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Taytay, Palawan: Parish Church of Santa Monica

The Star of the North "Estrella del Norte"
by lakwatserong tatay

This church is part of our stopover in the town of Taytay, Palawan. It's been a while since i did my last entry, and i do have so many backlogs on my blogs stories, because of being too busy at work and at the sametime, being a father again for my third angel....hehehehe....enough for the explanation...hehehe....let's proceed to my story.....^_^.... As a traveller, i really love taking pictures of the different places i've been, but there's one distinct place that i'm always looking forward to see in every town and places that i'm's the Church.

Taytay, Palawan, known as the Star of the North or Estrella del Norte. A first class minucipality located in northern part of Palawan Island. The name Taytay is deried from the word Talaytayan which means bridge made of bamboo or wood. It's bounded on the north by the municipality of El Nido, on the east by Cuyo West Passage, on the south are the towns of Dumaran and San Vicente and on west is the South China Sea. The total land area is 1390 sqr kms and divided into 31 barangays. This town is accesible by land from Puerto Princesa or from El Nido. This town also has an small airport where SEAIR recently started again its flight,  v.v. from Manila to Taytay, Palawan (you may check SEAIR website for its schedules). It serves also a ports on both east and it's west coast.

This town is not only rich with it's natural beauty and resources but also on it's history as it was the Capital of the Province of the Calamianes (now Palawan) during the Spanish period. This town has several rivers, waterfalls, swamplands, mangroves and thick forests that all of the tourist could explore.
Sta. Monica Church
In Poblacion, Taytay, Palawan, there was two church that still been present now a days, but one of this church lies inside the Fuerza de Santa Isabel simply called as Fort Sta. Isabel, where this was made of coral reef stones way way back around Spanish Era, i will do have a separate post regarding this Old Church of Taytay, Palawan and Fuerza de Santa Isabel.
it's Center Isle
We arrived on this place almost noon time, so the sun was really up, upon getting off our van, i directly go straight on this church, to offer some prayers for our safe trip going on that town and to have also safe trip on the remaining track we will be driving up to El Nido, and of course photo opps around this church is also one of my main agenda that time....hehehehe...Below are some of the photos i've taken while i roamed around it's vicinity....
at another angle
The Church Altar
Chairs for the pastors and other servants
Mama Mary's candle stand...
There was not much around this church, but it is still one of my favorite place to visit in every town and place im been with, upon researching Feast of Sta. Monica held in the month of August where commemorative masses takes places in celebration of St. Monica, the patroness of mothers and wives. St. Monica is the mother of one of the Catholic Church's most popular saints, St. Augustine, founder of the Augustinian Order. Considered as a great example for Christian motherhood, she converted her hayward son, St. Augustine, through prayers and fasting. She also converted her husband, Patricius, and his mother who were pagans.
The entrance of Sta. Monica
Church's bulletin board...
Confession Room
Some of it's Church figurines placed on 2nd floor of this church...
Aside from Taytay, Palawan, here are some of the towns that St. Monica is their patron, and also celebratin commemorative rites in August for St. Monica, In Surigao del Norte; Alburquerque, Bohol; Minalin, Pampanga; Pavia, Iloilo; Botolan, Zambales; Panay, Capiz and Angat, Bulacan.
A big cross infront of Sta. Monica Church
A grotto outside this Church
Aside from the spots that can be seen in the town of Taytay, Palawan. Here is some of the list of places and tourist attractions that Taytay, Palawan could offered to us.
   1. Fort Santa Isabel (we visited)
   2. Church of Santa Monica (inside the Fort Santa Isabel) (we visited)   3. Lake Manguao (located 7km southeast of Taytay, Palawan)
   4. Mount Capoas (located along Malampaya Sound Protected Lanscape of Taytay, Palawan)
   5. Malampaya Sound (considered as the fish bowl of the Philippines)
   6. Pinangyarihan Falls
   7. Elephant and Castle Island (protected as a nesting site for swallows)
   8. Rio Verde (a branch of Tamisan River)
   9. Dinot Rocks (a marine reserve w/c has a vast of coral reefs)
   10. Minapla White Sand Beach (a white sand beach located western part of Taytay)
   11. Maytiguid Island (a local island in Taytay, Palawan)
   12. Parish Church of Sta. Monica (we visited)
   13. Parish Church of Sto. Niño in Abongan, Taytay (one of the four parishes in Taytay)
Sta. Monica Church of Taytay, Palawan
The town of Taytay, is one of the places in Palawan, that will on my list of places that ill be going back and x-plore all of it's beauty in nature and resources. On my next entry will be a bit history of Fort Sta. Isabel and the photo sessions held at Fuerze de Santa Isabel.

This story is part of: Five Days of Trip at Palawan


lakwatsera de primera said...

wow, sa Taytay pa lang, ang dami na pwede puntahan, sana mapuntahan ko lahat to ngayong June :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

@ms.claire...naku po malamang mas marami pa mapuntahan nyo kesa sa napuntahan namin....hehehehe....

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

I regret not dropping by in Taytay the last time I went to El Nido back in 2009. I meet a boy from Taytay while I was on a bus frm Puerto Princesa, and he invited me to his hometown. Summer of 2010, I meet a Brazilian diver in Bangkok, then he told me Taytay is a diving haven and so many places to visit. Thanks for sharing, I will make sure to include Taytay next time I visit El Nido.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@pinaysolobackpacker...hopefully po next year makabalik ako ng palawan, gusto ko rin maxplore ang taytay, palawan eh....thanks po for dropping by...


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