Friday, February 26, 2010

Visit to Taoist Temple

Philippine Taoist Temple
Beverly Hils, Cebu City
by Lakwatsero

Our 1st stop for our Cebu Trip is a Chinese Temple that is very known in Cebu and one of the tourist destination in Cebu, located in the wealthy residential suburb of Beverly Hills about 6 km north of downtown Cebu is an enormous Taoist Temple. It was built by Cebu's substantial Chinese community (the Chinese make up about 15% of Cebu's population).

Taoist Temple of Cebu

Parking Space for Tourist


View from Taoist Temple
The temple is the a center of worship for Taoism, the religion which follows the teachings of the ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tze. You can see Taoist devotees following their rituals on Wednesdays and Sundays, as they climb the 99 steps of the temple to light joss sticks and have their fortunes read by the monks.

What a beautiful structure?

Do you understand this? Don't ask either!!!

Stage inside their Temple.
Built in 1972, the Taoist Temple is constructed in a highly ornate and, some would say, gaudy style of Chinese architecture, and is topped with a pagoda-style roof.

Beware taking pictures with their Sacred places is strictly prohibited!!

The temple has an elevation of 300 meters above sea level, and if you climb the 99 steps to the entrance, you will be rewarded with a good view of Cebu City and in the distance Mactan and Bohol islands. Nice sunset views too.

Actually i really like this 2 dragons

The Cebuano’s Chinese heritage is very visible indeed and one apparent evidence of that is the City’s Taoist Temple, one of the most visited tourist spots in Cebu. Visit Taoist temple and experience the brilliance of it.
Entrance Fee: Free
Parking Charge: Free

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