Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Trip: Trek to Mt. Humarap - Tatlong Krus

by lakwatserong tatay

After a quick trip in chasing waterfalls of Tanay and Church of Tanay. Our next destination was the town of Paete. We had a quite long ride from town of Tanay, bypassing the towns of Siniloan and few towns of Laguna to get off in Brgy. Ilaya of Paete. Although we've been rewarded with such views and landscape of nature through our jeepney rides.

With pack of excitement we hurriedly ask directions how to go to Mt. Humarap, most of the locals around the area doesn't know "Mt. Humarap", however thanks to my co-tripper upon saying "Tatlong Krus", they definitely knew where are we going. Aside from that we also ask how to get to "Matabungka Falls", however they just replied as "ah yun talon...dun lang din yun bago kayo umakyat patatlong krus, pakaliwa yun paakyat sa tatlong krus yun talon dun malapit sa may inuman ng tubig"......^_^...So after asking for some directions we're off. We choose to walk from the highway instead of riding a tricycle up to actual jumpoff. All in all we had the treak for almost 1 hours from the highway traversing to town proper, passed by the Church of Paete and of course the stores of woodcraft, which Paete is famous of. And then at last we will start the uphill walk to cemented ground of residential area. Here are some of my pictures from its trail and it surroundings....^_^

After walking through cemented path of residential area, the trail become a usual trail when you climbing a mountain, most of the path are shaded by trees so don't be afraid to get sunburned.....^_^. There where some streams and bamboo resting area that maybe used by locals who logged for their wood works and also maybe farming because as we ascend this hill we encountered some locals carrying big sacks and some logs also.

So after almost an hour of walking upwards, me together with tropang tits and pips reach the peak of the hill. The peaks has some huts and comfort room area, great used for picnics and Tatlong Krus is a place used as a pilgrimage for Holy Week.

picnic huts...

comfort room area

Tatlong Krus aka Mt. Huamrap
The three crosses signifies your own the peak of its hill. This crosses faces the town of Paete beneath. Other signifant mountains that are visible within Mt. Humarap are Mt. Sembrano and Mt. Tagapo and of course Laguna de Bay.

Tropang Tits and Pips @ Mt. Humarap

Aside from the trek we had, we had a few minutes stop on its falls known as "Matabungka Falls", by locals it just called as "Talon", and we had also a quick stop by Wood Crafts stores and of course offered a prayer in one of historical churches of our country known as St. James the Apostle Church of Paete.
Lakwatserong Tatay @ Mt. Humarap
How to get to Mt. Humarap aka Tatlong Krus:

From EDSA Crossing:
Coming from EDSA/Crossing, take a jeepney bound to Tanay(php53) or GTExpress vans (Starmall)  bound  to Tanay(php70), alight at Tanay Market, ride a jeepney going to Siniloan(php43) and upon reaching the market of Siniloan look for bound Paete(php20) and ask the driver to drop off to town proper of Paete (Gitnang Bayan). You have two options to walk or take a tricycle up to start of jumpoff which is a residential area of Brgy. Ilaya Norte.

From Buendia/Gil Puyat Bus Stations:
Take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz (php140), alight in Sta. Cruz, take another jeepney ride bound for Siniloan/Paete(php27) and ask the driver to drop you off to town proper of Paete (Gitnang Bayan). You have two options to walk or take a tricycle from highway up to jumpoff which is a residential area of Brgy. Ilaya Norte.

****next stop: Matabungka Falls....^_^


Manong Unyol said...

sir paano mo na picture sa likod ng krus hahaha dba bangin na yan hahaha buwis buhay ah hehehe

lakwatserong tatay said...

yes sir...yan ang tinatawag na buwis buhay shot...baba konti at dahan dahan ang pagatras ng di matuluyan....hehehehehe

The Guy said...

It looks like a really nice place although maybe a little bit of a challenging trek?

I'd burn easy so would need plenty of suncream.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful looking place.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@the guy..yap you may need it...^_^
thanks for the visit....^_^

wesley14 said...

hi sir, pwede ba mag overnight dito?

lakwatserong tatay said...

yes sir tingin ko po pwede kasi malaki namin un summit area saka meron din caretaker sa taas..^_^


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