Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pinagbuyutan Island

Sometimes called to be Enchanted Island aka "Inabuyatan Island"
by lakwatserong tatay

Yahooooo....At last i'll be starting our stories on our 2nd day of island hoping experience in Bacuit Bay, El Nido. Most of us were excited that day because we will visit again new islands and at the same time it will be our last day of island hopping adventure, but unfortunately due to some water conditions, our supposed to Tour B was changed...huhuhuhu.....Luckily that time we were accompanied by the owner of Cadlao Tour's, thanks Ate Beth.....we still manage to sail off but with a different different destinations. Tour B is composed of Pangalusian, Cudognon Cave, Cathedral Cave, Snake Island and Pinagbuyutan Island. We still manage to have 5 islands to visit that starts with Pinagbuyutan, Cudognon Cave, Snake Island, Natnat Beach and Bukal Island....o diba lima parin...hehehe...after discussing on what to visit and finalized the island we will visit we were exactly 930am, we departed El Nido's shoreline....yahoooooo......
Pinagbuyutan Island
And now, let me start with......Pinagbuyutan Island is called to be an enchanted island because of it's high limestone clifs that reaching up to 1,105 feet (337m) became a conspicuous object in entering Bacuit Bay. In fact this island was featured to be cove of the 1996/7 Lonely Planet Travel Guide Book, it was chosen by Jens iba talaga ang Pinas...truly Philippines behold its beauty that all of us filipinos much to be proud of.......

Here is one line and Jens Peters quotes....."With its white sandy beach and palms, Inabuyutan is also one of the South Sea's dream islands of the archipelago,". Lonely Planet, 5th edition, 1994.
Below are some of the photos that i've taken upon approaching the island, btw, we got a hard time going to this island due to the waves that time, that is really striking our boat, in fact most of us that time is quite and praying...and just kidding aside that time..i've mentioned...."hanep tong island hopping na to...buwis buhay boat trip...sabay tawanan lahat"....
great limestone rock formation in this island
were really getting near....
ang sarap siguro if your alone in this island...^_^
wah.....eto nah...
Pinagbuyutan Island is one of the most outstanding El Nido's landscapes. One of the most striking islands in El Nido because of its sheer limestone walls, it white sands and it island shape. The stretch of soft white powdery sand makes it great for a place just to stay in a hammock, and just CHILAX.....with a cold beer on sarap naman nun...^_^
Rock Limestone
The shore of Pinagbuyutan Island
What i like most in this island is its medium stretch of white sand as i've mentioned, shallow shore that makes the water looks flat, and rock formations on the other side. The waters in Pinagbuyutan is also one of a kind with its white waters near the shore turns to into greenish then to bluish as you walk farther from the shore. But i did not experience that i just based it upon approaching to its shore because Ate Beth and Kuya Boatman not recommend us to go swim because the waves that time is not on our side....^_^
It's me writing something...hahahaha..thank wendz....
El Nido ng ikaw ay marating ko.....sigurado babalik ako....My El Nido Trip( Feb 13-16).....^_^ grabe na backlog ko sa stories..anong petsa nah...wahahahahah....
El Nido...promise ill be back again...
actually lahat sila talaga tagilid...^_^
Btw, according to our Kuya Boatman, this island is owned by a local businessman who made his fortune in boats and groceries, named as Mr. Lim. He was really lucky to have this island......
sayang hindi kami nakapagexplore paloob....huhuhuhu...

Pinagbuyutan Island is also the home to the bird's nest tightly guarded by locals. One thing that is also remarkable in this island, this is a perfect place for a camwhores like us....see below...^_^
temptation island stars....^_^
the handsome guys of temptation island...hahahahaha
Ding ang bato...Darna!!!!!...^_^
I have to share something to of our guides told us....that some of the sands of this island is used to be transported to Boracay (hmmm.....really kuya...kaw ha..). Just also a precaution, if you don;t really know how to swim, just stay close to the shore because it has a deep part just few meters away from the shore....
nasaan na kaya ung buong part nito..
Shoreline of Pinagbuyutan Island

Helicopter Island
Here's another set of photos of the camwhores and views going back to our boat...and sail again going to Cudognun stay for a while and have our lunch....yahooo....^_^
The trippers
one happy family....^_^
our photo guru....wendz...thanks pow...^_^
As i've said, see the waters of just like San Juan Laiya, Batangas shores, where just few meters away from the shore, the water is really got deep.... hoping to come back...^_^
Off to the next destination....Cudognon Cave and it stay on its cove.....
Ang Lakwatserong Tatay.....
It's me at Pinagbuyutan Island....
What a way to start our 2nd day of El Nido's island hopping adventure.....see the waters on my back....hahahaha...lakas talaga ng alon that time....but it's one of the best..buwis buhay trips on my life...^_^.
But all in all we had great stay even for a while at Pinagbuyutan Island, i highly recommend this spot, specially for newbie photographers (like me) and camwhore models like us....^_^.

Next stop....Lunch Time and Cudognon Cave and siesta time on its cove.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

El Nido : Parish Church of Saint Francis of Assissi

by lakwatserong tatay

There's one thing and place that i wouldn't really missed out to go, when im travelling to different places. I would really spent some time of peace and being quite for a moment, and that's the church, in every places i've been, this is the place that i would always go, i love to take shots of it, aside from asking for some guidance and blessing for that trip. I really love to make story of it, know where it started, its either a new or old churches, but specially if that church was given a historical marker by our Historical Institute, i would really love to take some pictures around of it and know its background history.
Parish Church of St. Francis of Assissi, El Nido
Parish Church of St. Francis of Assissi is located in the heart of the town of El Nido. Where also business area arise. Different business establishment likes carinderia, souvenir shops and travel & tours stalls.
Front of the Church
Most of the people from El Nido is Roman Catholic like the rest of our country. There are two parishes inside the municipality: the Parish of Saint Francis of Assissi, which serves the part of Western El Nido and the Parish of Santa Putenciana, which serves the Eastern and Northern part of El Nido and underlying areas of Linapacan and Taytay. Both of the parishes is under Vicariate of Taytay. We did not able to see the Parish of Santa Putenciana....
Left side of El Nido Church
Most of the people here in El Nido belongs to Catholic as i've said and some of the locals belongs to other Christian denominations such as Baptist, Iglesia ni Cristo, Seventh-day Adventist and other Protestant churches. As of now there are also growing numbers of migrants, who are engaged in Islamic Faith, from southern part of Palawan and parts of Mindanao.

Below are some of the photos inside Saint Francis of Assissi, El Nido.
Church Altar
Other Saints inside the Church
Here's another one...
The Center Isle
at another angle....
Church Altar's view from the top
Confession Area
After spending some moments inside the church, i've strolled around on it, and found my self to 2nd floor and taking picture pa rin...^_^.
Church of the Bell
There's a replica of St. Francis placed infront of the church. Were i have taken a photo souvenir.
St. Francis of Assissi
In each churches i've been this sacred place is always present....Grotto of our Sacred of Heart Mary.
Grotto outside of this Church
Now a days, most of our churches also offering school services from learning center up to collegiate courses. Just like on this church, you can find a learning center, named as Schola Angelica Learning Center.
Learning School on the right side of this Church
Aside from visiting this church, together with my co-trippers that time also xplored the El Nido from establishment, accomodations, souvenir shops and up to their dishes.
El Nido Church
One last shot before we end the day of our walk tour. Check it out with my next story.....^_^. Thanks God for a pleasant and safe trip while staying in the Town of El Nido, Palawan.
Next is the start of our 2nd day of Island Hopping Experience in El Nido's Bay....^_^
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seven Commandos Beach

by lakwatserong tatay
The final stop of the day and the last island we will spend our rest of the day of Island Hopping in El Nido Bay. According to our Kuya Boatman, Seven Commandos Beach was named and said to be lived by 7 commandos and their names where printed on the rocks of this island, upon asking that, he did not know where to look for those rocks....sayang naman Kuya.....and Kuya Boatman is not also sure whether it was japanese nor 7 soldiers who instantly owned the beach but upon seeing this beach those soldiers where really lucky to captured and lived on this beach.
Seven Commandos
El Nido is known for beaches, coves and island views, and Seven Commando never fail to show it. It may not be considered as one of the best beaches in El Nido, but it can hold its own beauty. A long stretch of white sand and typical crystal clear water and everyone who visits this island will be definitely mesmerized by its beauty.
Limestone Rock Cliffs @ Seven Commandos
After being under the sun for more than many hours..hmmmm....swimming there, snorkeling on this place, and my skin was really getting dark and if he just could say...please go under the sun....^_^. It did not stop walking and exploring this island and taking some souvenir photos under the sun....^_^.....and snorkel afterwards few meters away the shore of Seven Commandos.....we able to see some corals, and some colorful fishes...^_^.
Me and joaquim at shorelines of Seven Commandos
What a sunny day....^_^
For me, one difference in this island from the other beaches and island we've been that day, was the convenience (sari-sari) store whose specialty is fresh buko juice (coconut juice) . A perfect treat to cap a day out on the beach, sand and sun by cooling off with a fresh buko juice.  It is worth Php50, the Buko will be opened by the store seller and after your last sip and make a spoon like where you could used to scoop the remains of the creamy what do you think....isn't it the taste of paradise!
The Convenience Store of Seven Commandos
Here are some of our photo souvenirs while our siesta time in Seven Commandos......
It's Buko Juice Time....
who needs "Bunot"
me, chris and pareng eric....the magbubuko....^_^
Aside from our siesta time, we had the chance to explore its forest trail. Me, Chris and Carlo, did that....we manage to go few meters in the forest but didn't pursue anymore because it is quite rocky, different rock formations will be greeting you if you want to go really deeper...what we just did is take some photo opps......^_^.
A very sunny and relaxing day...hay....
Love triangle (?)
The shadow of our photo guro....
The forest trail inside this island...
A very relaxing day....
going home....^_^
After being under the sun for so many hours, cruising to the waters of El Nido Bay, we come to the end of our first day of island^_^
Lakwatserong Tatay xplored Seven Commandos.....^_^
Hay, at last natapos ko rin yung first day of our island hopping experience....sobra hectic schedule sa work and trips....but i do hope you love our first day of island hopping in El Nido Bay....take note 1st day palang po toooooo...^_^....But this first day is really worth an experience in El Nido....
Watch out for the my next entries about the Town of El Nido and of course the 2nd day of Island Hopping experience in El Nido Bay....kelan ko kaya matatapos toh...hmmmm.....^_^

This story is part of: Five Days Trip at Palawan


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