Friday, January 16, 2015

5 Years and still X-ploring

by lakwatserong tatay

Last January 13, 2015, was the exact date were lakwatserong tatay's blog site was born. At first, the reason why i have this blog is just for a repository of my climb logs. In fact, for its first entry post, way back 2010, It was all about the four climbs that I've gone through in 2009, and then few of my colleagues ask, why just my climb/trekking activities, you may include also your backpack trips. And the rest was history. At first i was just a fan of few well known bloggers like Dom(, Chyng( and Mervin( Then all of a sudden, i started sharing and now, been blogging for five years....however, my previous years was not as i've started blogging, i wasn't able to document all of my trips on this site, however, you may check me on my social media sites where i'm was always updated...^_^

So let me start with the history of X-PLORER BOYZ. Af first, were only four...Regie, Me, Jayson and Johari (left to right on the photo) and as officemates/comrades/trek buddies, we made a promise after our 1st backpack trip, that year by year our group will have a major trip that would be really cost efficient, super backpack adventures and would also cover up different provinces in every of our multi-day trips. Our first trip as X-ploreboyz covers up several town and cities in Albay and Sorsogon provinces.

X-plorerboyz @ Paguriran Island, Sorsogon
The following year, we had new addition in our group, Melvin,  as seen in the picture below he's on right side with shades. Our groups getting bigger and had two major trips on that year. First, covers several cities and towns of Northern Mindanao provinces (Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon, Camiguin and Lanao del Norte).

X-plorerboyz @ Mt. Vulcan, Camiguin Island
Another x-ploration happened, however, not all of the original x-plorerboyz we're present on this trip, i, the mastermind was only present...^_^. A trip to Puerto Princesa and El Nido, Palawan. And also new born x-plorers were added named as Eric, Rowel, Carlo, and Chrislon (left to right below minus the 2nd person below because its me.....^_^.

X-plorerboyz @ Snake Island, El Nido, Palawan

And then, another year added, our group's really getting bigger. Another set of trippers were added named as Coy, Ekoy, Joel, Carlo, and Shanwar (left to right in the photo, melvin & me wher also part of the pic). Missing in action are Eric, Rowel, Chrislon, Regie, Jayson and Johari..^_^. This trip happened up north in the province of Cagayan Valley.

X-plorerboyz @ Callao Cave, PeƱablanca, Cagayan
And then another year added, only three of the x-plorer's (Eric, Me and Carlo) were only present for our major trip. That covers the provinces of Western Visayas Region from Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo and Negros Occidental and add up Dumaguete province. Although within the year our group managed to travel different provinces and hike different mountains.

X-plorerboyz @ Boracay Island, Station 1, Aklan

And, just last year, another trip added and the group's getting bigger....and also the members we're getting bigger..^_^. This trip was supposed to be a climb at Mt. Apo, however due to some untoward incidents, it turn's out another backpack trip adventures that covers up provinces of General Santos, Davao Region, Sultan Kudarat and Surigao del Sur...^_^. Picture was taken underwater at Enchanted River (Melvin, Shanwar, Carlo, Mhel (new x-plorer), Joel, Me, Coy, Johari and Ekoy.
X-plorerboyz @ Enchanted River, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
However, x-plorerboyz now are not just only boys, we have x-plorergirlz...that joins us on this major trip. From left to right....Ms. Lea, Ms. Manilyn, Ms. Pearl and Ms. Nora....^_^.

X-plorergirlz @ Enchanted River, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

So this is the life behind x-plorerboyz and now with x-plorergirlz and can be called now as "X-plorerz Group".
Cheers for the five years of traveling and non-stop exploring that our country offers. I'm happy and really proud to say that i have a travel buddies/friends like you guys. We may not see often, but we do have one goal, as my sites says....

"Our group was binded with same passion to explore, to reach new heights, to conquer one's fear, and to show the world how beautiful is our country".

It's been a privilege to have you guys as my friends/travel buddies. And it's also a privilege and a great opportunity that i as "lakwatserong tatay" ignites your passion to travel and help me to share to everyone our travel escapades for the past five years. And we all know this will not be the end!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Lakwatserong Tatay with X-plorerboyz

by lakwatserong tatay

It's been five years since i've started blogging. Sharing the stories behind my backpacking adventures, trips and trek to different mountains. As of now, my dreams in fulfilling to travel all of the provinces of our country is getting near as i'm seeing my travel map's getting bluer and bluer together with my co-xplorers....^_^.

So hoping this year, 2015 would be again another fruitful year of explorations, backpack trips and trek to different heights. Although i may not do all of this without my co-lakwatserong tatay's (x-plorerboyz)....^_^. We just began 5 guys as "x-plorerboyz"...and now we're getting bigger...(big narin talaga pati sa katawan. ^_^ ). As our trip from 2014, we're now 11 men, 5 tatay's, 2 we're already married last year and 4 we're still single (sabi nila...^_^...wag po magagalit mga GF's nila).

So, i would just like to start my year, in remembering the years that i've started from a called as "lakwatserong tatay". Together also with my co-tatay's and becoming tatay's, that even if i'm not sharing all of my trips on this blog and most of them are still on backlog entries. I'm still the lakwatserong tatay you've always known. Hoping that little by little, i could make this site alive again and continue inspiring all of the tatay's around, that traveling is not that expensive, you must just have necessary plans, complete and comprehensive itineraries, and most important you must have the friends/buddies that i have...^_^.

BTW, we will have another 6 days backpack trip to Mindanao, this time we will be starting from General Santos City and exiting between two options: Dipolog or Zamboanga City, i'm just hoping to all who will see this post maybe you could help us to plan our itinerary or maybe share your thoughts or maybe your trips on this provinces....thanks again!!!!


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