Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Third Angel "Gabriel Rein Enzo"

Another backpacker is born...........Lakwatserong Anak...

A week after our family fun day at Splash Island, there is one unexpected situation happened, it was not in schedule, and for the third time around it comes out in advance for two weeks again. And with all proud and happiness, im saying to the world, my third angel is brought out to the world. My son, Gabriel Rein Enzo, was born, with our same Ob-Gyne Doctor, Doctor Maria Lourdes Santana-Basilio, she is responsible in giving birth on all of my angels, and most recently added angel in my life.
Santana-Basilio Medical & Maternity Clinic
Although were aware that on our previous kids, we have same situation that they're both get out ahead of their schedules, and with this third baby, we had almost the same situation, even our doctor instucted my wife that on the March, she will be having a weekly checkup to monitor our baby, because she thinks that our baby is already ready to get out....hehehehe...
The Delivery Room
Then the day came, March 27, we had to got to the clinic for a regular weekly checkup, but as our doctor seen my wife, she already said that our baby will be getting out anytime that day, and will be experiencing the usual labor period....^_^. So of course, after the checkup, we go straight directly to one of the supermarket located around the clinic and buy the important things that is needed on her operation. Some of those things is shown below....
Some of my baby stuffs....
We got back on our house around 10am, and the labor period starts, as i remember, her stomach is always aching every 15-20 minutes, but she could manage to handle it, so i just proceed with some of our household shores, she is just arranging some of the baby stuffs that is needed, like rompers, diapers, baby bath, mittens & booties, and many more stuffs, and place it our big baby bag.....hehehehe....actually it was used by his kuya gian, and now pass to our new baby boy....hehehehe...(tipid nah...).
It is 5:50pm
After few hours of staying at our house, my wife finally decided that we have to go back to the clinic, because she's really feeling something, that in anytime, our baby will go out, it was around 4pm, when we arrived, and my wife go ahead to the operating room, i got some pictures and videos of it for my remembrance. I've shouted few words and comments in facebook that time, what's alrady happening, when im waiting outside the operating room....^_^. Although this is not the first time, in that kind of situation, i still feel tense, nervous and excited, on what will be happened. Thinking if my wife will gonna do well, that she will do it as easy as our second baby.
My Baby Gab @ Weighing Scale
After 1 hour and 50 minutes of waiting, thinking of anything, and wondering what happening inside, because im on and off the operating room, i've heard one usual voice when doing this kind of operation, a crying baby......at last.....at exactly 5:50pm, another lakwatsero is born.....with a weight of 2.6kgs, length of 49 inches, and all of the vital signs are normal. Actually that time, i don't know what to feel but im already excited to get in, and take many picture as i can....hehehehehehe...^_^.
My wife & our baby...^_^.....still sleeping....
Here are some of the pictures of my baby's detailed record and notes during and after the operations. Actually there were so many papers, i just found it that this is the most important records and notes that our doctor's made.
Doctor's Order Sheet
New Born Record Sheet
Child Health Record
Gab's Baby Book
And here is one of the closest and cutest picture that i've taken, isn't he?....hehehe ^_^
My Third Angel "Gab"
And now, yours truly is in vacation of doing backpacking activities, travel budget trips, and doing different adventures, but i've still have some stories, that is on my backlog bucket list of places that i've been.....so just wait and relax.....im a bit busy new tatay again.....^_^.
The proud and happiest father...Lakwatserong Tatay...^_^
One last picture before we will gonna check out.....once again, thank you Doc. Basilio, for taking care of my wife and my baby, for almost 9 months, on consistently monitoring my wife's pregnancy, your really aware of the situation of my wife and really take cared it of.....all i can say is THANK YOU......^_^
Mr, my wife and my new born baby...^_^

Disclaimer: I'm not doing this entry for promoting the maternity clinic of our doctor, i just wanted to share the world, how happy i am, now that my third angel is born, and also to thank our OB-Gyne for taking care of my wife and baby for almost 9 months.....thanks doc. lourdes basilio...^_^


Pinoy Adventurista said...

nice name! Congrats again Tatay Brian!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@mervin, thanks po.....^_^

Chyng said...

congratulations! another blessing from God ♥

pusang kalye said...

cool. 3rd angel. ako diko pa nasubukan panu ang happiness na sinasabi nila--ninyo about having a baby in the house. I know it in theory peor di ko pa talaga naramdaman yung totoong kagalangan na I hope mangyari na in the near future.hehhehe

lakwatserong tatay said...

@chyng...thanks po...^_^
@pusang kalye....mangyayari din po sa inyo yan....iba po talaga un meron kids sa bahay nyo...kahit anong pagod sa work and backpack trips you tapos pgdating mo sa bahay...sasalubong sila sau...hay sarap...bless, embrace and kiss...ok na wala na ung pagod..^_^


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