Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PG 13 Pinoy Grill

Level 1-106 Pavilion, Greenfield Dist.
EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
by lakwatserong tatay

It was tuesday night, when we tried to dine in this resto, we always walk along this restaurant, and just pass by it. That night i've decided to dine in finally...hehehehe..ayaw kasi ng wife ko paiba-iba ng kakainan...
Here is my wife choosing from their wide variety of food choices.....and actually i really like their style of naming categories, it just like your eating in a carienderia...hehehe...starting from streets of manila, PG 13 Budbod (rice topping), altanghap sarap (served w/ rice & egg)...and many more....up to desserts...

PG 13's flyers
PG 13 has a different approach of entertaining their customer, if your a techque person and always on the go with your laptop, PG 13 has a Free WIFI that you could use, there is a free Live Band while you dine in on their resto, that night the singer of the band actually felt cough and cold, but he still singing and personally i really like the songs the he sangs...especially mellow musics....hehehe...and last an unlimited rice & soup, for their what do you think!!!!!
the free live band while we were eating
Yehey, e2 na po ung order namin.....actually i'm not really into trying different kind of dishes, but i just want to try and taste the same food but with different resto's..We ordered one of my favorite, Angeles Sigig ala cart (P119) & Adobo flakes (P59) and for our panghimagas Macapuno (P45) but i forgot to take pictures...hehehe....actually this both dishes is really great, especially the sisig...hehehe..sana meron beer...
PG 13 - Angeles Sisig
PG13 - Adobo Flakes
To summarize 0ur food experience in PG 13, we really had a great time dining in this resto, nice and great taste of food choices, and different approach to their customer, especially on their live bands, and very courteous server's. We will definitely back to eat and dine in, in PG 13......thanks !!!!
Here is some of their food servings and their also serves food delivery.
Their serve Cebu Lechon every Thursday.
Their contact nos. #584 - 1001 & mobile # 0922 - 8660303.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Why do we climb mountains?

by lakwatserong tatay

For more than 6 years and in still counting many people, even some of my relatives asking me why do i choose this hobby as my pass time for my weekend or when im not on my work, maybe this 10 reasons will be the best answers. People outside of mountaineering can't understand why there are people who indulge in mountaineering. They can't understand what can be derived from this activity which seemed to be "a waste of time, money, and energy". Moreover, they cannot think of a worthy reason why should people bring themselves to imminent danger when they can very well choose to stay away from it.
When asked, some backpackers or mountaineers usually reply, "Because it is fun and I love scaling it" or the more classical "Because it’s there. or for some it can be personal reasons..." But scratch the surface and you will find one or all of the following reasons.
I hope by stating, researching and collating some of this reasons, the people outside of mountaineering will understand why do we love mountaineering. As for myself, now im a father of two beautiful kids, i've started climbing mountains way back im still single, but until now im still indulge and also active in a mountaineering organization, i do have my personal reason why i do choose to climb, that is so very personal and kind a emotional.

1. God, Nature, and Meditation
Mountaineering takes man away from the concrete jungle and back to his natural sanctuary. The mountain affords communing with nature. It is a place where woman/man can walk in the clouds while smell the scent of wild plants and dew. The mountain orchestrates a symphony of streams and rampaging rivers, chorus of birds and crickets, and whistles of wind rustling through the trees. It blows a gentle breeze that touches the face, combs the hair, and enlivens the body. It empties the mind of worries and pours in peace that quiets the psyche and calms the restless nerves. Its ambience helps elevate consciousness to a higher plane to enable man to touch base with himself and his Creator. As he descends the mountain, he brings with him a renewed spirit, a clear mind, and a revitalized body.

2. Conquering Fears
Many presume that mountains keep a plethora of dangers. It boasts of venomous snakes and wild boars, steep cliffs, paranormal elements, and eerie, deafening silence. To some, they trigger fear. Only a few dare to face and conquer these phobias. And only a handful of these daredevils confront and resolve them through mountaineering. But no matter how long, little by little, mountaineering helps them conquer their fears.

3. Escape
There are some people who cannot stand continuous exposure to noise, congestion, technology, work, boredom, and problems in their urban lives. The mountain becomes an attractive destination to get away from their mundane situations, even temporarily. Sometimes, these mountain respites become their sole means of getting by without snapping off in their problematic and weary lives.

4. Travel
Mountaineering affords people to see new places and learn new culture at a very reasonable budget because accommodation cost is almost defrayed. Because mountains are interspersed throughout the archipelago, mountaineers travel from their home base to the location of the mountain that they want to climb.

5. Relationships
Mountaineers/backpackers cannot help but forge sound relationships while in expedition. Friendship is built on solid grounds because they are founded in trust and care that are molded by unique situations and conditions in the mountain. A mountaineer/backpacker learns to entrust his welfare and safety with his companion, to share his food, equipment, and other provisions, and to strip himself of pretenses and open his humble self to others. Sometimes, mountaineering brokers marriage out of these friendships.

6. Growth and Skills
Mountaineering requires people to at least know some basic skills. These skills are not only read but continually applied and honed each expedition. People become confident with their first aid skills, cooking, backpacking, leadership, and time management, to mention a few.In addition, due to exposure to people, places, and culture, mountaineers build their character and become well-rounded individuals. They learn to be patient and enduring, disciplined and time-conscious, and courteous and considerate, among many other values.

7. Physical Fitness
Mountaineering is a very physical activity to engage in. Mountaineers/backpackers oblige themselves with exercises for days before they climb. They build their endurance to prepare for the lengthy trek with a heavy pack at their back. They discipline their water intake, breathing patterns, and resting postures. They watch what they eat and take vitamin supplements for nutrition and energy needs.

8. Camping
A substantial portion of mountaineers had scouting experience when they were still in school. They are avid campers who loved campfires, hiking, swimming, and the many interesting gadgets that go with backpacking. Their outdoor bug stirs their interest even after school to continue camping. Their thirst for camping is quenched by mountaineering.

9. Cost Effective Hobby
Mountaineering may appear to be a costly hobby due to specialized gadgets and equipment that necessitate convenience and comfort in the outdoors. At the onset, it may seem to be expensive. And it is so because you accumulate mountaineering gears and equipment. However, if you take extra care of these specialty goods, they will be useful for many years. And if you calculate the purchase price of these goods and divide it by the number of years you were able to use them, you would be amazed to discover how negligible the amortized monthly expense is. The benefits you derive from mountaineering are exponentially higher than the aggregate amount of transportation and food expenses you would have to shell out every expedition.

10. Research and Education
There are people who is indulge in mountaineering because of their work and profession requires them to do so. Some of them are foresters, geologists, mountain rangers, journalists, and researchers study and explore the mountains because their work requires them to.

Eating time at Wedding Asia Congress 2010

VS & F Catering Exhibit
Megatrade Hall 1 & 2
5th lvl. Bldg. B SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City
July 31, 2010
by lakwatserong tatay

VS & F at Wedding Asia Congress 2010
My sister-in-law had the chance to attend this event the Wedding Asia Congress 2010, that held at SM Megamall (megatrade hall 1 & 2), and yours truly is lucky to be invited by my sister-in-law together with my wife to attend this gathering...actually as we entered this wedding expo, i was so overwhelmed to see all of those exhibits, and of course the food caterers, one of my favorite...hehehehe...but due to our busy schedules. We just had to taste and dine only on one of the caterers that my sister-in-law reserved. This is the VS & F Catering.
Here is a brief history of this catering business.
VS&F Classic Food International has been in the catering business for over 15 years. A family- owned business operated by Mr. Buddy Y. Abesamis, former President and now Chairman of the Board of the Food Caterers Association of the Philippines (FCAP), and a member of the International Caterers Association of America (ICA) . His partner in this venture, Mrs. Josephine C. Abesamis, is the General Manager of VS&F, a graduate of the University of the Philippines.
Their experience, hard work and dedication made this business flourish from a small-time enterprise to an upscale catering service. With joint expertise from the couple and the outstanding staff of VS&F, it progressed as the Supreme Wedding and Debut Specialist in town. VS&F is also adjudged and widely recognized as the “Best in On- The-Spot-Cooking". All ingredients are specially prepared by our experienced culinary professionals. Every sumptuous meal will be greatly enjoyed by each guests since all are prepared hot and fresh. Truly this will be an enjoying meal.
Center piece of their buffet table
For that night, we been served according to buffet style, starting with soup, a salad, our main course, and last is the dessert.

photo opps while waiting for our dinner...hehehe

Our soup: Crab with corn soup

On salad : Chef's Salad

On our main course, this meal was the best part of our food tasting...hehehe...It was served in a big round plate...with steam rice...a 5 different dishes.....(1) Lengua with Mushroom butter sauce, (2) Roast pork loin with Teriyaki sauce, (3) Hawaiian grilled chicken in skewers, (4) Fillet of lapu-lapu with tartar sauce and (5) Mixed veggies with your corn and quail eggs.

for our main course.....hehehehe...

On our dessert we had a choice, between (1) Almond jelly with lychees, (2) fruit cocktail, (3) Leche flan, (4) Assorted cakes and pastries (5)Tropical fruit salad or Buco salad (6)Fruit salad or Fresh fruits medley.
On our drinks, (1)Hawaiian fruit punch, (2)Iced tea, (3) Orange juice, (4)softdrinks (bottomless).
Actually, after our food tasting i was quite full, but i don't know why i want to eat more that night...hehehe...But i was really satisfied on our food tasting that night. I hope that my sister-in-law will gonna invite us again on their next food tasting sessions for their upcoming wedding that will be held by 2nd quarter next year. Thanks again ruth....
For more informations:
Address: VS & F Compound, Winston Ave. Cor Fortune St., East Fairview Subd., Fairview Quezon City
Contact Person: Mr. Buddy Abesamis
Phone Number: 937.4989 / 461.6182 / 799.2423 / 799.2432
Mobile Number: 0917.8429762 / 0917.8518908 / 0917.5811682


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