by 11:30pm going to Iba, Zambales, but we will be getting off the bus by the town of San Antonio.
Our Bus Ride to San Antonio, Zambales
Our arrived as early of 4am, we waited for our contact to arrived because we were ahead few minutes to our scheduled time. When we arrvied to city town municipal of San Antonio, there were many backpackers, and even korean that are waiting for their contact persons to brought them to Brgy. Pundaquit, the place where all of this backapackers will gonna start to go to Anawangin Cove. They are also mountaineers that will go to Anawangin via trekking the mountain ranges of Pundaquit.
The First Timers of Anawangin
Of course, upon waiting for Kuya Joven, as you all know all of this trippers are camwhores...hahahahaha..including me....but this is the first time ill be having a picture infront of Municipal Town of San Antonio after being on this place for the third time around....
This is my 3rd time to San Antonio...^_^
After few minutes, Kuya Joven arrived and then we proceed to Brgy Pundaquit, and stay on one of his auntie's house around Pundaquit Beach shores...It was still dark when we arrived, and the public market is still closed that time, so we decided that we will just go back in town proper around 5am, to buy some of our stuffs, foods and beverages.....
Pundaquit Beach shores
It was around 6:30am when we get back to Pundaquit Beach and started to get prepare our packs. We were divided into two boats a big and small boat. most of the trippers are on the big boat and me and jayson are on the small one....hahahaha...ill be doing a separate story about our trip and stay to Anawangin Cove.
Some of the Trippers @ Pundaquit Beach
Of course, photo opps will not be missed opps of the other dcpi trippers on their boat.....
@ their boat ride...."The Great Sky"
And while on their boat ride......and of course our small boat...."The Great Sky".....our boatman was Kuya Joven.
and ours too........
After almost of our in sea waters....our boat was first to arrive, of course we are little bit faster to the big boat..we just only three on the small boat.....of course, upon arriving photo opps first before others.....
The Anawangin Cove
The view of Anawangin Cove when we trek the hillside of this cove. Actually in every place at Anawangin Cove we got so many shown below are some of our photo opps while were in Anawangin Cove.
The trippers just landed.....hehehehe!!!!!

Some of the Trippers @ Anawangin Cove
After arriving to it beach shore, we then proceed to look for our camping site....and once opps is always on our priority list....hehehehe...^_^....
Photo opps while looking for camping site...
At our camping site, actually their just pretending to be busy...joke...joke...joke....^_^
Our Camping Site
Are we all complete.....1...2....3...there some trippers missing.....where is marvin and joyce....hmmmm....
As usual photo opps again....^_^
Most of the dcpi trippers are lovers, huhuhuhu.....i could not invite my wife this time on this trip because she is pregnant for our third baby....^_^....
The trek to Anawangin Cove
The dcpi trippers on the hillside of Anawangin....actually joyce did not decided to proceed upward on this hill, but luckily upon taking this photo she was included, but she missed all of the photo opps on the upper part of this hill.....hehehehe....
The trekkers.....trippers pala...^_^
We ended our stay at Anawangin, nice and peaceful, even though the cove was really crowded and few of our trippers got drunk for our overnight stay on Anawangin cove...hehehe...check it out on my next entry...^_^
The Capones Island
We arrived at Capones Island around 10am in the morning and the sun was really up. Due to our late departure at Anawangin Cove, that is supposed to be 730am, we departed around almost 9 in the morning...hehehe...sorry Kuya Joven....But even though it was really scorching hot that day...all of the trippers enjoyed our stay on this island and also the most memorable trek of their lives, that even my co-xplorer Jayson said that, he will never join me on that kind of activity...hehehehe....^_^...
It was really hot.....but photo opps does not stop us...
All of the camwhores had their best shots, and of shots are the best shots...thanks for sharing of photos: elnie and janel....^_^....
who said it is hot...swimming sessions...
until now, i really dont know why we should do this kind of pose...hehehehe......what do you think?
the trippers.....
We had this weird thinking to have nice shots on what we are doing, and guess what this is one of the outcome...hehehehe....^_^....
Playing around @ Capones Island shore
The start of the very hot trek we had on Capones Island to reach the Capones Lighthouse.
The start of trek to Capones Lighthouse
Of course, i had my photo opps...thanks elnie.....sana pinatingin mo man lng ako....hehehe...
their guide....hehehehe...^_^
On my first visit on this lighthouse, i did not notice this rock signage...but for my second time visit on this lighthouse, they have this rock signage that this the way up or trek up to lighthouse....
The rock signage goes up to the lighthouse...
The easy trail going up to Capones Lighthouse......but be sure to have your own hydration packs, because the climb almost took us 30 minutes.....
The trail up to lighthouse
My second view of Capones Lighthouse...ill be posting another entry for out journey at Capones Island and trek to Capones Lighhouse.....
The Capones Lighthouse
Some of the dcpi trippers resting while waiting for us who get down last to the lighthouse.
Some of the trippers....
At another pose....hehehehe....of included nah.......thanks elnie....^_^
@ another pose....
Because of our delay departure at Anawangin, our itinerary was not followed, due to the boat's availability...the small boat was the only available that time to bring us to Camara Island, and that small boat could bring up to 4 passengers only including our packs...So the other trippers decided not to go to Camara Island due to lack of time, because we had to be at Olangapo by late afternoon. To back at Manila by night.
We were just only going to Camara Island
Our boatman of course is Kuya Joven again, the trippers that goes to Camara Island including me is Joel, Barbie and Elnie...ill be doing also a separate entry for our Glimpse of Camara Island....
The Camara Island
We just had also photo shots around it island, and dock for few minutes because it was already late afternoon, as i remember it was already 2pm, and the wave is really high upon approaching this island.
Rock formation @ Camara Island
One of our few poses on this island......thanks joel for the photos......^_^
Photo opps @ Camara Island
And last but not the list...i had the photo opportunity with the person we trusted our lives when were cruising around the seawaters of Zambales, thanks to you Kuya Joven....ill be posting his numbers on my next entry, and the complete itinerary and expenses of our weekend getaway to Zambales.

Lakwatserong Tatay with our boatman "Kuya Joven"

This story is part of my Weekend Getaway to Zambales with DCPI Trippers:
Here is our 3-Day Itinerary (March 5-6, 2011)

DAY 1 – Friday

2230 Assembly Victory Liner Pasay via IBA trip
2330 ETD San Antonio, Zambales via Iba-bound Bus

DAY 2 – Saturday

0430 ETA San Antonio, Zambales / board trike to Brgy. Pundaquit
0500 ETA Brgy. Pundaquit, Zambales / Breakfast (Pundaquit Beach)
0525 Sunrise, go to San Antonio Public Market (for Food, and Drinking Stuffs)
0630 Board Boat to Anawangin Cove
0800 ETA Anawangin Cove / Set Camp
0830 Rest / Swim/ Explore / Camwhore Sessions
1130 LUNCH
1300 Beacheneering
1816 Sunset
1900 DINNER and Socials
2300 Lights off

DAY 3 –Sunday

0500 Wake Up
0521 Dawn
0543 Sunrise / Prepare Breakfast
0700 Start of Island Hopping to Capones Island (Trek to Capones Lighthouse) and Camara Island
1400 Leave Camara Island for Pundaquit Beach
1430 Wash time Kuya Joven’s house
1600 ETD for San Antonio, and wait Bus bound to Olangapo
1700 ETA Olangapo (Victory Terminal)
1800 ETD for Manila
2100 Homeward bound….^_^


Personal Items:

Notebook & Ballpen
Backpack (Day Pack) Light Pack
Food & Snacks
1-2 Cups of rice & 1 egg + 1-2 instant noodles
Group meals* and Trail Food (nuts, sweets, fresh or dried fruits, crackers, etc.)
Emergency Rations
Drinking Water/Water Container(1.5 Liters)
Clothing & Underwear = # of days + 1 (standard)
Survival Kit / Repair Kit / Multi-purpose Knife
Flashlight / Head lamp / Extra Batteries
Swim / Snorkeling Gear
Proper Foot Wear / Sandals
Sun sleeve / Arm guard warmer
Hat / Cap
Poncho / Rain Gear
Blanket / Jacket / Sweat Shirt
Sleeping Bag / Mat
First Aid / Medicine Kit
Dry/Waterproof Bag
Mess Kit / Utensils
Plastic / Trash Bags
Water Bottle / 1.5 liters

Other Personal Care Items:

First aid Kits / Medicine Kit
Insect Repellant
Sun Block
Toothpaste & Toothbrush
Dog Tag / Name Tag / Group or Personal ID

Group Items:

Ground Sheet
Cook Stove & Fuel Refill (Butane Gas)
Cookware / Cooking Tools
Bolo / Shovel

Optional Items:

Camera / Tripod (important gadget....hehe..^_^)
Portable Radio (Transistor) and/or 2-way Radio (Walky-talkies)
Kerosene / Electric Lantern / Tent Light
Camp Chair


1. Pack Light. Do not bring unnecessary things.
2. Secure provisions before the trip. Food and Drinking water.
3. We shall be as usual, be sharing load. Distribution of load shall be set before the bus trip.
4. There is a water source at the campsite good for cooking and washing only.
5. There is no electricity, structures / establishments at Anawangin & Capones. Bring all your reserve batteries.
6. There is no cell phone signal either. Reserve you battery power. Send all text messages before reaching the Island.
7. Clean up yourselves. Secure and dispose of your garbage properly. Leave No Trace. (LNT)


P270/person - Victory Liner Bus from Pasay to San Antonio, Zambales (one way)
P215/person - Victory Liner Bus from Olangapo to Pasay (one way)
P30/person - Ordinary bus from Sta. Cruz, Zambales bound to Olangapo
P30 x 2 - Tricycle from San Antonio to Brgy. Pundaquit (vice-versa)
P350/person - Food and Provisions
P100/person - Anawangin Cove entrance fee for overnight campers

Standard Boat Rental for Big and Small Boats:

SMALL BOAT....(max of 4 pax)vice versa

Pundaquiit to CAMARA island = P700
Pundaquit to CAPONES = P1,000
Pundaquit to Anawangin = P1,000
Pundaquit to Talesayen = P1,500
Pundaquit to Nagsasa = P1,800
Pundaquit to Silanguin = P2,500


BIG BOAT (really depend how big is the boat)

Pundaquit to CAMARA island = P150/head
Pundaquit to CAPONES = P200/head
Pundaquit to Annawangin = P200/head
Pundaquit to Talesayen = P300/head
Pundaquit to Nagsasa = P400/head
Pundaquit to Silanguin = P600/head


Tent Rentals:

3 person = P250
4 person = P300
6 person = P500

The person we entrusted our lives for two consecutive days KUYA JOVENCIO ORCINO who can be contacted thru his mobile numbers 09193215252, and 09159599595.


anney said...

Ang saya naman! Isa ang anawangin sa mga gusto kong mapuntahan. Cute namn ng pic nung pinagdikit dikit na fingers! hehehe!

Pinoy Adventurista said...

congrats! daddy ka na ulit! hehehe!!!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anney...ganun po ba mam...actually madali lng namn po sya puntahan...if you like i could give you the contact nos. of Kuya joven.
@mervin...thanks...uu nga eh...daddy ulit for the third and last time...hehehehe...thanks ulit...^_^...

Pinoy Adventurista said...

last ka dyan... sundan pa yan!!! hehehe!!!

thanks sa comment....

this weekend nga pala, punta ang group ko sa Buntot Palos, you might wanna join...

lakwatserong tatay said...

@mervin....hehehe....uu last na un...mahal ang magpagatas...ala pa sun un paaral...hehehe...sige inform kita kagad...kung makakajoin ako...thanks sa invite...^_^

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

grabe ang ganda nung camara island. never heard of it before. about two years ago, i was able to camp around Nagsasa. sarap sana bumalik kaso nagka forest fire!

Ed said...

Zambales is a must-visit place talaga! Was here last February and it's really a beautiful sight!

Chyng said...

Nagsasa is my favorite, Capones is next. Very photogenic ang rock formations. Wonderful!

oh btw, did you know nagkasunog sa Nagsasa 2 weeks ago? =(

lakwatserong tatay said...

@pinoy boy journals.....actually maliit lang nman ang camara island, pero medyo maalon dun palagi sa island kaya hindi siya talaga ganu inooffer sa mga tours dahil sa lakas ng alon along the island....pero maganda talaga siya...^_^
@sir ed....yap tama po kayo, infact it my third time to visit anawangin cove...although marami na pagbabago since 2005 na first visit ko and 2nd was around 2007....masyado na siyang naging pangturista, but at least now medyo aware na ung mga locals to preserve it's beauty with slightly defect lalo na sa garbage disposal nila dun...sana un ang magawan ng paraan....=(
@chyng....tama ka po dun...saka ung regarding sa forest fire nasabi nga skin ni kuya joven regarding dun eh..sad nga ko eh...ganda rin kasi ng nagsasa...=(

adventurousfeet said...

never been to anawangin/capones! ganda talaga dyan kahit saang pictures ako tumingin :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

@adventurousfeet....sana po in future you could go there....maganda po talaga ang place although it is really now crowded of visitors specially when weekends and summer vacation time comes....^_^

Sole Pendulum said...

My friends said the place isn't as beautiful as what it was before. Sad :(

lakwatserong tatay said...

@sole pendulum, ur right mam, this is my third time to visit anawangin and see the changes from years, my first visit was around 2004, followed on 2007 and recently march,2011, im so sad also to see the sudden changes, but that is life...=(.

jarla said...

talagang ok pumunta ng annawangin at nagsasa mererelax ka tnx nga pala kuya larry our boatman sa pagguide sa amin til capones at camara itxt nyo lang po sa 09278330332 for boat resrvation hes a nice boatman

lakwatserong tatay said...

@jarla.....thanks po for the visit and sharing some contact information, in going to anawangin and nagsasa....^_^

kulot said...

Zambales is really informative to all. Like admin commented, Zambales is a truly a wonderful place to go. The Zamables gorvernment officials need to give more attention about the pursuing the Zambales tourism, especially there are lots of nicest places in Zambales to be proud of.
I am a local here and really proud to know this place.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@kulot...Thanks for the visit..and i really love to go back again and again in Zambales, because there so many places that i actually could visit and share it to others.

Zumi said...

Hello Its me again :) Nakapunta ako sa Zambales pero once lang at di kami nakapg overnight. pinuntahan namin yung Miraculous Medal pati simbahang bato weekend yun eh pero di kami nakapag overnight. Sana makapunta rin ako dyan sa lugar na yan kasama mga friends ko at kaedad ko..dati kasi medyo damatans na mga kasama ko..hehe..Thanks for sharing.

Ma. Lourdes Daduya said...

may bayad po yung boat per head? sbe ni kuya ksama daw sa 450 back and fort ?


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