Monday, February 21, 2011

San Pablo's Seven Lakes: Lake Mohicap

Brgy. Sta. Catalina, San Pablo City, Laguna
by lakwatserong tatay

Lake Mohicap, the sixth of the seven lakes that we visited in a day. This lake is not quite far from Lake Palakpakin. Upon seeing this lake i really don't recommend to swim on its lake. Because it was really crowded of big and small pens of the residents along this lake. Lake Mohicap also is not as big as other lakes of San Pablo.
Lake Mohicap
Located in Brgy. Sta. Catalina, Lake Mohicap is a 14.5 hectare lake. It is one of the main suppliers of water resources in the city. Its waters provide a generous source of tilapia for Metro Manila and suburbs.

The cemented stairs going down to Lake Mohicap
A myth story about this lake:

Based from story of Lake Mohicap is just the same as the Lake Pandin and Lake Yambo. It tells about the couple who had a very sickly daughter named Munica. The couple were both very religious and they kept praying to God for the good health of their only child. They made a promise to do anything if God would answer their prayer. God granted their prayer on condition that Munica must not set her foot on mother earth. One day, while Munica was sewing her dress, the ball of thread she was using fell to the ground. Her parents were not around that time to retrieve the fallen ball of thread, so what Munica did was to personally recover the said ball of thread. While doing so, she fainted and immediately fell into the ground. She suddenly sank with the entire neighborhood, and lagoon was formed. This body of water was later called Munikap in honor of the unfortunate but very industrious girl. The name of the lake was taken from Munika, the girl's name and Mahikap, means industrious.

Some of my shots around Lake Mohicap
This is 2nd to the last lake that we conquered in a day. It was really getting dark that day, so we got hurried to take some nice pics around Lake Sampaloc, but sad to say due to our transportation, we wasn't able to catch up for beautiful pictures along Sampaloc Lake....huhuhuhu....there will a next time for sure...hehehehe...

Xplorerboyz @ Lake Mohicap
At last, one more lake to go.....
Lakwatserong Tatay @ Lake Mohicap

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