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Big Lagoon

Another Lagoon in Miniloc Island
by lakwatserong tatay

At first i thought Miniloc Island is also like Shimizu Island where we could stay for a while, but sad to say Miniloc Island is a really big island were you could choose where you want to explore, although there's a private resort that we've seen in one of it's island, if im not mistaken, that is Miniloc Island Resort. In Miniloc Island there are two lagoons you can be found the small lagoon (previously i've made one blog story) and big lagoon. There are no entrance fees here. You and your group will just have to explore and swim on it and would already take time. Also in same island another lagoon can be found the secret lagoon (previous i've made also an story) and the hidden beach (sad to say we did not see this beach...huhuhuhu...)
Going to Big Lagoon
(According to wikipedia)....The tranquil turquiose-green waters of its orchid-line limestone walls of Big and Small Lagoons showcasws a kaleidoscope of marine life. Scientists believe that these lagoons were actually caves which abound in these islands. The roofs of these caves must have collapsed millions years ago, and these lagoons have emerged in their stead.
Part of Miniloc Island
Miniloc Island is located on the north-west side of El Nido Bay. One of the popular tourist destination because of its dramatic cliffs and hidden lagoons. A unique formations that can be observed as one approach the island by view gives a mysterious aura. A tropical island with excellent diving and snorkeling sites, that you could really enjoy within this island.
Now entering Big Lagoon
Ok...lets start our journey to Big Lagoon....Upon entering the narrow channel with limestone walls on each side. The limestone cliffs of El Nido are believed to be 250 millions years old...(tama This lagoon has a maximum depth of 27m, while it counter part the Small Lagoon has a maximum depth of 8m.
e kung nalaglag kaya ako...dahil lang sa papicture..
From a far, i could already see the lagoon, it was not like the Small Lagoon which has a small opening and you will have to swim far and explore the lagoon with yourself. In Big Lagoon, you could already see it, it was a huge like football stadium out in the ocean, when you're there you can hardly believe it, because it was really huge formed inside, with wall of limestones cliff and rocks and add the clear waters.
This is the strait that leads in and out of the Big Lagoon
Differentiating the two lagoons, Small Lagoon has a clearer sea water which was a pretty bluish green color and the Big Lagoon has a darker type water. There was also more seaweeds than the Small Lagoon and there was also sea urchins lurking around the edges of the strait so be careful with it...
Big Lagoon
So what just we did it, our boat just go in the strait up to center of its lagoon and have some time to take photo souvenirs and roamed around, few meters before getting out this lagoon we parked and had the chance to snorkel and swim.
Trippers photo opps in Big Lagoon

The limestone cliffs that surrounds the Big Lagoon
According to our boatman, this island is taken cared of by the Miniloc Island management. Upon roaming around and reaching the center of this lagoon, we recognized a small floating platform, where used to held some important functions like weeding, and even a romantic dinner date also held in there according to our boatman(wah...ang sweet naman nun...gayahin ko kaya...^_^). Adding to that, it was also used as a station for dugong, but due to lack of funds, the Miniloc management decided to transfer the dugong to another location (san kaya?...sayang naman...)
The Platform in Big Lagoon
other trippers cruising in this lagoon...
sarap magrappel dito.....
Our boat parked few meters before the exit of the lagoon, we walked around a bit , took some pictures, and of course experience the waters of Big Lagoon. The lagoon was deeper afar even though were few meters only away from our boat, so we hesitant to go more instead enjoy the spot we were a swimming around and also watching other trippers that passing us by and also father to us, swimming, snorkeling and their some foreigners kayaking...(kainggit...)
The entrance and exit of Big Lagoon
Some of our photo opps in th Big Lagoon......
so....ano masasabi nyo....paseksihan nalang ha...^_^
Swimming with chris....thanks caloy for the shot...
parang gusto kung gayahin si kuya foreigner...^_^
Some of my last shots before saying Big Lagoon......

The strait that leads in and out of the Big Lagoon
Before i end this story, here are some insight about the world-class resort in Miniloc Island. The island is home to the El Nido Resort, which is located in a cove, if im not mistaken, we just passed by on it. Were visitors could choose among the wide variety of rooms that include water cottages built on stilts over the water, garden cottages surrounded by tropical flowers and cliff cottages nestled on the islands hillside. Or may choose the the rooms with verandah that provide an unmatched view of the sea.
For more informations about the resort you may click this link...Miniloc Island Resort....
Lakwatserong Tatay Xplored Big Lagoon....^_^
All in all, we had really fun time staying and exploring the Big Lagoon, all us said that we will go back on that placed and experience kayaking....(lahat kasi naiingit sa foreigners na nagkakayak...hehehehe...)

So we have to go to our last destination for our first day of island hopping experience...Seven we come....!!!!!

This story is part of: Five Days Trip at Palawan


Pinoy Adventurista said...

sarap nga cguro may kayak dyan noh? may nagpapa-rent ba ng kayak or u have to bring your own?

lakwatserong tatay said...

@mervin, i've heard magrerent ka daw e, sa miniloc island resort yata un...hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

ang ganda nun lugar...nakakainggit ka naman lakwatserong tatay

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous....nyak...nakapagipon lng po kaya nakasama sa lakad natoh...^_^


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