Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bunga Falls

Twin Falls of Nagcarlan, Laguna
by lakwatserong tatay

Our last destination, Bunga Falls, after visiting some points of interest in the Provine of Nagcarlan. The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, Nagcarlan Presidencia and St. Bartholomew Church. This waterfall is just the same with this waterfall Taytay or Imelda Falls. It is easily accessible, it has large catch basin and it is a popular local tourist destination. It has a campsite that can accomodate 6-8 tents which is located at higher elevation before descending towards the waterfalls. There are stalls near the waterfalls area. The height of the falls is about 10-15 feet high, compensated by the depth of the basin which is as deep as an ordinary electric pole submerged into its waters. One of the unique charm of Bunga Falls is the fact that it is a "twin falls": two waterfalls, almost identical, descending side by side. According to the locals, the basin has already claimed a number of lives of the locals who have threaded its waters.
Bunga Falls
Some myth stories about this falls:

The name Bunga was derived from once abundant Bunga palms located in the area. Bunga is the tagalog term for Betel Nut, an addictive substance used by the elders and is also known as "nga-nga". Presently the place is known as a Lanzones orchard where the same fruit abounds. Aside from that in keeping the richness of Tagalog cultures, This falls is steeped with traditions, according to some locals of Nagcarlan. It is used to be a "test of manliness" for boys to jump from the falls down the deep basin. Added to that, a local folklore has it that there is a creature that dwells in the pool of Bunga Falls, snatching unsuspecting outsiders(dayo) into the deep waters. Other locals would swear that they have felt the hand tugging their feet down. Perhaps these tales were inspired by the depth of the pool, said to be around 10-15 meters. But due to curiosity our co-xplorer Newbie Daddy Johari tried to swim in the basin, he said to us, that there was a feeling that your feets were struggling under waters maybe because of the current beneath it, as long as you know how to swim and always have some precautions to yourself. One of the locals that time explains to us, maybe due to sudden plunge of the catchbasin into a deep pool, had a perception of "being pulled". But you can not always rely, even you know how to swim, the very important thing is always ask some question around the area before trying to swim in such basins like this.
The trail to falls
A signage about the waterfall
Regie and I going down the waterfall
The water stream above the falls
It's me above the Bunga Falls
Streaming water going down
We had a chance to stay for a while. Of course we tried to swim along the falls for few minutes, but only Johari tried to swim really on the basin and below the waterfalls, me and regie does not have the courage to go that far....hehehehehe....^_^ "takot in short"...
Some locals are also present that time
The rocky end part of Bunga Falls
One last look of Bunga Falls, we will definitely go back in here........and maybe that time we will try to go swim up to the water that goes down the basin.....hehehehe....^_^
Bunga Falls "Twin Falls"
One of the Kubo's along Bunga Falls
How to go to this Falls:
There are two options in going to Nagcarlan:
1. Via Sta. Cruz, Laguna - from Manila take a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, then ride a jeep from Sta. Cruz Public Market towards Nagcarlan. You will be arriving at the Nagcarlan Central Market (from their you could buy your supplies). From their you could take Jeep or Tricycle. In Jeepney ride getoff to Brgy. Balayong. From that you will need to walk for about 600 meter to the falls. In Tricycle, it is much expensive, but the distance to the falls is just only 200-300 meters walking only. We choose to do the Tricycle ride for P80 (3 persons) which is not bad.

2. Via. San Pablo, Laguna - from Manila take a bus bound for Lucena and get off from Town of San Pablo. From there you will ride a jeep to Nagcarlan. The jeepney fare from San Pablo to Nagcarlan is P24 each. Just follow above instruction when you arrived at Nagcarlan Central Market.
Lakwatserong Tatay, Newbie Daddy & Married to be......This place is been Xplored
Lakwatserong Tatay is been here......@ Bunga Falls
At last, i've finished doing our day trip xploration in two provinces of Laguna. Watch for my entry from my recent Five Days Valentine Trip @ Puerto Princesa, and El Nido, Palawan. And we will go back to the province of Laguna, but now our next destination is Paete and Kalayaan, Laguna.


Chyng said...

I wont get of tired of trekking down every falls in Pinas. It's very refreshing.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@Chyng, i truly agree, even though it is bit tiring while trekking, but when you reach every falls that you wanted to is truly refreshing....try nyo po ung nagkalit-kalit falls when you will go to El Nido ha.....ang ganda po....

lakwatsera de primera said...

Wow, another falls to explore in Laguna, thanks for sharing this :)

chyng said...

ayos na yan, looks good naman ang labelling. hehe

Anything Place said...

Very interesting, that first pic of the falls I especially really like

lakwatserong tatay said...

@lakwatsera de primera, yes po mam, thanks also for viewing.
@chyng, thanks po, pero check nyo look...ok ba?
@anything place, hehehehe...hope you could visit this place.

Anonymous said...

hi..sir,tanong ko lang po kung pde mgovernyt dun..thanks..

lakwatserong tatay said... not really sure kung pede, pero tingin ko pede magovernight dun...kaso paalam nalang kayo sa malapit sa barangay dun...

Anonymous said...

thanks po sir.try nmen today mag overnight dun after nmen i dayhike ung tayak hill. thanks sir. godbless!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous, no problem, your welcome, im really glad that i've helped you, and maganda rin un tayak hill, tpos pagbaba deretso kayo dun sa resort na malapit, nakalimutan ko na nga lang...thanks for viewing....^_^

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

Ang lalim pala jan!
Dapat siguro may dalang lifevest para sa mga di magaling mag swim =P

lakwatserong tatay said...

@christian....opo, para mas safe talaga sa hindi magaling magswim, medyo malalim hindi nga kami nangahas lumusong sa gitna eh yung kasama ko lang isa ngtry, pero hindi siya nagtagal dun sa gitna..^_^

Anonymous said...

sir pde po b overnyt sa bunga falls? punta po kmi dun nxt week after ng kalisungan tnx.. -vhaturgo

lakwatserong tatay said...

@vhaturgo...tingin ko po pwede basta paalam nalang po kayo sa mga locals na naninirahan dun malapit sa falls..^_^


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