Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bilao't Palayok

My First Lunch @ Puerto Princesa
by lakwatserong tatay

After a bit rest and placing all of our stuffs at our accomodation in Puerto Princesa at Manny Guest's House. Around 11am we started our Puerto Princesa City Tour. But before that it was already lunch time, and Kuya Ronald suggested a place that is one of the common restaurant, serving really great food but in much cheaper prices. This Bilao't Palayok located along Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa town proper.
The Biggest Palayok i've ever seen...^_^
Bilao't Palayok serves classic Filipino dining experience as it has a country-style ambience complete with bamboo cottages. An art gallery design on one of bamboo cottages that is mostly ethnic in origin. Guests and tourists can sit inside the cottages for a more private setting and enjoy Palawan's cool fresh air.
Entrance of Bilao't Palayok
Bilao't Palayok serves and specialize in grilled Filipino dishes, mostly pork, seafood and chicken dishes that is being served in a bilao or palayok.
Bilao't Palayok Seafood & Native Restaurant
Below are some of the pictures that i've taken while waiting for our food to be served and while roaming around this restaurant. Upon roaming around, you will just feel that your really in a province due its interior designs, different areas are made of bamboo or wood and added gallery that also made of native crops is also present in this restaurant. To summarize it up, it's ambiance was really refreshing. Am i reviewing it's interior designing....i do hope im right.....hehehehe...^_^.
Native Bamboo Setting
Another part of this Restaurant that are made of Bamboo
A pond of fish
Bar area of Bilao't Palayok that are made of Bamboo again....
A Native Restroom.....
Native ceiling set

One of the Display's that i really like...
Here's another one too....
Here is one of the wall design made of shells that i really like....^_^
This is one of my favorite....can i have this as a souvenir....^_^

List of Food Choices
Ok, enough of reviewing it's interior design, let's go to our main course...hehehehe...eating session. For our lunch that time, since we were on a tight budget, we opted to get their "Boodle Dish", one of their house specials, which is good for 6-7 persons already, "Boodle" is consist of  pork sisig, laing, chicken adobo, steamed shrimp, grilled squid, baked tahong, grilled tuna, grilled tilapia, grilled liempo and steamed crab together with grilled egg, atchara, bagoong, salted eggs, tomatoes and green mangoes on the side and last but not the least and most important one is the rice, a choice of java rice, garlic rice and plain rice. We added two palayok of sinigang's consist of lapu-lapu and shrimp, sad to say, sinigang na baboy is not available when we dine in, coz' you all know im not used to eat seafood dishes....hehehehe..."Boodle Dish" is a must try if you happe to dine in this place. My personal favorites are of course the pork and chicken dishes.
The Trippers

The Boodle w/ Java Rice (P870)
The Boodle w/ Plain Rice (P870)
Sinigang na Hipon (P170)
Sinigang na Lapu-Lapu (P170)
Special thanks to our sponsor....Nikon.....joke only.....^_^....After our lunch, our city tour actually started our 1st stop is Binuatan Creations.....and again that's another stop to blog about in our City Tour of Puerto Princesa.
Thanks to our Official Sponsor....^_^
Bilao't Palayok
Seafood and Native Restaurant
Along Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa, Palawan
It's me @ Bilao't Palayok, Palawan

This story is part of : Five Days of Trip at Palawan


Pinoy Boy Journals said...

You had me at java rice! Ang sarap!!! panalo toh, ang daming food. Good times with friends!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@Pinoy Boy Journals....hehehe...tama po kayo panalo talaga...actually we've visited 3 restaurants on our stay at Palawan, pero e2 un pinakagusto ko...thanks po ulit.

lakwatsera de Primera said...

sarap nung boodle with java rice, pang barkada at pamilya food trip :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

@ms. claire....opo the best cya...saka kahit nde ako kumakain ng seafoods meron parin ako pede kainin...hehehe...

Pinoy Adventurista said...

kaiinggit naman! di pa ako naka-punta ng Palawan.. sana soon!

Ed said...

oh my. piyestang piyesta ang dating. nagutom ako bigla. haha.

really hope to visit Palawan soon!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@mervs....hehehehe...malamang mapupuntahan mo rin dami rin ng lakad mo this year...sana minsan sa isang climb ng sosyal klasyers, invite mo naman ako....^_^...wait ko yan ha...
@ sir ed...opo fiesta talaga, pero sayang lang hindi ako kumakain ng seafoods eh....sige po wait ko rin entry nyo sa pagpunta nyo ng palawan...^_^...

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

kumusta brad na nandito ulit ako, di ako maka-get over ang sarap ng pagkain! pag nagpalawan ako dito ako for sure kakain!!! he he sarap nung java rice!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@pinoy boy journals, tama po ang sarap talaga nung java rice...hehehe...saka ang dami pa...ganun din plano ko pgnakabalik ako ng palawan...^_^


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