Monday, February 21, 2011

San Pablo's Seven Lakes: Lake Palakpakin

Brgy. San Buenaventura, San Pablo City, Laguna
by lakwatserong tatay

This is the fifth of the seven lakes that we visited...Lake Palakpakin, This lake is not as usual as other lakes it is not really noticeable. Im not really sure if there are other ways to see this beautiful lake, aside from a small bridge that you car or tricycle could park and take a souvenir picture of this lake.
Lake Palakpakin
But upon asking from some of the locals around the area, this lake is also could be a picnic ground of your family, if you knew someone else around this lake that has a property infronting this lake. Im not really sure if you could swim on this lake but upon seeing it, i think people can swim on this lake, because it is not as crowded as Bunot Lake and Lake Mohicap, were they are many big and small pens/cages that cultured fishes like tilapia and silver carps.
Other side of Lake Palakpakin
Lake Palakpakin is can be found in Brgy. Buenaventura, this lake is similar to Sampaloc Lake, with an area of 43 hectares, and a maximum depth of 7.5 meters. Residents around the lake rely on income from their fishpens and fishcages that grow cultured tilapia and silver carps.
A landscape view of Mt. Banahaw
A myth story about this lake:

Based from few kilometers north of the city proper was a village which had become known then for its ancient tree which had a hollow trunk. The villagers had it that on moonlight nights, they could see a beautiful, red-haired lady washing her long hair with they hallow trunk serving as her wash basin. The tree was called Palakpak, there was also a river nearby where a big fish appeared each night that the beautifu lady was around. The villagers woud not dare to catch it, believing that it must be her pet. One day a stranger came to the village. He tried to solve the mystery about the red-haired lady and the big fish, and so one moonlight night he waited for her appearance. Seeing the lady in her pristine glory, he approached her. All of a sudden there was thunder and lightning. The earth quaked with terrible intensity, while the river swelled alarmingly into a lake.
Xplorerboyz @ Lake Palakpakin
Watch out for the Last Two Lakes and City of Nagcarlan's tourist spots.
Lakwatserong Tatay @ Lake Palakpakin


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