Friday, April 15, 2011

Mitra's Ranch at Palawan

Sta. Monica Heights, Palawan
by lakwatserong tatay

Here is one of the places that we visited on our first day of stay at Palawan. Part of our city tour, a ranch located in the hill of Sta. Monica Heights, and owned by the family of the late Senator Ramon Mitra, called Rancho Sta. Monica, but popularly known as Mitra's Ranch. Today it is the residence of Congressman Baham Mitra, son and heir of the former senator.
Mitra's Ranch Welcome Signage
This ranch is just near the famous delicacies at Baker's Hill that is both popular picnic spots both for locals and tourist.
Entrance & Exit of Mitra's Ranch
A walkway trellis going to Picnic Grounds of this Ranch
The sun is almost up when we arrived on the ranch, there were several locals and tourist around the ranch, having photo sessions and some are staying at the picnic grounds of this ranch.
The Triangular-shaped Mansion
on the other side
The front view deck of this mansion
We waited for few minutes along the sides of this mansion, in getting on the view deck of this mansion, and have also the chance of photo opportunities of the views, the mansion it self and the surroundings.
The Living Room
We were lucky that time that we almost the last tourist that time to enter the view deck, maybe because it was around 1pm and most of the tourist having their respective lunch and different schedules for their trips. Aside from that, we had the chance to take a few photos of the living room of this mansion as shown above, takes to my co-tripper who insisted to ask the caretaker that have at least a photo of it's living room for a photo souvenir...^_^
The View Deck
Who wants to ride a horse and needing accesories?
The ranch has a scenic overview of Palawan. The wooden, triangular-shaped mansion is built on a highland surrounded with greeneries and spacious picnic grounds. From the porch of the house, visitors have a panoramic view of the Honda Bay islands. A perfect place for camwhores like us....^_^
The View of Honda Bay
the other side
Mitra's Ranch Grounds
Another part of Mitra's Ranch Grounds
Mitra's Ranch Grounds and part of Picnic Area
Here are some of our photo opps, starting from the left our photo guro, wendz, chris, me and rowel.
The trippers photo-opps
Of course, in every place that i've been i wont miss the oppotunity of having my solo shots.....^_^
This ranch is been xplored....^_^
How to go to Rancho Sta. Monica:

Pearched on a hilltop in Sta. Monica Heights that is 15-20 minutes away from the city town proper. Public transport bound for Sta. Monica are found along Malvar St. There are also chartered vehicles available to the ranch.

This ranch is open to visitors/tourist from 6am to 6pm daily.

Special Thanks to our photo guro Wendz & co-tripper Carlo & Rowel for sharing some of their pictures that i used.

This story is part of : Five Days of Trip at Palawan


bong said...

wow ganda ng trip nyo.. sana makasama ako sa inyo this summer? :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

@bong...hehehehe...thanks po...cge po you could join po....


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