Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Virgin Island (The Puntod Island)

Virgin Island Hopping
Panglao, Bohol
Day 2
February 14, 2010
By Lakwatsero
A hot Valentines Day awaits us. After me and my wife, with Jeson goes to the house of my Tito. Preparing our Budol fight type of lunch and also our dinner. After our lunch at Sea Coral Resort, we went to a nearby island, actually this island is called as "The Puntod Island, but it was locally known as the "The Virgin Island", this was a hidden oasis in Panglao, Bohol. Not a lot of people knows about this paradise. Actually it is always offered to some of the tourist for there lunch and picnic area.
It was a very sunny and hot day when we finally dock on the island, and it is low tide so we can actually walk to the white sand, feeling the hotness of the sand while walking on it....
Virgin Island from far away ahead
Virgin island is a privately owned island, about 30-45minutes boat ride from Panglao. It is famous landmark in Bohol because of its pristine waters and curved long stretched of powdery white sand. the water around that time was shallow and our boat man explained that low tide is the best way to explore the island. As we reached it, we were astound by the beauty it uncovers. Virgin Island is unmistakably breathless. I have seen hundred of pictures of it, but being there is absolutely different, it makes you one with nature.

the C-like coastal line


the island on other view
wow it is so hot.....

what a wonderful view.

the island hoppers....


hey jeson, you look so very happy.............

thank you for giving us star fishes....hehehehe!!!!!

of course our moment!!

It is just, by far the most breathtaking beach on earth. Pristine waters and that long curved stretch of powder-like white sand connecting the island, it's simply the best! Come and experience it yourselves...It's worth it!

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