Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY Trip: Simply Matabungka Falls

by lakwatserong tatay

Trekking on the same path going to Mt. Humarap aka Tatlong Krus. This waterfalls make your trek a very inviting sidetrip. Sad to say to our group due to time constraint, we just able to take some shots of its cascading and cold waters.....

Mt. Humarap
Coming from the peak we walk downwards again up to the junction below where a waiting shed is located. If you your going up the falls is straight ahead and going to this cemented stairs is to Mt. Humarap. However on our case this shot is going downwards which is the trail going to Matabungka falls is on the left.

the trail leading to Matabungka Falls
We just have a quick stop on this junction and their is actually a very cold stream where climbers and locals alike could drink a very fresh and nature water....^_^

After few minutes, we headed to view and be mesmerize with this simple waterfalls. The falls really looks amazing and its so high but the water coming from its drop is just shallow. However if your tired and really want to revive and relieve your tiring body, i may suggest you may swim on its cold waters....

We just took some photos and mesmerize for a while, admire its beauty and thinking we should go back and try to swim underneath its water drops......

The Trippers
After staying for a while we said goodbye and hurriedly go back to town to have one last stop. We have to catch up the last trip of jeepney going to Tanay.......^_^

Me @ Matabungka Falls
**** next stop: Church of Paete ****

Guest Post: Top Five Orlando Theme Parks

Is this year the year that you jet off on your dream Orlando, Florida trip? Maybe you managed to pick up one of the many cheap holidays to Florida that are available online? If so, you’re likely to be overflowing with excitement right about now, but contain yourself, you’ve still got some holiday prep to do!

This isn’t a holiday to ‘wing’ and go with the flow. There’s so much to do in Orlando that you really need to plan your time in order to make the most of your stay. Famous for its amazing theme parks, you’re likely to want to spend a lot of your Orlando holiday experiencing the thrills and spills that are on offer. Make sure that you pencil in visits to these fantastic five theme parks for the ultimate trip:

Universal Studios

Number one on the hit list is a bit of a cheat, as the Universal Orlando Resort actually encompassed the Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Highlights of Islands of Adventure include the Marvel Superhero Island and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. At Universal Studios Florida you can ride the brand new Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride and the amazing Twister coaster.

Walt Disney World

Even more of a cheat, Walt Disney World includes six parks – the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the two waterparks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Earmark a week at least if you want to hit them all!


Enjoy a change of scene and a rest from the rollercoasters at SeaWorld. The killer whale show is a must see!

Busch Gardens

A combination zoo/themepark Busch Gardens is a good day out for the whole family. Out of Orlando, in the Tampa area, it’s worth the day trip.

Legoland Florida

Now, you might have been to Legoland Windsor, but the Americans have a tendency to do everything bigger and better, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Ideal for families with younger children (under 12).
If you’ve found low cost holiday deals to Orlando, Florida, make the most of the opportunity and be sure to hit the fantastic five theme parks above!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guest Post: Advantages of Online Booking Airline Tickets

Gone are the days when travelers needed to visit their travel agents for getting their tickets done or get their reservation only at the airport or via the phone.  Today the growth of internet has made things much easier and all kinds of bookings and billing can be done via the Internet. The advantages range from comparing prices and getting the boarding passes by printing them at home. If you are traveling with any of the top rated airlines like United Airlines, Turkish Airlines or US Airways, you tend to get great deals on many of the online booking sites and also facilities like early check-in and easy cancelation methods. Here are a few of advantages that one can get while booking online.

·         Convenience – The biggest advantage of being able to book an airline ticket online is that you don’t have to schedule your day according to that, you can choose any time of the day to get your bookings done. You also don’t have to worry about the time that gets wasted when you go to a travel agent and you are also pressure free of making on spot booking, instead you can think through it first and then make your choice.

·         Competitive Prices – Choosing to book online gives you many advantages and what can be best than saving well on your ticket. While booking online you have the freedom to shop around for the best price and before making your final choice you can check out many airlines operating on the route you are looking for.

·         Early Check-in – The biggest tension while traveling is check-in and if you get delayed doing that it might cause big problems. By booking online you will be able to save to a lot of time by checking in online and you can do it in advance as 24 hours and as late as one hour before the flight.

·         Cost Benefits – we all know it that travel agents charge commission per booking and some of the airlines also charge for telephone booking, thus making online reservation is much cheaper as now third party operators don’t charge any fees for making online reservation.

·         Easy Changes and Cancelations- If you have booked online, all you need to do is go directly to the airlines website and get the desired changes done hassle free.  You can change the flight to a later date, upgrade your class or even cancel your booking. 

Guest Post: Kos Holidays: Hot or Not?

If Kardamena in Kos is on your ‘maybe’ list for your 2013 clubbing holiday, you’ll want to gather as much info as you can to decide whether it’s a do-er or a don’t-er. Read on for the low down about what’s hot about clubbing holidays in Kos – it won’t take more than 5 mins, promise!

What’s Hot?

The Prices

Kos is mega cheap by clubbing holiday standards, with prices comparable to the UK. Expect to pay £3.50 for a pint, £7 for a bottle of wine and £9 for club entry – it’s brilliant for clubbers on a budget.

The Weather

With thermometers nudging 30 degrees through July and August, one thing you’re guaranteed in Kos is a good tan! Don’t forget the suncream though, the lobster look aint in for S/S 2013.

The Beach

As you’d expect from Greece, the white sand beach is stunning and a great place for sunning yourself with a cocktail in hand. Who knows, maybe you’ll dip your toe in the water every now and again.

If you don’t mind getting your perfectly gelled/straightened/curled hair wet, the watersports will be a-calling. You’ll find the usual suspects – jet skis, banana boats et al down at Kardamena beach. All you need to do is persuade your mates to take a break from the bronzing.

The Nightlife

While it might not have the big name clubs of Ibiza, Kardamena has more than its fair share of after-dark spots. Add Vibe and Lush to your must-do bar list, before hitting the dancefloor at your choice of superclub, Status or Starlight. There’s more than enough to fill a week without getting bored of the same scene.

Kos holidays are a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable summer clubbing break. Forget scrimping and saving all year for your week of fun in the sun. Get more bang for your buck at Kardamena. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Trip: Trek to Mt. Humarap - Tatlong Krus

by lakwatserong tatay

After a quick trip in chasing waterfalls of Tanay and Church of Tanay. Our next destination was the town of Paete. We had a quite long ride from town of Tanay, bypassing the towns of Siniloan and few towns of Laguna to get off in Brgy. Ilaya of Paete. Although we've been rewarded with such views and landscape of nature through our jeepney rides.

With pack of excitement we hurriedly ask directions how to go to Mt. Humarap, most of the locals around the area doesn't know "Mt. Humarap", however thanks to my co-tripper upon saying "Tatlong Krus", they definitely knew where are we going. Aside from that we also ask how to get to "Matabungka Falls", however they just replied as "ah yun talon...dun lang din yun bago kayo umakyat patatlong krus, pakaliwa yun paakyat sa tatlong krus yun talon dun malapit sa may inuman ng tubig"......^_^...So after asking for some directions we're off. We choose to walk from the highway instead of riding a tricycle up to actual jumpoff. All in all we had the treak for almost 1 hours from the highway traversing to town proper, passed by the Church of Paete and of course the stores of woodcraft, which Paete is famous of. And then at last we will start the uphill walk to cemented ground of residential area. Here are some of my pictures from its trail and it surroundings....^_^

After walking through cemented path of residential area, the trail become a usual trail when you climbing a mountain, most of the path are shaded by trees so don't be afraid to get sunburned.....^_^. There where some streams and bamboo resting area that maybe used by locals who logged for their wood works and also maybe farming because as we ascend this hill we encountered some locals carrying big sacks and some logs also.

So after almost an hour of walking upwards, me together with tropang tits and pips reach the peak of the hill. The peaks has some huts and comfort room area, great used for picnics and Tatlong Krus is a place used as a pilgrimage for Holy Week.

picnic huts...

comfort room area

Tatlong Krus aka Mt. Huamrap
The three crosses signifies your own the peak of its hill. This crosses faces the town of Paete beneath. Other signifant mountains that are visible within Mt. Humarap are Mt. Sembrano and Mt. Tagapo and of course Laguna de Bay.

Tropang Tits and Pips @ Mt. Humarap

Aside from the trek we had, we had a few minutes stop on its falls known as "Matabungka Falls", by locals it just called as "Talon", and we had also a quick stop by Wood Crafts stores and of course offered a prayer in one of historical churches of our country known as St. James the Apostle Church of Paete.
Lakwatserong Tatay @ Mt. Humarap
How to get to Mt. Humarap aka Tatlong Krus:

From EDSA Crossing:
Coming from EDSA/Crossing, take a jeepney bound to Tanay(php53) or GTExpress vans (Starmall)  bound  to Tanay(php70), alight at Tanay Market, ride a jeepney going to Siniloan(php43) and upon reaching the market of Siniloan look for bound Paete(php20) and ask the driver to drop off to town proper of Paete (Gitnang Bayan). You have two options to walk or take a tricycle up to start of jumpoff which is a residential area of Brgy. Ilaya Norte.

From Buendia/Gil Puyat Bus Stations:
Take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz (php140), alight in Sta. Cruz, take another jeepney ride bound for Siniloan/Paete(php27) and ask the driver to drop you off to town proper of Paete (Gitnang Bayan). You have two options to walk or take a tricycle from highway up to jumpoff which is a residential area of Brgy. Ilaya Norte.

****next stop: Matabungka Falls....^_^

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Guest Post: Soldeu: A Resort Guide

When it comes to ski holidays that are perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers, Soldeu ski holidays are where it’s at. As a beginner with no experience on a pair of skis, you want to go to a resort that specialises in helping build your confidence on the pistes and, with their award winning ski school, you can’t go far wrong with Soldeu.
Nestled in the mountainous Pyrenees, between Spain and France, is a beautiful little municipality that provides perfect snow conditions year after year. Andorra offers something for everyone and its various resorts give people the convenience of being on the foot of the mountain ready to ski.
Soldeu offers some of the best accommodation in Andorra, to suit any budget. From inexpensive, simple apartments to all out luxury in 5 star hotels, whatever the size of your wallet, you’ll find somewhere that can accommodate you.
The main gondolas are within easy reach of most of the hotels and apartments in the centre, giving you easy access to the mountain itself. Whatever your capability on the slopes, Soldeu will have pistes to suit. While it’s excellent for beginners and intermediates, advanced and expert skiers can choose from a whole host of red, black and off-piste runs to ensure they get their dose of thrills.
Away from the slopes, there are many other activities to get stuck into – perfect if you’re holidaying with family but unable (or unwilling) to have a go yourself. The village itself is rustic and boasts some fabulous shops to browse, while there are plenty of pubs and bars in which to appreciate the après ski liveliness.
Perfect for families, Soldeu ski holidays could be a perfect option for your next winter break with the kids. Take a look at the fabulous offers online today and book early to benefit from some fabulous prices. 


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