Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012: A Retrospect of Lakwatserong Tatay's Adventures

by lakwatserong tatay

I know this is quite late to have a year ender story....Its been a quite busy year for me in Year 2012...I was not able to share the stories of all my adventures for Year 2012. But i would like to thanks...All of my readers, followers, sponsors that i have and to many more for still believing in me and still goes thru this blogsite of mine....^_^....I just hope i could update my site one step at a time and be back on my current stories and adventures as LAKWATSERONG TATAY......^_^

But first of all...i would to say Goodbye 2012.....Thanks for giving me another fruitful year of travels..together with my family, friends, college, co-bloggers and many more.....Of course my ever trusted travel buddies, the X-PLORERBOYZ (New Edition)....2012 has ended, but the memories, places and travels is been part of my life. Another jam packed year for me, inspite of nonstop OT's at work, different travel opportunities and food trippin events. It is nice to look back on all of those things....Travelling via plane, bus, jeep, tricycle, habal-habal and small boats transfer. Visit different historic churches of our country, Chasing different Waterfalls and Summitted few mountains. Revisited some provinces and added new towns, cities and provinces on my List of Xplored Places...Encourage another group of travelers to make their own blogs to share their own experiences in traveling and backpacking......^_^

2012 is indeed a great year for me, most of my wishes comes true, except for one, owning a laptop where i could bring anywhere i want and maybe i would be able to update my blog from time to time.....^_^. But who knows maybe this year i could own a unit....^_^. Here are the three most significant things that i will not forget in Year 2012. First, i was able to buy some of toys.....additional nikon lenses, because i became quite addicted with photography in Year 2012. Second, my very own dream house is ready, by end of January we will be transferring to my very own brand new house.....wow...sarap ng pakiramdam...promise...!!!!! and Last, another lakwatsero was born, another angel was given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. My babyboy GIO REINAENSON....ang hirap noh...sorry nak si nanay may gusto niyan.....this is will be our last angel...ang hirap na eh...4 na angels ko....magastos po...sa school palang ng two kids paano pa ko makakagala niyan.....^_^

Once again.....Thank You 2012 !!!!!............Welcome 2013 and hope to have more DIY travels and more camping and trekking activities this year!!!! I would like to take this chance to show my appreciation to all of my travel companions, new and olds ones.....It was a great experience traveling together with you, just hope to travel more together with you guys....meet other travel blogger on the road and maybe join a free organize trip for travel bloggers...HOW I WISH TO BE PART OF THIS ACTIVITY...^_^.... Thanks for entrusting me to be your travel buddy and of course to be your friend. I do promise that we will have more escapades and non stop adventures.....

Nonstop na galaan muli ang ating gagawin....umulan man o umaraw tuloy parin ang ating biyahe...Tipid trips, Day at Overnight hike trips at syempre hindi mawawala ang ating Major Escapades para sa ngayon 2013...
Cheers and more tipid travels to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So may i proceed.....here to share my adventures, travels, climbs, events and happenings in 2012:

Towns and Cities: Nasugbu and Taal
Province: Batangas
DIY Trip: One Day of Full Pack in Adventures, Day Hike to Mt. Talamitam, A Visit to Taal's Heritage Houses and First Glance with Taal Basilica, Asia's Largest Catholic Church


City: Antipolo
Province: Rizal
Trip: My Very First Sight of Hinulugang Taktak

City: Mandaluyong
Splurging Trip: Advance Family Valentine Treat to my wife and kids at Lancaster Suites
Food trips: Happy Lemon and President's Tea House

Town: San Miguel
Province: Bulacan
Trip: 1st Organize Trip: Trek to Mt. Manalmon, Spelunking in Madlum Cave, River Exploration in Madlum River and Monkey Bridge Crossing Activity

City: Sta.Cruz, Metro Manila and Makati
Trip: Festival Trip in Makati's CARACOL 2012, Food Trip in Chinatown, Ongpin and Visited Two of Historical Churches: Church of Sta.Cruz and Ongpin.

City: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Trip: Blogger's Food Tasting Event at Floring's

Town: Capas
Province: Tarlac
Trip: 2nd Organize Trip: Day Hike Trip to Mt. Pinatubo

Town: Angono and Binangonan
Province: Rizal
Trip: Historical Trip to Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs

City: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Trip: Teleserv's Bloggers Breakfast Event

City: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Trip: My 1st Ever Photoshoot Event and the rest is history.... As of now, i had been invited into a prenuptial, wedding, baptismal and model's picture portfolio photoshoots....^_^

Town: Baras
Rizal: Rizal
Trip: Ocular Day Trip at Punta De Fabian Resort

Towns and Cities: Tacloban, San Isidro and Calubian
Province: Leyte
Trip: Family Trip to Leyte, Visit to my Grand Parents Place in San Isidro, City Tour in Tacloban and Beacheenering in Punod Beach Resort in Calubian

City: Lawton, Metro Manila
Trip: Historical Trip by Filipinas Stamp Collectors Club: Philippine Postal Corporation and Manila Metropolitan Theater

City: St. Rivera St., Quezon City
Trip: Meet and Greet with Sir Jimmy Madarang: Owner of Wow Toy Museum

City: Makati
Trip: Family Splurging Trip in BSA Tower
Food Trips: David's Tea House Restaurant and Super Bowl of China

Town: Kawit
Province: Cavite
Trip: Historical Trip at Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine, Visited the Church of Kawit
Food Trip: Hidden Tapsihan ng Kawit

Town: Mabini
Province: Batangas
Trip: Day Hike Trip at Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Town: Maragondon
Province: Cavite
Trip: Rainy Day Hike Trip to Mt. Buntis and Visited the Church of Maragondon and Town Municipal of Maragondon

Town: Los Baños
Province: Laguna
Trip: Overnight Swimming at Ate Dhel's Hot Spring Private Pool Resort

Town: Cuenca
Province: Batangas
Trip: Day Hike Trip at Mt. Maculot

Town: Famy
Province: Laguna
Trip: Rainy Day Hike Trip at Mt. Romelo and Chasing Waterfalls: Buruwisan Falls

City: Pasay
Trip: Family Trip at Crocodile Park Manila

Towns: Tuguegarao and Santa Ana
Province: Cagayan Valley
Trip: Spelunking at Callao Cave, Visited the Church of Tuguegarao, First Glance of Longest River Water Bridge, Island Hopping in Santa Ana, Cagayan and Traverse Trek to Cafe Engano

City: Intramuros, Metro Manila
Trip: Quicky Photowalk Trip at Manila's Walled City: Intramuros

My Granted Wishes from 2012:

First was to buy additional lenses, 2012 was a really great year for me. I became an avid fan of photography. Once given a chance to have a photoshoot for online business portfolio which to be used by an makeup artist. Gladly our client and our model was happy with the result, and as the year ended, i've attended several free seminars and training conducted on our company, because i was part of a company group of photographers....my tsamba tsambahan shots actually cited some awards in our company, few of my shots are can be seen on relaxation room...^_^. Aside from that achievement i was able to shoot some pre-nuptial, invited to take photos in a wedding and baptismal event and some picture portfolio's for not so known models...^_^. I really happy for what i have done although its quite pricey as a habit, i find it really interesting from time to time and hope this 2013 i would excel more in photography, by having proper guidance from professional photographers out there...^_^

Second is one of my dream, to own a new house and lot unit, which is part of my achievements from 2011. That time me and my wife was able to choose and decide from different house and lot offered to us. A dream house located in Angono which is now ready for occupancy. And by the last week of January this year we would be transferring to my own so called dream house...so ako na ang may Dream House...^_^
Here it is...kulang pa po ng garage...medyo kelangan ng malaki budget..^_^

Lastly, one of the most signifant gifts for me in 2012, is another lakwatsero is born, my wife gave birth of a bouncing baby boy named as "Gio Reinaenson", youngest of my four adorable kids. Me and my son Gio has the same birthdate which is December 14, a one lucky boy....walang aangal....^_^. I just hope i could give all the best for my baby and of course to my three other angels, the proper nurture, care and guidance that a father could give.......

Once again, i would like to take this chance to give THANKS TO ALL YOU.........who is behind why am i called the Lakwatserong Tatay now......my ever travel/hiking buddies (X-plorerboyz), thanks to all funny memories and activities we've shared on 2012 and hope to travel with you more this 2013.

To all my kabundekeros.....SPIMC and YABAG MC....i really missed you guys.....its been quite a while since i've seen you, i wasn't able to join all of your mountaineering activities last year 2012. Even though i've been back on trails doing dayhike treks in different mountains, a total of 8 summitted mountains in 2012 is another achievement to me even though with different persons and added new trekking buddies and more additional fb friends...^_^. Hope this year 2013, would be another trekking year for me and maybe this year i could join you again on your scheduled mountaineering trips.....^_^

To all of my online friends, especially the Pinoy Travel Blogger community, and other filipino travel bloggers online group, that is always there when it comes in sharing different travel information, tips and helpful guides in everytime one of the member needed a TRIP GUIDE, im one of the proud member of this online community that shares the same passion for traveling, however i was not able to update my blogsite this past year due to busy work schedule and other priorities....^_^. I just hope this year would e different and i would be able to do all of my backlogs stories...^_^

To the readers and followers...as of now a total of 115 followers on my site and 135 on my FB page...Thanks you so much for making me more comfortable sharing my travel trips and showing appreciation by simply saying that i helped some of your trips, getting you more reliable contacts and maybe plan your weekend getaway. I promise to update my site....sana po magawa ko...hehehehe...Thanks for the visit, shares, likes, tweets and to your comments. Hope that someday we could meet and be together in weekend or backpack travels.

Finally, to my family and friends, who is always supporting me and keeps me comfortable doing all of this trips and adventures. To all of my travel/hiking buddies that is always ready and on the go when i planedd an unexpected trip....^_^....to my tatay, at mga kapatid, who is always reminding me, always show respect to others, be courteous to greet each everyone, specially when im it out of town. To my loving and very understanding wife, even though sometime she gets mad with me sa dami ba naman ng narecord ko na gala at akyat ng bundok...^_^..Thanks you so much Hon....sana ngayon bagong taon...payagan mo ulit ako at lam mo naman meron tayong major na gala this coming Sept. 2013 - A 6 Days with 7 Provinces Backpack Trip.....and lastly to my four adorable angels, Kuya Gian, Ate Gayle, Kuya Gab and Baby Gio, all of this travels and passion of mine in sharing my stories behind all of those travels is for them, that maybe someday when they know how to read, write and understand things, they will be proud of me....and maybe follow my footstep in exploring our countries beauty and share it to the World, our unique sights, colorful festivities, sumptuous food festivals and of course being part of the Philippines, a proud filipino......once again
Thanks you so much to all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this year 2013 will be more fruitful again. A jam packed trips, summitted mountains and adventures again for me. And lastly, i wish that maybe or someday we could meet and bump it together on a weekend or backpack adventures.

Cheers.......and more travels to you all this 2012!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're really a lakwatsero, halos every month meron ka activity, however di mo pa toh nashashare, but kudos to you..

hope you have more travels to come!!

nikki said...

galing bro....

galaero ka talaga...

di bale next time promise sama na talaga ko sa mga adventures mo lalo nasa hiking...

lagi ka lang magiingat...:)

Unknown said...

dami niyo ring napuntahan at naakyat. kakatuwa kayo kasi samahang may pamilya pero nakakapagbyahe pa rin.

Unknown said...

Wow! Dami nyong naging lakad! More travels, food trips and quality time with the family! =)

Pordoy Palaboy said...

well deserved sa lahat ng blessings na natanggap...ingit ako sa Cape ENgano na lakwatsa nyo..

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous....hindi naman po...btw..thanks for the wonderful comment...^_^

@nikki...brod ang tagal mo na pangako yan..isang beses ka lang sumama, dun sa trip natin kasama ko si ate & kuya..sa kawit...

kelan kaya ulit masusundan brod..^_^

@dom...uu..lalo ngayon 2013, promise ko sa sarili ko...
i'll be back in reaching more summits...syempre dapat meron parin talaga time with my wife and kids...^_^

@thisisLOVELEE...thanks po...di naman po sakto lang...^_^

@mynomadic habits...salamat po...di bale kayo rin naman nakakainggit dami nyo rin napuntahan...^_^


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