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Our Cebu Day Tour 2010

Cebu City Day Tour Day 3
February 15, 2010
By Latwatsero

This is the third day of Visayas Trip, after our 2 days stay at Bohol, where we celebrated the Valentines day, our next destination was one of the most destinations places for Visayas. Cebu, was recognized as the 2nd city in our country, the 2nd most significant metro-center also in our country, and also known as the oldest city in our country.

Our Cebu Day Tour Itinerary

To start, the day, our wake up time is 3:30 am, because our van will gonna pickup us from the resort by 4:30 am, our travel time from Panglao to Tagbilaran port took almost an hour, we arrived at Tagbilaran port almost 6 in the morning, we checked in at exactly 6:40 am, and by 7:05 am in the morning we departed Bohol, via Oceanjet Fast Ferry, our cruise took almost 2 hours before we docked and stepped in Cebu port, Pier 1 to be exact, were we also rented the Services of Rainbow Car and Van Services, with Tatay Ernie, who happened to be our driver and at the same time as our Cebu tourist guide too.

photo oppsss w/ my wife within our cruise with Ocean Jet Fleet

Ocean Jet Fleet

To start our Cebu Day Tour, our 1st stop is a visit to a Chinese that is very known in Cebu, located in the wealthy residential suburb of Beverly Hills about 6 km north of downtown Cebu is an enormous Taoist Temple. It was built by Cebu's substantial Chinese community (the Chinese make up about 15% of Cebu's population).

this is one of the structures that we really like

For our next stop, we visited the most of the famous tourist destinations in Cebu, and happens to be the one of the most important of them all, the Magellan's Cross, located in Magallanes Street, Cebu City.

Magellan's Cross

After visiting this place, of course, most of the tourist go to this place, situated just on the other side of Magellan's Cross, the house of the Philippines' oldest religious relic: the Santo Niño, formerly known as the San Agustin Church, now a days known as the Santo Niño Basilica Church.

Santo Niño Basilica Altar

Santo Niño de Basilica

We just visited 3 spots from our Cebu Tour that is part of tourist destinations of Cebu, and of course most of us were hungry, and at this point, this is our chance to eat the most famous Cebu Lechon, at CnT Lechon, located infront of SM Cebu, actually it really taste great likewise on our Lechon here at Manila, and also the combination of Cebu Lechon and Suka-SoySauce (this is my term of there sawsawan). It really also taste great, because im really always used to, on using Mang Tomas, and Andoks own sarsa for their lechon.

CnT Lechon Restaurant

The Famous "Cebu Lechon"

we're all finished on our table!!!!!!!!!

After our awesome lunch at CnT Lechon Restaurant, our next stop is a historical place on Cebu City, the Fort San Pedro, located along Pier 1 Area, Cebu City. This fort has a triangular shape and made of of stone and mortar.

Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro Marker

After our visit in the historical place of Fort San Pedro, we had only the chance of taking picture inside our van, and just a passby of Cebu Heritage Monument, located in Sikatuna St., Mandaue City, that showcases some of the significant and symbolic events in the history of Cebu.

Cebu Heritage Monument

Second to the last for tour, was the Pasalubong Area, also known as the "Taboan Market", located at Taboan, Carbon, Cebu, we you can buy almost all of the different kinds of dried fist that you can find, to add the ginamos, dried mangoes, and otaps, and many more native sourvenirs from Cebu.

Dried Fish @ Taboan Market

Our last trip for Cebu Tour, was located at Punta Engaño, Mactan Island, Cebu, one of the most famous tourist places in Cebu, "The Lapu-Lapu Shrine, the shrine is a 20-meter bronze statue of Lapu-Lapu, erected for the honor of Datu Lapu-Lapu, a native chieftain who defeated Spanish soldiers, and Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in the Battle of Mactan on 1521.

"Lapu - Lapu Shrine"

To end our day, Tatay Ernie drove as to our pit stop...hehehehehe...actually our resting place, Tonros Apartelle, actually if you're looking for a room that your group will just rest for an evening, i could suggest this place, it is quite affordable, and also situated in the city, so there will no hassle in travelling if you will be having a tight schedule.

"Tonros Apartelle"

apartelle entrance

Our group had a group dinner and taste some of Cebu's style of cooking, it is just situated across the street of our apartelle, the Sizurp Resto Bar, to grade this resto, for me is it just ok to fine, because you on their menu you could also see some of the most filipino favorites, and the prices of their meals was quite reasonable.

Sizurp Resto Bar

Bar area

some of the GI Joe's with special guest

To end this trip, for me, I was really happy, that our trip went well, we doesn't encounter any problems, it goes really smooth as I planned, and I'm really hoping that by next year our group will be complete, The GI Joe's, will do again another trip, and also by succeeding years our trip will not stop, same as our friedship will go on through. As for my last words, im really proud that i'm part of the "Excellent Team"....gogogogogogogo...." G.I. Joe's"....signing off...lakwatsero....

Tonros Apartelle Gorordo Avenue near cor. Escario St., Lahug, Cebu City, 6000

Email: Tel. no: 232-4976 / 231-5201-02 Fax no.: 2310520

Rainbow Car and Van Services (Cebu)

contact person: Ms. Amie (0919-801-4713) / Tatay Ernie (0919-657-9258)

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