Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mt. Banoi Exploration

SPI Mountaineering Club
March 19-20, 2011
by lakwatserong tatay

For the month of March, our group destination is the exploration of Mt. Banoi, located at Brgy. Balaybay, Lobo, Batangas. The place is not a national park and the mountains are used as farmlands and grazing lands. Houses are also situated along the trails and various parts of the mountain. The main marker and distinct description of Mt. Banoi are its telecommunications antennas nestled atop one of the peaks. In fact, the campsite itself can be established at one of the facilities of Smart Communications, which is a fenced area with container vans used as quarters and equipment rooms.

The views on the other hand are spectacular, overlooking the Bay of Batangas and the surrounding provinces and nearby islands. The hike is also pleasant, and though exposed, winds usually make the hike pleasant. Along the route, there is a river and a small waterfall where you can take a refreshing bath.
Here is our Itinerary: (Tentative)


07:00 - Assembly at Alabang
07:30 - ETD for Batangas City
10:00 - ETA Batangas City
10:30 - Market Time (Lobo Public Market), snacks
11:15 - ETD for Barangay Balatbay, Lobo, Batangas
12:15 - ETA Jump-off Point, Final Preparations
12:30 - Start Trek
13:30 - ETA Kubo/ Shed, Lunch
16:00 - ETA Campsite
19:00 - Dinner, Socials
21:00 - Lights Out


06:00 - Wake-up Call
06:30 - Start trek to summit
07:00 - ETA Summit
07:45 - Back to camp
08:00 - Breakfast/ Break camp
09:00 - Start Descent
11:00 - ETA jump-off point
11:30 - ETA Batangas City, Lunch
12:30 – Side trip: Beach

For interested parties you may contact:

Paul Edward Racuya (Club President) : 09178320890
email address: luapdrwde@yahoo.com / spiemployeecouncil@spi-global.com

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