Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Vigan Plaza Hotel & Cafe Bigaa

by lakwatserong tatay
Being the weekend warriors, we had the chance to stay in one of the most known accomodation, and situated right in the heart of city of Vigan. The Vigan Plaza Hotel, located at the heart of UNESCO World Heritage Town. A hotel that features purely spanish-colonial decor, as it's lobby features a hispanic design theme, adorned with locally made furniture, that makes your stay, to feel your back in the past...^_^
Vigan Plaza Hotel
We stayed on a single standard room and the GMA WGA crew stayed on dormitory room, and Drew stayed also in single standard room right beside our room.

Vigan Plaza Hotel Lobby
For almost 4 days of stay and adventures in Vigan, we stayed there with no worries and free accomodation...hehehe...sarap maging weekend warrior...^_^

Me with their friedly hotel staffs...
As you stroll around this hotel, you may found it unique and intriguing how they maintain the old spanish look, but with promising amenities like room air-conditioning, a private toilet and bath and internet access rooms.

one of their center piece....
This hallway really looks creepy at night.......and happen to be the hallway going to our room accomodation...^_^

you will feel...your back in the past....
So this is our standard room....located in 1st floor.....infact that time upon seeing the room it looks like where getting in a honeymoon room....hehehehe....^_^
Room 104
Free Cable TV / Wi-fi access...
We had our own coffee table with hair dryer and wall lamp shade, this room also has it's own cabinet, which is very huge for only two person accomodating this room...
our very comfty bed
So what do you think, we're two boys staying in a room that looks like for honeymooners...hehehehe....
our own bathroom....
We stayed on this room with complete amenities and had a worry free stay...once again thanks to friendly and accomodating staffs of Vigan Plaza Hotel.....till my next visit to your place...^_^

one more look....^_^
We had also the chance to dine in on their own resto...known as Cafe Bigaa, this restaurant serves delectable Vigan delicacies and Filipino dishes. They also serves international cuisines to satisfy their foreign and local stayers and us...hehehehe...^_^
the lakwatserong tatay's with WGA crew....^_^
inside the resto...
We had our breakfast for our last day of stay on this hotel and in Vigan....i've ordered a beef tapa meal, one of the common breakfast meal, but what makes this meal unique is their beef tapa was their very own made...^_^
my breakfast meal.....
Aside from this restaurant, Vigan Plaza Hotel also offers a bar that displays an appealing fusion of traditional architecture and bold, colorful lighting. known to be the Sitio Bar. This hotel also may used as a business center, equipped with internet, fax machines, photocopier, and computer rentals is also available.

Of course, i won't missed the chance to have my self portrait shots of this places.....^_^
For more information:

Vigan Plaza HotelMena Crisologo St., Brgy 2
Vigan City, Ilocor Sur

Phone numbers: +63 77-7221527 / +63 77-6320317 / +63 2-2461501
Fax number: +63 2-2461501


Dong Ho said...

i like the classic look of the hallways. ganda ng tinirhan niyong accommodation.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@dom...uu maganda siya pero medyo nakakatakot pag gabi...hehehehe...pero pinakapanalo dun yun stay namin dun for whole 4 days libre...^_^

Ichan said...

Iba tlga ang historic feel ng Vigan. para kang nag time travel


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