Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Vigan's Cathedral Church

by lakwatserong tatay

I really don't know why i love to see the architecture of centuries-old churches. In every town, cities and provinces i've been with, i wouldn't missed to visit its church. Of course, to seek for Lord's guidance while i'm in when we have the chance to walk along the streets of Vigan. One of my main idea is to see one of the century old church of Vigan, known as St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral.

Vigan Cathedral facades features Chinese lion dog ornaments. The Fu dogs design carved above its outermost doors is testament to Vigan's strong Chinese heritage.

It's bell tower stands separately in Plaza Burgos. The bell tower was built 15 meters away, separate from the main church building - so that if one structure was destroyed in an earthquake, the other might still remain standing. The belltower is about 25 meters high and is surrounded by a large bronze weathercock that is said to symbolize St. Peter.

Above the main doorway of Vigan Cathedral is an alcove depicting the conversion of St. Paul.

One of the sides of Vigan Cathedral is known for Calesa parking....where you could try to ride and go around the heritage village of Vigan via a Calesa ride...

The first Vigan Cathedral was ordered and built by wood and thatch in 1574 by Juan de Salcedo. Vigan Cathedral Church was damaged by earthquake in 1619 and 1627 and by fire in 1739. Another version of the church was again constructed in 1641. The present baroque -style building was completed in 1800.

Inside, the Cathedral has a main altar with beaten-silver panels, both sides of the church has separate altar of Saints.

Bowl of Holy Water
Confession room
Grotto right beside the Vigan Cathedral
The Vigan Cathedral....
My self portrait shot with Cathedral of Vigan
As much as we want to tour more in Vigan and nearby towns and tourist spots, we had limited time to do seeing this church is another one of a kind experience for us lakwatserong tatay's....and one important thing is i wouldn't miss my photo souvenir with Vigan Cathedral Church...hehehehehe....^_^

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