Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Palawan's Baker's Hill

A Theme Park Placed on a Hill
by lakwatserong tatay

This place is part of our city day tour of Puerto Princesa, and the place that we did our surprise to our previous supervisor. This is small village like place where a lot of people, especially kids loves to go. It's called the Bakers Hill and it sits on top of a hill overlooking the city.
Baker's Hill Palawan
Seeing this place for the first time is such an experience because of the homey feeling and relaxing environment because of its botanical garden style design.Bakers Hill is known of its baked products specializes in hopia, and some says one of their best product is pizza, but we did not try eat any of that, but we did not forget to buy their most famous hopia delicacies.
Some of the Native Delicacies you could find in the Bake Shop
Baker's Hill is nicely designed, zen-like and decorated with small, pretty details and items that characterized the province. This place is an ideal for families and groups of friends just wanting to chill out, chat and chillax while eating their native delicacies.
Baker's Hill Souvenir Outlet Shop
Now a days, this place has its own restaurant, food stalls are available upon entering it park premises.Where you could choose on from where want to eat and chillax.
One of the Food Choices Around Baker's Hill
Aside from having food choices, one unique thing that i've found out on this place is their unusual features like this one below, my co-tripper Carlo, poses in front of a cutout body that is holding a crocodile. Where one of the city's other tours offered to visit  the Crocodile Farm. A photo opps of live croc is much better wait for my next entry about our visit to Crocolandia.....hehehehe....
Carlo's photo-opps @ Baker's Hill
Here is one of the unique things that really amazed our kid tripper Joaquim is the cartoon character statues, that kid's visiting this place would really love. Infact, when i have the chance to go back at Palawan together with my kids, i will definitely bring them to this place to have photo-opps with those bigger than life sized cartoon characters. Aside from that a mansion of the owner is located also in this park, that is probihited from public, but sharing it's park garden to public for free is one of the unique way of showing appreciation to the visitor's of this place. So i do hope anyone who visit this place would be kind enough and polite to not litter on this place, and maybe by the future this owner will charge an entrance fee just to cover for all the cleaning fees.....^_^
One of the Large Garden you can stay and relax @ Baker's Hill
This park has so many areas that you could choose to relax, they are shaded areas with small houses and cottages together with it's interesting plants.
The human-sized character statues
One of the restaurant available in Baker's Hill, that offers a good food choices, based from other trippers that been here, but personally i could not suggest whether it is good or not, because we did not try to eat on this resto. But maybe the next time ill be going on this place, ill try this restaurant....^_^
One of the Food Options while staying @ Baker's Hill
A children's playground is also placed on this hill's ground, where most of the kids will really enjoy. Aside from the human-sized cartoon character statues that is scattered around the park.
Children's Playground...^_^
A Dino Park Garden....
A mini-zoo for birds is also placed on the park. An added feature for photo-opp while staying on this place.
Bird's is also present in this Hill Park
Joaquim photo-opps with Snowwhite & 7 Dwarfs
An eye candy dish...that is something to pass by and appreciate...
Snow white & Seven Dwarfs on another angle...^_^
Bird Figures on it's Garden
But before proceeding to our next destination, we had a surprise to our ex-supervisor, Rowel, who is celebrating his birthday that day. We buy a mini cake on the Baker's Hill Baked Shop, and sneek it secretly to our van, once were all get back to the van, we begun our bit celebration. That time Rowel, was on a state of shock, although he knew that there something wrong that time...hehehehe...^_^
Rowel's Birthday Surprise
Hope you like our surprise, Pareng Rowel....^_^ A Birthday Surprise at Palawan, i do hope it could happen to me sometimes...^_^
Co-trippers photo-opps w/ the Bday Celebrant..^_^
Getting here is just easy, there were so many available trips for tourist like us that is offered, but if your a budget type person like me, if you're in the town proper look for public transport bound for Sta. Monica, found along Malvar St., or just do it the same way we do, chartered a vehicle that are doing city tour trips. It is more convienient and hassle free....hehehe ^_^.
L.T. was here @ Baker's Hill Palawan...^_^
If i will have the chance to go back here at Puerto Princesa, i will definitely go back here on this place, and i hope im with my kids that time....^_^

This story is part of : Five Days of Trip at Palawan


Pinoy Adventurista said...

wow!!! well written post! it makes me feel I was also there! thanks for sharing your experience Brian! =D

lakwatserong tatay said...

@mervin, thanks po....^_^

Chyng said...

this place is very popular. no one gets home from palawan without being photographed with m.monroe!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@chyng, yah, aside from m. monroe i do have photo opps with that statue and of course the fat chef guy....is one of my favorite...^_^


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