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Splash Island Spa & Resort

Our Family Weekend Getaway Trip
by lakwatserong tatay

Here is the another story that on my backlog lists.....hehehe....a week after my zambales trip. Yours truly together with my family and on my mother-in-law side, had a yearly summer weekend getaway destination. This is the first time we got out of Antipolo last.....hehehehe...^_^...Thanks to my sister-in-law Ruth, who purchased a discounted ticket on online ticket forums and groups. We got a 50% discount on each ticket we purchased and free additional tickets, plus 3 barbecue meal at Hawaian Village Food Stall located inside Splash Island premises. So the day we have waited come, i was assigned to look for our private vehicle going to Biñan, Laguna.
Splash Island Spa & Resort
We scheduled our trip on a Saturday, because it will just be a one day funday for us, and aside from my another sister-in-law that is scheduled to be back on her work abroad by the end of March. And the day we've waited come, most of us is awake 4am that day on preparing some things, foods and stuffs for our outing. Our scheduled time to go to Biñan was 6-630am so we will have time on its resorts schedule from 8am - 6pm. As you could see below some pics of my family and my mother-in-law side.
my tita, my two angels and my wife....^_^
They really ready for this trip, even though my wife is still pregnant when we do this outing...hehehehe...^_^. My mother-in-law together with her friend, my sister-in-laws and jhed is also ready.....^_^
some of the trippers.....^_^
But of course, in some circumstances we leave around 7am and we arrived at Splash Island Spa & Resort around 830am. The resort is already open and visitors is already lineup to get tickets and guest services.
@ the carpark...& heading to the resort... back again on this was almost 4 years ago since i got on this resort, im a bit excited what is store inside now on this resort with its new management.
Splash Island
Aside from seeing the same gate, but the ambiance of Splash Island looks like different from the last time i've been there. So let's see more inside.....
Main Gate of Splash Island Resort
Summer time is already started, and with a perfect theme of luaw, is a perfect blending for the resort.
We are guest that time...naks....^_^..thanks to ruth...
At the guest service station, where my sister-in-laws, showed are discounted vouchers in exchange of Splash Island Tickets....btw...we got are ticket for Adult (Php 250) and Students (Php 150)....^_^  only....isn't that cheap together with some freebies like two additional entrance tickets, 3 barbecue grilled meal.
Ticket Booth's
Entrance of Splash Island
As we entered the premises, there were already many tourist inside, that are roaming around, looking for perfect spot to take photos and going to different pool amenities....btw...Pools with Slides in Splash Island has different schedules....but on our side we were still looking for our cottage...hehehehe...^_^.
looking for our cottage....?
After few meters of walk, as last we found our cottage, it is place right side the Balsa River. Here is son Gian poses infront of our cottage...hi kuya gian...^_^
At last......our cottage....^_^
As i room around to take some photos, for backpacker like me, there were available locker rentals, that can be availed if you and your group are not taking any cottages, but sad to say i wasn't able to ask how much is the locker rentals....=(
Locker Rentals are also available
Here is one of their attractions, Balsa River that you will just get on your rubber "balsa" and drift along this gently flowing river and there's nothing like floating easy on a raft.
My mother in law @ River Balsa
who want to try river balsa?
Aside from getting a leaflet for the resorts map, there's an available tarp map just along the entrance of the resort, as you've seen below im with my father taking photo-opps.....Other stalls, are Splash Island Souvenir Shops, were you could buy some souvenir stuffs from the resort, from tshirts, keychains, ref magnets...etc..and also swimming attires. A photo booth souvenir picture is also available for (Php 50) only you could have a Splash Island photo souvenir with luaw backgrounds...^_^ and become a bird feeder at few moments to a big bird feeding cage, i not aware if there's a entrance fee when you entered the cage....
It's me, with my father @ Splash Island Map
Souvenir Shop as "Gift Galleon"
Souvenir Photo Booth
Bird Feeding @ Splash Island
So let's go, to the Different Park Slides, for me this one big reason why im so excited to be back on this resort. But sad to say, this slides has Schedules.....but i do know understand why they should doing that, with such kind of pressure they are using, that is one procedure that i think they could used to give the satisfaction on the visitors and tourist using those gigantic slides...but i think they add some schedules depending on the nos. of their visitor per day ^_^. But even though it has schedules, i and cotrippers that day was able to try it all, and my favorites of them is the MAGELLAN'S DROP......yahoooooo....^_^

Here are the Pool with Slides Schedule:

     AGOS GRANDE                      BIG BAM BOO/ TAUSUG TRAILS
     9:00am - 10:30am                                 10:30am - 12:00nn
     1:30pm - 2:30pm                                   2:30pm - 3:30pm
     4:30pm - 5:00pm

     RIO MONTAÑOSA /                              BALSA RIVER
                       8:00am - 5:00pm
     12:00pm - 1:30pm                                     WATER WAHOO 
     3:30pm - 4:30pm                                        9:00am - 12:00nn
                                                                        2:00pm - 5:00pm

                               CURL OF THE ORIENT
                                     12:00pm - 2:00pm

Here is one of the pools with slides, The Big Bam Boo, a bamboo, a straight, tall and hollow treelike plant abundant in the Philippines grows to collosal proportions at Splash Island. The Big Bam Boo is a covered tunnel rid that slides straight into pure excitement, and you may try first the middle of these three slides, and please do tell me and share what is your experience....hehehehehe ^_^.
My Sister's-in-law and jhed @ Bigbam Boo.....
Tip: You may try the slide in the center....^_^...let me know what you will feel?
Next is my favorite one, The Magellan's Drop, is came from King Philip of Spain, after whom the Philippines was discovered, would have enjoyed the twist in his name as well as the giant twists in this partly covered body slide. "Pilipit" is the tagalog term for "twisted". This slide is a must try.....^_^.
The Magellan's Drop......^_^
This is my favorite slides of them all........
This next two slides also is a bit pumping heart ride, when you're inside it's tube....hehehehe....The Dos Supremos & King Pilipit, The Dos Supremos, is Katipuneros who shed blood for our freedom from Spain, looked to one Supremo or supreme leader. At Splash Island, we have two! The Dos Supremos are giant twisters that revolutionize the definition of blood-pumping.  The King Pilipit, is came from King Philip of Spain, after whom the Philippines was discovered, would have enjoyed the twist in his name as well as the giant twists in this partly covered body slide. "Pilipit" is the tagalog term for "twisted".
Splash Island's "Dos Supremos & King Pilipit"
1...2.....3....pose....^_^ @ King Pilipit Slide
And if your looking for a family fun ride of your life, this slide is one thing that i could suggest, it can take up to 6-7 persons depending on your body size......The Rio Montañosa, Spaniards were once awed by the breath and height of the Cordilleras in the Mountain Province - La Montanosa they called it. Today, there's a new breathtaking mountain high river raft ride the entire family will rave about, that can only be found at Splash Island.
Splash Island's "Rio Montoñosa"
This is a really big salbabida's......^_^
Here's another slide that have a bit heart pumping experience, The Tausyg Trails, the word Tausug (ta-oo-soogs) or "people of the current" is a native filipino tribe in the south. Wait till this river-dwelling lot discovers our giant water trails with full-circle curves! But for now, the Tausug Trails are all ours to blaze.
Splash Island's "Tausug Trail"
This pool, is an interactive kiddie pool that will delight every little kids with innovative water play activities.
For Kiddie Pool "Water Wahoo"
This attraction is one of the biggest of them all, and one of their main attraction, The Agos Grandes, big waves are exactly what you get at Agos Grandes. With machine-generated waves, this one-of-a-kind pool allows you to completely immerse yourself and go with the tide. Aside from that a wide shore of white sand and a stage fronting this pool is also part of Agos Grandes. Where most of the events like TV shows happening on this place.
Splash Island's "Agos Grandes"
The beacheeneering like experience....
Aside from big waves experience on Agos Grandes, you can also rent a kayak and experience a zorb ball in poolwater.
Stage infront of Agos Grandes
For relaxation and in find of food hunt, their are food stalls that can be found around the resort and one of this is Fiesta sa Pulo, where this is wide range food selections that can be found. For us, we did our lunch outside, because we bring food and beverages for our lunch.
My Two Angels @ Fiesta sa Pulo
The Food Court of Splash Island
On this food stall, we got our free 3 barbeque grilled meal....^_^.
Grilled Food are also available
Hotdog on Stick Food Station
Here is the added attraction of the resort, Zip line, Wall Climbing, Inflatables in Agos Grandes, Paintball near Rio Montañosa, Spa Area, Dampa and Team Building Activities.
Zipline @ Splash Island
My brother and sister-in-law, tried one of this added features, wall climbing that about 30m high (Php 50) and Zip line (Php 150). Here are some of their photo opps while on that activity.
My Brother & Sister-in-law trying Wall Climbing Activity
Wall Climbing @ Splash Island
And around 4pm, some of us started to washed up, so by 530pm we could drove back to Antipolo. There's one thing that i really want to comment on Splash Island, it parking lot facility, as you could see below, you may know why im complaining about it and a suggestion that if they could some sheds around it parking lot facility for the visitors could stay if they have they're own foods and stuffs that cannot be brought inside.
Parking Lot Area
Lunch time @ Parking Lot, and in a very hot day too and are we in the forest.....hehehehe...^_^
Eating Time via Parking Lot......^_^
Here is one of the many poses of my cuties little princess "Gayle"......^_^
My Little Princess "Gayle"
How To Get There:

With sign board San Pedro / Pacita Complex. Alight at Jollibee Pacita, then take tricycle going to Splash Island.

Via Bus (Park & Square Terminal, Lawton, Manila): CHER BUS LINE
 With sign board Pacita Southwoods.Alight at Sto. Nino Church, then take tricycle going to Splash Island.

Via Jeepney going to Binan (Starmall Alabang):
Go down to Tubigan, ride a pedicab going to Brgy. Soro Soro. From Brgy. SoroSoro, Splash Island is walking distance.

Via Private vehicle: Take southwoods exit and follow the map (click).

Thanks to Buboy for driving us to Splash Island
All in all, we had great fun on staying on Splash Island Resort and Spa, even though it is just a one day of funday on our families. One last photo opps (group pic) of Splash^_^
The Macoy Family........
Park Admission & Fees:

Splash Island is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday.
During off-peak season, operating dates & hours are subject to change without prior notice.

Splash Island's one-day ticket entitles guests to unlimited use of all slides, attractions, and facilities. Cottages situated around the park are FREE of charge and are on a First Come First Serve basis except for the Cabanas or the Bahay Kubo cottages which may be rented for a minimal fee.

Here are our Regular Rates.

   P 400.00   Adults
   P 350.00   Children 3ft to 4ft
                    Senior Citizen (with National Senior Citizen ID)

  P 500.00    Adults
  P 400.00    Children 3ft to 4ft
                    Senior Citizen (with National Senior Citizen ID)

PARK HOURS:        8:00am to 6:00 pm

       20 - 50 PAX      10% off
       51 - 100 PAX    15% off
       101-200 PAX    20% off
       201-500 PAX    25% off
       501-1000 PAX  30% off
       1001 up PAX    35% off

*companies and organizations must submit letter of request and must fill-up vital information to be sent via email.
Note: Includes all slides and attractions (except zipline, wall climbing and paintball).

        Free           Tents with tables and chairs
        Php 500      Small Cabana
        Php 800      Cabana with lock
        Php 1,000   Cabana with aircon and lock
        Php 5,000   Cabana with sala set, private bathroom & bedroom

Their Cabanas are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Locate which cabana you like, stay there and an attendant will come for payment.
Children under 36" are free of charge. Higher rates apply during peak season. Admission fees are subject to change without prior notice.
Guests who leaves Splash Island with the plan to return within the day must have their hands stamped at the exit. The hand-stamp and admission ticket must be presented to re-enter.
It's Summer where are you going?
Splash Island
You may contact Splash Island on this information and visit their website:

Splash Island Spa & Resort
Southwoods Ecocentrum Binan, Laguna Philippines
Managed by Global Gutz Parks Philippines, Inc.
Tel. No. +632.3824711
Mobile No. +63918.9129177 / +63915.7843527 / +63918.5742462
Telefax No. +632.68006301

email :

Lakwatserong Tatay Xplored this Resort....^_^
So i do hope, you could visit also this resort like we did and experience all of their one of a kind slides...^_^


anney said...

Dami din pala nila attractions! Naka sched kami mag amana waterpark pero next time try namin punta jan.

Teng said...

Never been to splash. great blog! :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anney, uu nga po medyo nadadagdagan na ng attractions...based from the last time i visited splash island ^_^
@teng, hope you visit it sir....thanks po for visiting my blog, and become one of my friendships...^_^

Zumi said...

Hello, while Im reading your post I felt more eager to visit splash Island it looks so inviting at parang ang ganda talaga dyan. Masarap mag spend ng week end dyan. Big thanks for sharing this blog and keep posting.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@zumi...thanks really glad i've helped you to decide to go to this resort...thanks for the visit too...^_^


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