Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY Trip: St. James the Apostle Church of Paete

by lakwatserong tatay

Hello there, it's been a busy year for me and i'm having a hard time to share my stories...sorry for that...^_^. Hope you would still love to visit and share your random entice with my stories and adventures...even though i have tons of draft posts on my bucket, i will definitely do all of that, share it one by one in an ample time....all itineraries, trip summary & details, tips and of course, the places to be visited....

So here's another church that is been part of draft posts on one my daytrips in Tanay and Paete. It was quite late when we got back in town due to a quikie hike to "Mt. Humarap" locally known as "Tatlong Krus" and a sidetrip in a named as "Matabungka Falls". I did not have the luxury to take lots of shots that time because of an ongoing mass that time. Even the chance to get up on its belfry, we missed it out also, i promised to myself i'll definitely go back to this church and hope to get to its old belfry.

Paete Church: St. James the Apostle Church
Being a traveler, visited different places, towns and tourist spots. Church is one of the most important place for me, where i'm offering a prayer for our safe trip on the places we've been, the activities will be indulging and one of the most important....i really love seeing old structures.....old churches, old houses, buildings or antiques and even museums. It makes me feel i'm back in old days, where you will see how the changes began, from old structures of brick, now most of the buildings and houses are made of steel beams....Thinking how this structures been tested through the years.....

on going mass that day...
So...the church is built in 1646, gone through different reconstructions because of calamities, as of now this church is part of historical churches in Laguna that is granted by Philippines Historical Committee. I wish to have a lots of photo but as i've said there is on going mass that time when we i together with my cotrippers just roamed around. The church altar was surrounded with different statues of saints.

Paete Church is known to its distinct arts and murals inside on its walls, displayed on its both sides. A reason why this church makes kind a creepy one because of this large art paintings and murals that been also part of time, created by a Paete-born artist.

So instead of waiting to end the mass that day to have time to take pictures of those large paintings. I've choose to go outside and taken lot of photos of its courtyard. Seeing all of those sculptures into adobe makes me wonder how artistic they are.

I had the chance to chat with a local within the vicinity, that we could go up to the belfry and had the chance to see the town of Paete, nearly Laguna Lake and the glimpse of Mt. Humarap. But sad to say we did not find the caretaker that would allow us to go up in narrow staircase that we will have the chance to see church's structure inside and the said wooden stairs and flooring to go up to its roof deck. However it was great to hear all of that, i felt i was also there...but doesn't have a photo souvenirs....^_^

Me @ Paete Church
To end the adventure, we also walk thru its street where wood sculptures are available, one unique product of Paete. Maybe that's the reason why this town called as "Paete".

Tropang Tits & Pips @ Paete..... last i was able to finish this story behind this one day of activity......3 Waterfalls....Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls, Matabungka Falls......2 Churches....Church of Tanay and Church of Paete.....and 1 Mountain...Mt. Humarap.....^_^

Next stop:  Mt. Talamitam of Nasugbu, Batangas and Old Heritage Houses of Taal, Batangas and Biggest Catholic Church in Asia known as Taal Basilica of Taal, Batangas.


Luibells said...

Hello! super jam packed...nagawa nyo lang ito within one day? WOW! mga magkano expense nyo individually for 3falls, 2 churches and 1 mountain DIY Trip? sarap i-try! thanks for the very informative blog :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

hi luibells...based po ito sa actual expenses namin..

jeepride (crossing-tanay) - php55
rented trike (tanay market v.v./5pax) - php500
1st stop tanay church
2nd stop Daranak falls (php20)
3rd stop Batlag falls (php50)optional
jeepride (tanay market-siniloan) - php30
jeepride (siniloan-paete) - php15
jeepride (paete-siniloan) - php15
jeepride (siniloan-tanay market) - php30
tanay market-crossing (3 options)
uvexpress vans - php70
jeep ride - php55
embc bus - php60

Total damage : Php 370 (Travel exp)

no guide is needed in climbing mt. humarap (aka tatlong krus by the locals) just ask directions there.
food expenses (pack lunch po kami)

hope this would help and enjoy your version of my 3W2C1M..^_^

luibels said...

Thank you sa itinerary/expenses! Gusto rin naming i-try ito dahil sa maganda nyong post! :) Ingat lagi and more travel and tips to come!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@luibels...thanks po....sana po maenjoy nyo rin tong trip na toh katulad salamat rin po sa papuri...ingat din po kayo sa inyong mga lakad and asahan nyo po sa lahat naman ng lakad ng XB's e nakashare ang mga ito...un lang marami pa po talaga ko draft post...^_^


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