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Nagcarlan Cathedral Church

St. Bartholomew Church
by lakwatserong tatay

After walking thru hihways of Nagcarlan, and having the lunch right across Nagcarlang Church. This is one place that was part of our sidetrip in Nagcarlan, Laguna. Yours truly is really fascinated seeing old churches, so when everytime i had a chance to visit a church whenever im on a travel and trips, i do usually visit their churches, not just to offer some prayers and get some blessing. But also to see its uniqueness from the other churches that i've been.
St. Bartholomew Church
St. Bartholomew Church is a tiered-wall church created by the Franciscans from 1500 to 1700. It has done in Baroque-style. Its facade has asemicircular arched main entrance flanked semicircular windows. Its bell has a Muslim-inspired crenellations.

St. Bartholomew Church was done in Baroque-style. Its facade has asemicircular arched main entrance flanked semicircular windows. Its bell has a Muslim-inspired crenellations. The embellishments of the facade and the side entrances are distinctly Baroque and this impression is enhanced by the play of light and shade among the architectural detals which include tall pedestals which lift the columns on the second level, fenestrations, and columns of varying number and length. These details alters the church's otherwise-stolid rectangular structure.
Church's History Marker
St. Bartholomew Church was already noted for the miraculous cures of the images of St. Bartholomew and San Diego de Alcala, but it became even more popular when it was declared one of the country’s Jubilee Churches.
The Front Baroque Style Architecture of Nagcarlan Church 
Center Aisle of this Church
Nice ceilings and chandeliers
According to the information sheet you can get to Parish office secretary, Sis. Emma, the Franciscan Missionaries under the leadership of Frays Juan de Plasencia and Diego de Oropresa started the christianization of the locals in 1578.The first church was constructed by Fray Tomas de Miranda; it was made of light materials. In 1583, under the supervision of Fray Cristobal Torres, a new structure made of bricks and stone was constructed. When fire razed the church in1781, another structure was erected by Fray Atanacio Argobrejo and finished by Fr. Fernando de la Puebla who had the belfry constructed. When Fray Vicente Velloc (of the famed underground cemetery) became the Parish Priest, he had blue porcelain floor tiles laid, and he added the convent, sacristy,"bautisteryo" and choir loft. From then on, the church underwent a lot of renovations to repair damages caused by calamities and to answer the call of modern times. In 2002, Rev. Msgr. Jose Barrion restored the "retablo" and had "Machuca" tiles (designs commonly used in Spain and Italy) laid as flooring to make it more in sync with the Baroque-inspired architecture.

The Church Altar upclose
When the time we went it here, there was actually a wedding ceremonies going. We waited for few moments to take some of our souvenir photos around the church.
Some of the Saints inside the Church
The Bowl of Holy Water
The Confession Room
One of the Patron inside St. Bartholomew
The Choir Lobby
The Front Door
The latest claim, why this century old church is known, is that this was used as the setting for ABS-CBN's telenovela "Kampanerang Kuba." the story revolves around a hunchbacked lady who used to ring the bells of the church.
The Famous Church Belfry

A Grotto on the right side of this Church

Other Side of the Church
This Church is been Xplored
Watch out for the last part of our Day Trip to Nagcarlan and San Pablo, Laguna. The Bunga Falls.
Lakwatserong Tatay is been here @ Nagcarlan Church

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