Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Cruise to Loboc-Loay River

Loboc - Loay River Cruise
@ Rio Verde Floating Restaurant
By Lakwatsero

Our most awaited journey is to eat and dine in Loboc River, and one of the activities that we are looking forward too. Near the bridge is the departure place of the floating restaurants. The Rio Verde Floating Restaturant, these floating restaurants consists of two banka-hulls, over which a large wooden platform is placed. On this platform, numerous tables are placed, and a band plays music. Different boats play different styles of music, so, if you make a careful choice, you can dine with your favourite music. On our boat, they were playing mostly popular jazz and blues style music, and serenade us some local songs, which, although you would expect. Different songs was played actually most of the songs were foreign, and I was really amazed to hear because our entertainer/singer knew i think almost different kind of language.
Rio Verde Floating Restaurant

What a beautiful view awaits us!

As we enter the boat, the food was served on the middle table all kinds of Phillipine delicasies are presented, where you will get as much as you can eat, actually it is a buffet style, and while eating, you can enjoy the lush green landscapes slowly sliding along your table, and view the majestic panaroma of the nipa palm plantation along Loboc-Loay River, and as the boat takes of, most of the tourist has finish eating. The small outboard engine works hard to move the vessel against the current. Life along the river side goes on as it must have done for centuries, with children swimming, people passing by in small bankas or canoes. On certain points along the trip, daring kids climb in a large coconut tree overhanging the river, and jump in the water very close to the floating restaurant.

A group pic before eating!

Another one.
Are we done yet?

Part of our cruise is a stop and visit on what they called Ati Tribe, a local tribe located along the Loboc River, some of the river cruise, has a side trip of Busay Falls, for us it was a stop and visit for this tribe, to experience a little bit tribal traditional way.
Welcome here we are "Ati Tribe"

You wanna try this one?
how about this?

A exhibition jump on the river? or what do you think on the other side look as you can see my boss wandering?

As we end our Cruise, I take a last picture of the river, for my remembrance, hoping to get back again here, to feel again the wonderful place and taste the wonderful local filipino dishes been served to us.

Another cruise to await!!!

My last view of the Loboc-Loay River Cruise.

Entrance Fee: 350/per head Parking Fee: Free off Charge.

For more information:

You may check their website:


meticulo said...

..will visit Bohol in two weeks..thanks for sharing your experience!!

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to: Meticulo

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