Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Pinsal Falls (Twin Falls of Ilocos Sur)

by lakwatserong tatay

Aside from being a weekend warrior/travel warriors that time, we had the luxury to visit and explore different places. This is what you get when you're been chosen as an weekend warrior. One of our destination was one of the famous tourist spot in Ilocos sur, a one of a kind falls, infact this is the first time i saw a falls like this...falls within a's just like a stairs of dropping water but it has a two major catch basin that like us visitors and travelers could enjoy.

Pinsal Falls at far.....
This falls is located in Brgy. Babal-lasioan, Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur. This is not just an ordinary falls and a beautiful outdoor adventure but this falls also surrounded by local myths. It was said that the largest of these naturals pools is believed to be the foot print of the legendary giant named Angalo. It's footprint shaped pool was formed when Angalo stepped on the top of Pinsal Falls while searching for his missing wife, Aran, according to legend.

start of the few minutes trek to falls
Pinsal Falls is reachable via a few minutes of trek from a cemented road, and just 45 minutes tirp via any vehicular transportation from the Municipal of Sta. Maria.

What makes this majestic falls so special? Well, there are so many reasons why you should check this out...It has the largest and highest waterpools in the province of Ilocos Sur, with it's cool water dropping from a height of around 85 feet to narrow gorge below.

Pinsal Falls is also one of the most picturesque falls i've seen due to its hillsides that are covered with foliage of big trees which makes a good shelter spots for tourist to take a restful nap after exploring the area. Aside from having mystical stories, this falls also been used by late Fernando Poe Jr. as one of the sites of famous movie "Panday". So what you think, aside from being adventure travel spot, picnic destinations for families, and used as local movie spot, it has a complete package for adventurous like us.

The majestic Pinsal Falls...^_^
one of the big dropped falls...
here's the other side...
It said to be, it has crystalline waters, cascaded down to the two spacious natural pools which allows visitors to take a refreshing dip. You may opted to climb up to the top of the falls via the carvd steps on the hillside. Aside from this majestic falls, is also the home of a hot spring which you can boil a a egg in 10 to 15 minutes. Some visitors who swims within the two cascading of waterfalls hides a mysterious cave.

Sad to say, we had a bit of luck because the waters of the falls when we visited is kinda brown and looks like muddy one, some of the locals said, it was due of the raining for the past few days, that why the waters cascading in the falls became brownish like waters.

some of the local excurtionists that time....
So even though we had a luck of chance to go dip and swim on the basins of the Pinsal Falls, the crew decided to shoot our question and answer portion on the top of the falls, which makes this falls very special to us. Because this is the part where we were ask by the SG(segment producer: Jek), he was off cam, about our experience, how we became travelmates, and then became lakwatserong tatay's.

The WGA crew with Lakwatserong Tatay's
Here are some of my collated pictures while shooting and trekking up to this majestic waterfalls of Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur, known as Pinsal Falls...together with Johari and the Weekend Getaway crew....^_^

two of the cameraman's filming us...^_^
photo opps again...^_^

This picture below was one of my favorite, courtesy of Aubrey, our researcher that time...actually i used this picture to represent..."It's more fun in the Philippines"... This place also is the top of the Pinsal Falls, that was been called the footprint of Angalo....^_^

Waters of Pinsal Falls
Here's a one last look of Pinsal Falls before saying goodbye, but we will definitely go back....and explore as many as we can...we missed the said hotspring to due to time constraint and schedule that time and it also rain afterwards we left the place......and one of the most important thing...we have our own photo souvenir with this majestic waterfalls.....^_^

Pinsal Falls
Johari at the Top of Pinsal Falls
It's me at the Top of the Cascading Waters of Pinsal Falls
This falls would be really so special for us lakwatserong tatay's, because we had given a chance to explore it's beauty but we will definitely go back to explore more of it's beauty that we missed. So as this waterfalls is so important to us, i'll take this chance to give thanks to the city government of Sta. Maria and to our Kuya Guides of Ilocos Tourism Office (so i forgot the their names pero kaFB ko na sila...^_^) for giving us the chance and permission to go shoot and visit the place. So i'm proud to say, that we've been to this famous waterfalls of Sta. Maria known as Pinsal Falls and also proud to say "Trekking to Waterfalls is More Fun in the Philippines".......^_^
watch out for the continuation of my Weekend Getaway series.....^_^


Pinoy Adventurista said...

nice waterfalls...dito pala ni-shoot yung Q&A nyo... cool! i wanna go here too.. can i get the FB of your guides? Thanks Brian!

lakwatserong tatay said...

sure ko nalang sau ung contact information nila...

Mitch said...

Kala ko sa Ilocos Norte. Meron din kasi dun, hindi magpinsal kung mag "kabigan" Falls. hehe.. corny ko. Magkaka maganak!

First seen such duo falls. hehe.

Ichan said...

un naman na post n rin! nde mo sinama ung nadulas ka? hehehehe. kaw n ang artista!

Anonymous said...

wow artistahin ka talaga hehe! :) galing!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@mitch...hehehe..kahit ako first seen ko ganito...lalo na pagandun kasa tass..sana nga next time na bumalik ako rito...clear na un water...^_^

@ichan...pambihra dun nalang sa video un...

@ai...hehehe...nde bagay pero mahiyain talaga ako...hindi lang halata...^_^


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