Friday, September 2, 2011

Palawan: Thanks and Goodbye......

Promise.....I shall be back again!!!!!
by lakwatserong tatay

Wow, at last this is the last entry for my Palawan trip, and seeing all of those stories, it's reminds me that were lucky enough to visit this tourist spots and also the chance to have set on foot, Palawan is one of my dream places that i wanted to go, because this place is been called as the final premiere destination in our country. After being here, i could definitely say it, that it is true, and i'm one of the lucky travelers that has set foot on it. Puerto Princesa, Taytay and El Nido, really has different tourist spots that could be visited.
Puerto Prinsesa Airport
Now, this is the last saga of my Palawan Blog Series, it's time to go back to Manila, equipped with memories and fun filled experiences in the cities of Puerto Princesa, Taytay and El Nido, that i have shared to you.
The trippers at the PP Airport
Ok, let's go back to PP Airport, i've been to different airport, and if ill compare this airport from the others, i really find this airport really pleasant because it's really spacious and maybe it's newly renovated. Of course, if your first timer on this kind of areas, what do you opps....^_^.
The check-in procedures
it's my time to check-in.....^_^
So after the group have check-in, were just waiting for our boarding time at 1730H with Flight # 5J-640 and will be arriving in Manila around 1845H. The whether that time is not actually on our side, it's a bit windy together with a dark cloud that makes the place darker when we boarded our plane.
Our flight no.
Our fleet...Cebu Pacific
Actually, im dreaming that one of this day, i could have a photo souvenir within the pilot cockpit just for a souvenir picture only.....^_^.
One of my have photo opps inside this place...
Of course, i have also souvenir shot inside the plane, on this shot, some of the passengers were so busy arranging their things on over the head compartments, of course im done with my things, so what i did is  to take some souvenirs of it....^_^
All are getting ready.....
Just a short commendation, i would really like to say thank you...Kuya Ronald for being so patient to us for 5 days that you've part of our group. Being our driver / tour guide and of course being part of our trips. Thanks, i do hope when i have a chance to go back in Puerto Princesa, and choose again the services of Kuya Manny's you will be our tour guide / driver......^_^.
My photo opps.. with Kuya Ronald...^_^
Wah.....we arrived early from our time, and we had a great weather condition when we arrived in NAIA Terminal 3. This is one of my souvenir shots....^_^.
Ground of NAIA Terminal 3
Lakwatserong Tatay is done with Puerto Princesa...^_^
Wow, at last....i'm really done with my Palawan stories....hope you love it and share it to anyone you know, that wants to experience Palawan on its finest......

Next on my bucket of backlog stories....My Weekend  Getaway at San Antonio, Zambales...^_^

This story is part of : Five Days of Trip at Palawan


ghienoxs™ said...

ang hirap talagang mag goodbye sa place na super ganda. Excited na ako sa October for il be also going to palawan. penge naman contact ng tour guide nyo...

lakwatserong tatay said...

@ghienox...totoo yun sir...kaya kelangan bumalik talaga ako..lalo na hindi ko pa nalilibot ng sulit ang Puerto Princesa at El Nido.

E2 po un contact ng tour & accomodation namin sa PP...copy paste nyo nalang po un link...^_^

E2 naman po ung sa El Nido.

2 links po ishare ko..ung 1st, sya po ung kinuha namin sa Island Hopping sa El Nido...Cadlao Tours

This one naman po ang choice nyo sa accomodation, services sa El Nido.

Hope you'll enjoy your trip to Palawan, same as we have....^_^

Anonymous said...

wow, sa wakas natapos mo din ang palawan series mo, ano naman ba ang susunod?

Plypox said...

Well, na explore nyo na ang mga popular destination spots. Anong susunod?

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous...uu nga buti natapos narin at napakadami ko pang draft stop po is Northern Mindanao Adventure..^_^

lakwatserong tatay said... stop po is Northern Mindanao, together with the X-plorerboyz...i'm hoping to target and visit at least 6 places in Mindanao, CDO, Camiguin, Bukidnon, Iligan, Butuan & Agusan Del Norte....^_^.

plypox said...

I'm more likely to watch out for the Camuiguin and Bukidnon adventure. Lahat nang work mate ko taga doun. heheh.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@plypox, wow, the best ang naging adventure namin dun, pero wish ko lang na sana matapos ko to within the year sa dami ko nakadraft post.....hehehehehe...


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