Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY Trip: Simply Matabungka Falls

by lakwatserong tatay

Trekking on the same path going to Mt. Humarap aka Tatlong Krus. This waterfalls make your trek a very inviting sidetrip. Sad to say to our group due to time constraint, we just able to take some shots of its cascading and cold waters.....

Mt. Humarap
Coming from the peak we walk downwards again up to the junction below where a waiting shed is located. If you your going up the falls is straight ahead and going to this cemented stairs is to Mt. Humarap. However on our case this shot is going downwards which is the trail going to Matabungka falls is on the left.

the trail leading to Matabungka Falls
We just have a quick stop on this junction and their is actually a very cold stream where climbers and locals alike could drink a very fresh and nature water....^_^

After few minutes, we headed to view and be mesmerize with this simple waterfalls. The falls really looks amazing and its so high but the water coming from its drop is just shallow. However if your tired and really want to revive and relieve your tiring body, i may suggest you may swim on its cold waters....

We just took some photos and mesmerize for a while, admire its beauty and thinking we should go back and try to swim underneath its water drops......

The Trippers
After staying for a while we said goodbye and hurriedly go back to town to have one last stop. We have to catch up the last trip of jeepney going to Tanay.......^_^

Me @ Matabungka Falls
**** next stop: Church of Paete ****

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Travel Promos Philippines said...

Great adventure! Looks like you really had fun. Plus, nice photos too!


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