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DIY Trip: Tanay and Paete: Three Waterfalls, Two Churches and One Mountain

by lakwatserong tatay

Here's another set of my DIY's trip, one day of full packed adventures. Two provinces visited "Rizal and Laguna", two towns were visited "Tanay and Paete", seen three waterfalls, visited two churches and one quick hike in a mountain. Been living in Antipolo for more than three years and i had never chance to visit again Tanay which is really near to my place, an hour ride of Tanay bound jeepney is needed to reach this city. So, i say to my self i have to go back to see Daranak and Batlag Falls, where i last visited wayback college years. So i set a day trip together with my Tropang Tits & Pips. I've made an itinerary which supposed to visit 4 waterfalls, 3 churches and 1 mountain to be trekked. But due to time constrained and enjoying each of the sceneries we've visited that time. The trip i called 4W3C1M was changed to was really an awesome adventure backpack trip....and here it is...^_^

road going to Tanay
It was just a usual Saturday morning, most of the trippers meet at McDo EDSA Crossing, and yours truly join them when they reach Antipolo (syempre sayang sa pamasahe...^_^). They meet around 4am and less than hour they reach Antipolo and add another hour....whala.....we're on our 1st of the municipalities of Rizal province. Tanay, a town that offers wide range of outdoor adventures like caving, waterfalls and river exploration. For this trip, our first plan was to visit Tanay Church also known as San Ildefonso Church is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, second oldest church in the Rizal province and founded by the more here about Tanay Church....

it's me @ San Ildefonso Church
Done with 1st church "San Ildefonso Church of Tanay", next stops are two waterfalls of Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls. Both falls are located in Brgy. Plaza Aldea. After a rented tricycle ride uphill to entrance of the falls and few minutes of walk, we reach one of the majestic falls that is hidden in Tanay, known as Daranak falls, cames from words "Dadanak ang Dugo (Spilling of Blood)", maybe due to Time of Katipunero's where most of the resistance during Japanese occupation happened in Rizal more here about Daranak Falls.....

The pristine falls, Daranak Falls
So after few shots and a self portrait photo with Daranak falls, we had to take a break because one of my co-trippers feels dizzy and almost fainted. Together with the two other girls, they take a break and rest for a while near the store which is the entrance to our next stop, Batlag Falls, is more peaceful that Daranak falls, with its three cascading waterfalls make it different, aside from it lush greenery surrounding and few basins of water make it more comfortable or i may say it much more nicer to stay on Batlag Falls. Although this place is now privately owned and had a separate entrance of php50 while Daranak Falls (php20). Both falls are known to be used in movie and commercial shootings, pre-nuptial wedding photos and many more. I just hope that the city government and private owner of one of the falls will maintain its pristine conditions, for my kids to see this place in more here about Batlag Falls...

The simple, Batlag Falls
Back at the city proper of Tanay, done with one church and two waterfalls, 3 more activities is remaining. Next stop is Paete, Laguna. It was about lunch time so we filled our empty stomachs that time...thanks to carinderia inside Tanay Public Market.

Tanay Public Market
We stayed around for more than an hour, with energy got back and filled stomachs, were up to our next stop and rode a jeepney bound Siniloan, where we have to transfer and ride again a Sta. Cruz bound jeepney that would passed by the town of Paete.

our jeepney ride....^_^
First stop in the town of Paete, one of the towns in Laguna that is famous in wooden crafts and sculptures. The hike up to a mountain locally known as Tatlong Krus, a religious pilgrimage during Holy Week, which is also known as Mt. Humarap, located in Brgy. Ilaya Norte is part of our itinerary for that day. This was actually a surprise trip and trek for them because they just think that this would take a simple walk in the park, but it took us hour and a half to reach this three crosses....^_^ more here about Mt. Humarap (Tatlong Krus)...

Lakwatserong Tatay at Mt. Humarap (Tatlong Krus)
A great sidetrip when hiking this mountain is a visit and swim at Matabungka Falls, a steep cascading of waters, and a small catch basin perfect for small group to swim. Sad to say on our part, we just have to take some photo opps because the time is not on our side. We have to go back to city proper before the sunset...but we promise to ourselves, we'll be back to this place and enjoy its clear more here about Matabungka Falls...

Matabungka Falls...
It was almost sunset when we reach the town proper and had a quick stop for blessing in the Church of Paete, known as St. James the Apostle, one of the oldest churches again in our country, built in 1646 and went to different reconstructions due to several earthquakes. We did not have the luxury to take many shots because of the mass held that more here about St. James the Apostle Church....

St. James the Apostle Church, Paete
So after all of the photo souvenirs we had and success 3W2C1M challenge, we ate heartily at a local restaurant known as Benga's, but sad to say all of us forgot to take souvenir pictures at the place, even the big servings of food we had that time maybe because were so tired and hungry. Add to that, were in hurry to catch the last trip going back to Siniloan to's one last photo opps we have before riding a jeepney bound to Siniloan...^_^

The Tropang Tits and Pips...^_^
So to wrap it up, it was a fun, sunny day trip and a very exhausting adventure to all of us. But it is all worth it, we manage to visit two provinces and three towns and finish our desired goals of three waterfalls (Daranak, Batlag and Matabungka Falls), two churches (Tanay Church and Paete Church) and a mountain (Mt. Humarap "Tatlong Krus").

So check out the other links for additional information, photos and adventures we had in those places.
Next stop of Tropang Tits and Pips are Mt. Talamitam, Nasugbu, Batangas and Taal Basilica, Taal, Batangas.


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