Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bohol's Baclayon Musuem

Baclayon Ecclesiastical Museum

The Baclayon Museum is another attraction of Baclayon, Bohol. Aside from the centuries old Baclayon Church which is deluged by tourists almost daily, the museum is likewise a tourist destination. In fact, a visit to the church is not complete without a stopover at the museum.

Baclayon Musuem

The museum is housed inside the old convent which lies alongside the back portion of the church. Adjoining it is the Immaculate Conception Academy and a wide open space at its front that can serve as a parking area for vehicles. The museum charges a minimal entrance fee of P25 per person to cover maintenance costs. Picture taking is strickly not allowed inside the museum; however, guests can freely take pictures of the church’s interiors. according to the staffs, due to previous thefts and stolen incidents happens of many of its artifacts, I guess this is there one way of their safety measures to prevent those previous stealing incidents.

Upstairs is the Musuem

Before entering the museum, guests can first have a look at the interior of Baclayon Church, especially of its majestic altar and the frescoes above it. There are many items of note inside the church which also dates back to the 16th century such as the statues, carved seats and intricate designs. In fact, the Baclayon Church is a museum in itself minus the vestments, the hymnals covered with animal skins and the like. Although small in size, the museum carries a handful of religious artifacts that interestingly showcase the legacy that the Spaniards left on our beloved island. Looking at these artifacts, especially the vestments which are embroidered with gold, we relive the moment when these was worn, oh so elegantly! Aside from the ecclesiastical vestments, there are other items on display which were used during the ritual of the Mass that dates centuries back such as the hymnals or the cantorals of Baclayon. The hymnals are big and written in Latin. What is of note is that the covers of the hymnals are made of animal (carabao) skin, the pages are of sheep skin and the ink used was taken from plant sap. And so many more artifacts.....

Musuem entrance and a Large Painting awaits you.

Some of the artifacts

Some of the Old Human Sized Statues

The short museum trip was worthwhile, we were surprised to see the oldest church stuffs that you won’t see nowadays. You can get eerie feelings with old statues around you but still be curious to get a look on every detail of it. Personally, me and my wife enjoyed the visit because we really love to be in old houses/structures and made us feel to be in the olden times just for awhile. and to add, there are still many interesting items in the museum worthy to take note but it will take a long while and uses up plenty of paper and ink to cover them all. So why not visit the museum yourself and see them. To see is to believe! So you will experienced what we experienced! So come visit Baclayon soon!

Entrance Fee: P25
Parking Fee: Free (any type of vehicle).

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