Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY Trip: Dayhike to Mt. Talamitam with Sidetrip to Layong Bato River

by lakwatserong tatay

Here's another fullpacked daytrip i've had together with tropang tits and pips. We visited the towns of Nasugbu and Taal, Batangas, where we had trekking activity first in Mt. Talamitam, followed by Chillaxation at Layong Bato River. Then travel to town of Taal, where we visited the Asia's Largest Catholic Church known as Taal Basilica and walk on its street and mesmerized with its Old Structures of Houses that reminds me of Vigan, Ilocos Sur and tried to eat the Famous Chicken Empanada.

So let me start the journey, we met up around 4am in the bus station located in MRT/LRT Pasay station bound for Nasugbu and aligtened at Sitio Bayabasan in Brgy. Aga (Km. 83) (php 124 as of now) or just simply tell the drop you on that Sitio because most of the drivers and conductors bound to Nasugbu known this place. As of now guide is mandatory in the place however different mountaineering clubs, hikers and including  pinoy mountaineer (Sir Gideon) did not like this policy and a registration fee (php25) is needed too.

registration area
With a local guide, (sorry kuya i already forgot your name, we got it by 300/ 5 pax). We started our quick dayhike around 7am. Pips Judz & Princess are following are guide, Aleli is in the middle and Ichan and I were last in our group....^_^

the 1st bridge

river stream
The 2nd bridge, a very quite scary bridge made of bamboo. This is the last bridge, and after this, the trek really starts....^_^

2nd bamboo bridge
Then our sunny dayhike starts with a short woodland trek that continue to a grassland slope and partial vegetiation maybe from the locals. There are so many trail variations, most of them are leading to the plateau where the peak of Mt. Talamitam can be seen. From there, is is a easy up hill climb with about 60 degrees slope trail up to the peak, just beware of the talahib that could cause slowness to your climb to the peak.

cows are present anywhere....

the trail up to the peak is viewable meters away...

nearby Mt. Batulao is can be seen along the trail.
And he we start our ascend from plateau....where lucky enough on our climb the weather coordinates with us. The sun sometimes show and sometimes clouds covers the heat. The summit assault usually takes 20-30 minutes up or can be depend on your group's trekking pace.

and we started....
Along the trail, we saw this local selling ice cream, cheese and chocolate flavor and also pinipig. Of course, we did not missed to try it, specially the weather that time constantly changes from heat striking rays of the sun and sometimes it turns the skies to grayish that in any moment rain could drop.

photo opps with kuya ice cream seller and kuya guide
And then we resumed our talahib trek, hehehehehe... let the pictures below tell how tall are the grasses that time.

within few minutes we will be in the summit.....
In less than 2 hours we've summited Mt. Talamitam, where we had lunch and few photo session at the top.

lunch at the summit

Tropang Tits and Pips @ Mt. Talamitam Summit

Lakwatserong Tatay @ Mt. Talamitam Summit
After staying at the summit for almost an hour, we started our descent with the same trail we had during our ascend. However before we proceed to the next destination town "Taal", our kuya guide is very generous to take us a river which we could enjoy and chillax for few moments. Our kuya guide told us, they called this river as "Layong Bato River". When you reach this area, the picture below, your nearly on the river, with just a few meters descend you will reach the swimming area of the river, where most of the locals and climbers alike stay and enjoy the called waters of this river.

actually the pool has a slide through this flow of water

the swimming pool
And here's our photo opps while enjoying the cold and quite clear waters of Layong Bato river....

Lakwatserong Tatay @ Layong Bato River
After staying for almost 30 minutes, we had to bid goodbye to this river and proceed to the house of our guide and had to take a bath and refresh for a moment. Then proceed to our next destination, which is the town of Taal, Batangas. Our main goal is to visit the Asia's Biggest Catholic Church known as Taal Basilica, walk through the street of Old Heritage Houses of Taal and tried and eat the Famous Chicken Empanada of Taal, Aling Rowena's Empanada at Taal Public Market. 
So see you in my next day trip adventures.....^_^


Manong Unyol said...

sayang d ako nkaligo jan nagkataon wala tubig noon sa sa barangay na yan sa talamitam...

ken | said...

ang init jan sir..

lakwatserong tatay said...

@manong unyol...sayang naman sir..^_^

lakwatserong tatay said...

@ken..tama kayo dyan sir...swerte lang kami sa climb namin medyo nakisama yun panahon...^_^


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