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Bohol - Cebu Trip 2010

Ex-Tajonera Team Trip 2010
Bohol - Cebu Trip
February 13 - 16, 2010

By Lakwatsero
Finally, what we've been waiting for....Months of preparation....the day and time arrives, most of us is bound with excitement, and most of my teammates were 1st timer to ride a plane, but for me and wife, I think im the one who had the most experience when riding of a plane.

Our Journey will start, with our Bohol Adventures, the original plan was to have a 2 days of adventures, The 1st day will be a day tour of Bohol Sites, and our 2nd day was Panglao Day tour,
but it was changed just a week of our trip, of course due to lack of budget, of course it will be costing us another budget for a day, but due to some instances it was really unexpected to be change our 2nd day, it became an island hoping to the beautiful island called "The Virgin Island".
The 3rd day will be in Cebu, we acquired a Cebu Day Tour, with Tatay Ernie from Rainbow Car and Van Services.

To start our journey we met at MRT Ayala, 2am in the morning February 13, 2010 (Saturday),
all of us, except our Ex-supervisor, JT....of course he want to have a grand entrance...joke!joke!..

Upon booking most of us were really excited on what will be happening on our you can see even our ticket, ive captured it for a remembrance...........hehehehe

of course me and my wife have to take a remembrance picture, even taking pictures in a plane is strictly prohibited because it can cause some malfunctions while the plane is flying.

Do you like it.......hehehe...ang kulit ko eh noh...bawal nga eh....pero check the man at the back he poses too for the picture....

For this trip, i was response to make an itinerary, below is the actual places and time when and where we arrive with their respective amounts/costings on each places were we've been.
Hope this will help, my suggested itinerary and actual costings, this itinerary was based on our trip but it will really depends on your own schedules and trip accommodations:

Day 1

0130 Meeting place (it depends to your group/for us SM Makati)
0200 ETD for NAIA Terminal 2 Centennial Airport (PAL flights only)
0230 Airport check in(printed flight confirmation, valid ID's)
0400 Boarding time
0530 ETA Mactan Int'l Airport / ETD for Port Area (Super Cat)
0615 ETA Port Area (Super Cat) / Relaxation period waiting for our scheduled time
0830 ETD to Tagbilaran Port
1015 ETA to Tagbilaran Port
1030 ETD for our Bohol Day Tour
1730 ETD to Sea Coral Resort (Brgy. Doljo, Panglao, Bohol)
1830 ETA to Sea Coral Resort (Brgy. Doljo, Panglao, Bohol) / check in time
1900 Dinner
2000 Socials (lights out will be depending on your group)

Day 2

0830 Wake up time
0930 Me and my wife , with my officemate(Jeson) go to the house of my Tito, for our meals for the whole day / others spend the morning swimming on the resort, and of course picture taking.
1200 Lunch Time
1330 Our Island hoping time (Virgin Island)
1630 Swimming Time again (Sea Coral Resort)
1800 Dinner time
1900 Start of Valentine Party @ Sea Coral Resort / lights out will be depending again!

Day 3

0330 Wake up time
0515 ETD for Tagbilaran Port
0600 ETA Tagbilaran Port
0705 ETD for Cebu City (via Ocean Jet)
0900 Cebu Day Tour (via Rainbow Car and Van Services (with walking wikipedia Tatay Ernie)
1900 Tonros Apartelle (Metro Cebu)
2000 Dinner time (Sizurp Resto Bar)
2100 Lights out

Day 4

0200 Wake up time (prepare all things for our departure)
0300 ETD to Mactan Int'l Airport
0400 ETA Mactan Int'l. Airport / check in time
0500 ETD for Manila
0600 ETA Manila

For Costings (Bohol):

Airfare : P1570 / person (2 way via PAL)
Super Cat Ferry : P525 / person (with terminal fee)
Bohol Day Tour Van: P3000 / 13 persons (Driver: Kuya Ciano, with my Tito Efren)
Sea Coral Resort: P7800 / 13 persons
Blood Compact Commemorative Shrine : free
Baclayon Church and Baclayon Museum: P25 / person
Chocolate Hills: P50 / person
Man Made Forest: pass through only / free
Hanging Bridge: P10 / person (pasalubongs are available here)
Loboc-Loay River Floating Restaurant: P350 / person (super plenty of foods with ATI TRIBE visit)
Prony(Biggest Phyton in Captivity): P5 / person (pasalubongs are available here)
Virgin Island Hoping: P1200 / 10 persons

For Cebu:

Ocean Jet Ferry: P420 / person
Cebu Day Tour: P3400 / 13 persons
Taoist Temple : free
Cebu Provincial Capitol : pass thru
CnT Lechon: very affordable and of course you can taste the CEBU LECHON
Sto. Nino Basilica : free
Magellan Cross: free
Cebu Heritage Monument : pass thru
Fort San Pedro: P 30 / person
Casa Gorordo Museum : pass thru (it was close when we get there)
Tabo-an Market: Pasalubongs (danggit and dried mangoes can be found)
Cebu International Convention Center: pass thru
Lapu-Lapu Shrine (Mactan) : free
Tonros Apartelle: P1150 / 4 person
Sizurp Resto Bar: Value meals are available.....

Hi, at last our trip will end, yet it was so successful, and bit stressful, and even though their are some difficulties, and we manage it, to be solved and my suggested itinerary was followed. As i will end this story of mine. ill just add one of my last souvenirs for this trip the tickets that we used for this trip.....hehehehe...

And just browse through my blog, you will see the narrative stories our Bohol - Cebu Trip 2010...and actually ill be back for a 5 day trip to Bohol only this coming May, 2010, now with my wife, and kids, and with my family.

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