Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trippers Journey to Anawangin Cove

by lakwatserong tatay

We arrived early at San Antonio, Zambaes, around 3am in the morning. After few minutes our boatman/guide arrived, Kuya Joven, and then the start of journey to Pundaquit starts, It was still dark in the Punadaquit Bay when we arrived, so Kuya Joven give us a place to stay for a while, and wait the sun to rise. It was around 5am, when few of us go to Public Market, and before yours truly proceed to the market i went first to it's Parish Church of Holy Infant of San Antonio, one of my previous post. After my visit and praying for some guidance for our trip and stay that day, i followed my fellow tripper to the market and after buying all our necessary stuffs, for our dishes, rice, some noodles & canned goods and of course some liquiors...hehehe..We've been to public market for an hour and the sun was really shining when we got back to Brgy. Pundaquit. Of course, after getting back the trippers that does not joined us to buy our stuffs, are responsible in packing up our stuffs to our respective boats, and for me, i just hold my camera and photo sessions started.....^_^.
Our Sidetrip: Capones & Camara Island
It was 6:30am, when the trippers completed to packed up our things and stuffs to our respective boats. Here are some of the shots along Pundaquit shores.
Left Shore Side of Pundaquit Beach
Right Shore Side of Pundaquit Beach
Trippers photo opps while preparing to wear their life jackets and boarding our respective boats...hehehe.^_^.
Go on co-trippers
Here's co-x-plorer Jaysee the Eagle....and where together in a small boat...
my co-xplorer.....Jaysee D Eagle
The small boat of "The Great Sky".
Our boat....."The Great Sky"
And then, our cruise starts, there were so many hills, coves that surrounds this Pundaquit Bay. So if your a trippers like us, you may also be amazed, how really beatuiful our country was.
Start of our journey....
Camara Island
Capones Island
After almost 30 minutes in the sea.....of course, photo opps again....our co-trippers getting first in this open sea waters.
the trippers...
My co-trippers
other trippers...^_^
Another cove that can be explored, i forgot to ask Kuya Joven about this island....^_^.
Another cove that we passed by....
This rock cliffs, reminds me of my trip in Palawan. Although this rocks is not as might as in El Nido. It was also a picturesque shot. Also on this exact site is the entrance of the Anawangin cove.
Specially this two rock formations, that looks like the gate to enter the Anawangin Cove.
The gate to Anawangin
Just few meters away, It's nice to be back in Anawangin.^_^. Among all of us trippers, there were all virgins on this cove, sad to say, i just wanted to say that this cove is much nicer and you will feel that your really close to nature wayback years ago, not like this time, this coves are now called resorts, that has different owners....
Anawangin Cove
Left Shore Side of Anawangin Cove
Right Shore Side of Anawangin Cove
We arrived few minutes ahead to our fellow trippers. Of course, i will not missed to have a self portrait photo souvenir in the shores of Anawangin. Wow, this is my 3rd time to visit this cove, and i've seen the changes of this cove. At first this cove can be only reach thru hiking via Mt. Pundaquit and now open to all tourist and backpackers that you could have 2 choices by hiking and leisure trip like what i suggested to my fellow trippers...a boat ride...^_^.
Lakwatserong Tatay's 3rd time @ Anawangin Cove
It's been a while since my last visit on this cove, it was 2007,  there were so many changes. And i'll try my best to reminisce all of it and share it to you on my next story, that is all about Anawangin....^_^.

This story is part of: Weekend Getaway to San Antonio, Zambales


Anonymous said...

wow, nice to hear that you visited Anawangin 3x..Sobra dami ba talaga ng changes..kainggit ka naman. :)

Drew | bicol tourism said...

hi, tanung ko lang po. anu po ba work mo? does it not affect your work while traveling? parang ganda kasi ng ginagawa mo. thumbs up po aq sayo.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous....thanks....opo, malaki ang pagbabago sa kada punta ko, ngaun meron na mga beach resorts eh, malamang sa sunod na punta ko meron na talaga siguro exclusive resort...^_^.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@drew, im an officeboy po, 5-6 days reporting to work....minsan nakakaapekto ung work kasi bitin yung visit ko sa isang place...hehehehe...pero basta sa isang kugar ba inixplore, i just always remember the LNT principle..salamat po...


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