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El Nido, Palawan's Accomodations and Services

Strolling around the shores of El Nido Beach
by lakwatserong tatay

Upon strolling around the shores of El Nido beach, there were so many resorts, cottages and even hotel that tourist could choose from. So if you and your group does not have any reservations for any accomodations, i think there will be no problem in looking for a place to stay. You could choose from hotel that has a beachfront facility like we've got or some of the inn's, cottages, guest houses within the El Nido town proper. But if you're looking for a place that you could have some privacy you could choose from the resorts that situated in different islands in El Nido coast. Below are some of the accomodations that has beachfront amenities.
El Nido Waterfront Hotel
Habibi Cafe and Submariner Diving Center
Pukka Resto Bar
Pension House Massage and Spa Center
Some cottages along the shores of El Nido
Tandikan Beach Cottages
Here's another one....
A tree house along shorelines of El Nido
El Nido Marine Club
Ric Sons Bar and Restaurant
The biggest hotel i've found in El Nido Shoreline...The El Nido Beach Hotel
Here's a copy of El Nido Town Map with detailed accomodations, bar & restaurants, information centers and some local government agencies.

Things you should know in El Nido:

1. El Nido is now collecting Eco-Tourism Development Fee (php200 - valid for 10 days).
2. Segregation is practical in the town proper. Penalty for littering at any public place is Php100.
3. Swimming attire is not allowed in the town steets.
4. Taking shells and sands from the beach are prohibited.
5. Electricity runs from 5pm to 2am.
6. There are no ATM's in the area. Credit Cards are accepted in some tourism establishments.
7. Curfew hours for minors (17yrs. old and below) is 10pm to 5am.
El Nido Town Map
Accomodations Contact Information:

**the numbers. represent the map's location** 

1. El Nido Viewdeck 
    mobile no.: +639166076577
    email add.:
2. Lualhati Cottages    (mobile no.: +639193196683)
3. Cliffside Cottage     (mobile no.: +639197856625)
4. El Nido Sands Inn   (mobile no.: +639214659601 & +639994525843)
5. Casa Buena Vista
    mobile no.: +639292482475
    email add.:
6. Marina Garden Beach Resorts
    mobile no.: +639176247722 (main) & +639088843711
    email add.:
7. Og's Pensionne
    mobile no.: +639175002786 & +639995667765
    email add.:
8. Rico's Beach Cottages
    mobile no.: +639294671632
9. Gloria's Beach Cottages
    mobile no.: +639191677870
10. Dara Faye Cottages
      mobile no.: +639193221416
11. Tandikan Beach Cottages
      mobile no.: +639203184882
12. Rosanna's Cottages
      mobile no.: +639206054631
      email add.:
13. Chislyk Cottages
      mobile no.: +639198799333
      email add.:
14. El Nido Beach Hotel
      mobile no.: +6392895029841 & +639208673777
      email add.:
15. Lally and Abet Cottages
      mobile no.: +639209056822
      email add.:
16. El Nido Garden Beach Resort
      mobile no.: +639154899009
      email add.:
17. Inngo Tourist Inn
      mobile no.: +639207706716 & +639057912429
      email add.:
18. El Nido Plaza Inn
19. Pura Vida (website: )
20. Four Seasons Resort
      mobile no.: +639217799315 & +639194524266
      email add.:
21. Rovic's Pensionne
      mobile no.: +639285202655
      email add.:
29. Devayn's Inn
      mobile no.: +639212556654 & +639296752851
30. Entalula Cottages
      mobile no.: +639209066550
31. Casa El Nido   (mobile no.: +639198233711)
32. Shore Pass Lodge    (mobile no.: +639042269213)
33. Ralf's Resto    (mobile no.: +639205844193)
34. El Nido Skyline Inn    (mobile no.: +6329216862329)
35. Asilo's Guest House   (mobile no.: +639298388586)

Here some alternative accomodations not shown in the map:

Alternative Inn
mobile no.: +639178963408
email add.:

Bayview Inn   (mobile no.: +639094525843)

Bulskamp Inn
mobile nos.: +639065524624 & +639994862847
email add.:

Bunakidz Lodging
mobile no.: +639105017810
email add.:

Dolarog Resort     (website: )

El Nido Cliffside Cottages  (mobile no.: +639197856625)

El Nido Cove Resort & Spa
mobile no.: +639189081204

El Nido Waterfront Hotel
mobile no.: +639186632771 & +639062279360
email add.:

Green View Resort
mobile no.: +639215861442
email add.:

Golden Monkey Cottages     (mobile no.: +639292064352)

Hadefe Cottages
mobile no.: +639209523280
email add.:

Island Front Cottages
mobile no.: +639176183030

Jurias Pensionne
mobile nos.: +639175691974 & +639213083204
email add.:

Kalinga Resort
mobile nos.: +639215700021 (Philippines) & +6581839148 (Singapore)
email add.:

La Salangane
mobile no.: +639166486994
email add.:

Lagen Island Resort
tel. no.: +6328945644
email add.:

Las Cabanas Resort
mobile no.: +639202785643
email add.:

Makulay Lodge   (email add.: )

Miniloc Island Resort
tel. no.: +6327594041

Sunset Lover's Point   (mobile no.: +639066749434)

Taiyo Beach Cottages   (mobile no.: +639189010536)

Island Tours Contact Information:

**the numbers. represent the map's location** 

22. Ricson's Aquatic Tour     (mobile no.: +639297955758)
23. Bacuit Island Tours         (mobile no.: +639297501914)
24. Arman V. Island Tours    (mobile no.: +639192034199)
25. Spirit of El Nido               (mobile no.: +639087838866)
26. Tao Philippines                (mobile no.: +639213724097)
27. Lagoon Tour                    (mobile no.: +639263049680)
28. Artcafe Tours                 
      mobile no.: +639209026317
      email add.:

Cadlao Tour's (contact person: Ate Beth)  (mobile no.: +639275460691)
Caera Travel & Tours 
mobile nos.: +639192074064 & +639192905020
email add.:
Divine Mercy Tours                 (mobile nos.: +639096263896 & +639205090101)
Servant Tour Booking Office   (mobile nos.: +639186613590 & +639154157245)
Tuba Tours                                (website: )

Diving Tours

El Nido Marine Club       (website: )
Palawan Divers                (website: )
Seadog Divers                 (website: )

For more information about El Nido, Palawan:

El Nido Municipal Tourism Office
NIPAP Bldg., Real St., El Nido Palawan, 5313 Philippines
email add.:

This story is part of : Five Days of Trip at Palawan


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El Nido is indeed one of the best travel destinations in the Philippines. Thank you so much for promoting El Nido and for the special mention of our agency in your blog. Please like our Facebook page for updates on the services that we offer.

Thank you so much. :)

Servant Tours
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