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Kinabuchs Grill & Bar Restaurant

Our First Night at Palawan
by lakwatserong tatay

After a day tour at Puerto Princesa, we get back to our transient house, Kuya Manny's Guest House, most of us were tired and sleepy. But some of us is still want to have an adventure, and thanks to Kuya Manny by suggesting were we should go. A late dinner dine-in at Kinabuchs Grill and Bar Restaurant.
Kinabuchs Grill & Bar Restaurant
The view from our table
One of the food spots and choices in Puert Princesa that was recommended to us by Kuya Manny and our co-tripper Rowel was to dine-in by night at Kinabuchs (pronounced Kina-Butch), named after the owner Butch. This is the Puerto Princesa's local version of ala-Hard Rock Cafe. One difference is this is an open aired bar restaurant and they do not have live bands, they just plays loud RnB, which is mostly HipHop music. Also in Puerto Princesa, Kinabuchs is a popular hangout bar by night by palawe├▒os, tourist like us and foreigners.
The Bar Area
The Billard Area
The place may look like an abandoned parking lot during the day but it becomes a lively wateringhole at night. What it may lack in terms of fancy ambience, this restaurant superbly made up with good food at surprisingly low prices as well.
Some of the display lights around the restaurant
The light used in a Nipa hut type table
Kuya Manny told us, that there are many restaurants and bar around the town proper but their one thing that he mentioned us and also this bar was recommend by Rowel. That there's one food that we may want to try on, the "Tamilok or Wood Worms". Kuya Manny believes that this is a cuisine that can be used as a aphrodisiacs that are rich in protein and cholesterol too, a combination that may be beneficial for one body organ but also lethal for others. Tamilok is a marine bivalve mollusks that bore into mangroves and even man-made wooden structures that are submerged in sea water, they simply named as wood oysters, perhaps those cringe at the idea of eating raw worm would be more comforted and those who are looking for an exotic cuisine would not be too curious with the dish.
The trippers table....^_^
"Kinabuchs Menu"
I remember, it was part of Karen Davila's report for "The Correspondents", were they featured this "Wood Worm or Tamilok". For me, i was really excited to see it in flesh and really close up, but our group just decided to try different meals that Kinabuchs offers. Most of us do not want to have a Pinoy Fear Factor edition experience....^_^. Although all of us missed the opportunity to eat and try "Tamilok", maybe on my next visit i'll be definitely trying "Tamilok", even though i don't eat any kind of sea foods dishes and cuisines. But based to Kuya Manny's experience it has a slimy creatures tasted better than raw oysters. It does not have a fishy after taste like sea urchin or swaki. "Tamilok" also is can a incredible pulutan together with some ice cold beers.
A sample of Tamilok of Kinabuchs (Php 115/plate)
After deciding that we will gonna have our own dinner that night, i've ordered a meal that is called "FGLS", a Fried Chicken and Lumpiang Shanghai w/ Steamed Rice. Most of us that got also meals, aside from grace'y who got a lomi that night.
The FGLS @ Php 75
After our dinner, we just hngout for a meanwhile, and of course, photo session takes place...hehehehe...(mga camwhores talaga kme lahat....), picture taking side by side, and every spot around Kinabuchs.
@ another angle
Here is one of Carlo's shots @ Kinabuchs
Here another one.....
Here's a picture of their open parking space that is really dark and they got also a big screen with projector in place to watch maybe some movies or any channels that costumer may want (not shown below.....i forgot to shot it....^_^).
The parking area
All in all, we have a great time of stay and dining in Kinabuch's, hopefully by the next time i'll be visiting Puerto Princesa, i will have the guts to taste it's "Tamilok delicacies" and some of their other exotic food cuisines.

Kinabuchs Bar and Grill
349 Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
Contact Number: (+63 48) 434-5194

The highway signage of Kinabuch's
So after staying for few hours, our group finally decided to end the night.....and back to Manny's. But upon arriving some of us decided including me, that we have to celebrate the birthday of Rowel, thank god...there were still a open sari-sari store near us. So we buy some drinks and pulutan and socials again until almost 2am....hahahaha....^_^.

This story is part of: Five Days of Trip at Palawan


lakwatsera de primera said...

hmm I would like to try their tamilok one day, mukhang masarap kahit slimy :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

@ms.claire....hopefully when i will have the chance to get back, itry ko talaga sya para mafeel ko na un tinatawag nila na fear factor challenge....hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

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lakwatserong tatay said...

@prolix...thanks po sir..hope i could see the sample of your website soon...^_^


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