Friday, November 5, 2010

Bulusan Lake

Bulusan Volcano Natural Park
by lakwatserong tatay

After doing mini trekking to Palogtoc Falls, our group is now heading to one of our chosen destination. Maybe all of the visitors and foreigners who visit Sorsogon, won't miss this place. The Bulusan Volcano Natural Park and Bulusan Lake.
After few minutes of driving on this highway, we made our uphill experience. It was gruelling battle because you know naman our service....hehehehe...our Trike mobile....But we actually made it, and even passed it by few meters because there where no really signage except for the signage below.

Bulusan Volcano Natural Park Gate
Of we will not miss this opportunity to take some photo sessions. Actually it will another long way uphill to this you can see ahead. hhmmmmm...
what do you think?
Upon entering this hill, you will pass by this creepy type road where most of the tree branches meet at the center of the road. Maybe this trees where very old enough. Making this road really darker at night and at the same time this road is not as fined as above a cemented one. On this part is just an asphalt road. So what do you think we will do? Of course, once again....a photo session takes it place. We've even make a scenario photo...hehehehe!!!! Please see below....
pwede nb?
After that photo session happened, we hurriedly drive up to this hill. To see the real beuaty of Bulusan Lake. It has an entrance fee amounting P10. not bad if it will really go to the beautification project and reservation of this place.
Ibanak's & D Eagle at Paying counter
Here are some of the information billboards within the Lake Bulusan premises. Guidelines whenever you inside this place that we should always follow.
Information Billboards At Lake Bulusan
At last, we had this chance to see how beautiful really is Bulusan Lake. In fact, i've just seen this lake to pictures at some websites and even some tv programs wit regard to travel shows. It was really a gift coming from nature if you will have the chance to see it on your own eyes. Because you will really feel it freshness, the soothing air that breezes along the sides of this lake. This lake was turn to a tourist part destination by Sorsogon Gov't. were you could do some kayaking on its lake for an hour. I forgot how much is the cost of that kayaking experience. Of course, we made this far, we will not miss this opportunity to take photo opps again.
Bulusan Lake upclose
In fact this lake was dubbed as the "Switzerland of the Orient", lies at the heart of the Bulusan Volcano National Park which covers a land area of 3,672 hectares. It has an elevation of 635 meters and is located on the southeast flank of  Mount Bulusan, an active volcano. The lake is accessible either through the Maharlika Highway up to the town of Irosin passing through the towns of Casiguran and Juban. From Irosin it is another ten kilometers to the site. The other is passing through a very scenic route overlooking the Pacific Ocean (San Bernardino Strait) through the towns of Gubat, Barcelona and the center of Bulusan town. Where we took our way from Irosin and getting back downtown to Gubat and Barcelona, Sorsogon.

Bulusan Lake is formed by tectonic damming and perhaps another crater of a volcano. Its water is greenish and its waterbed is rocky and sandy and parts are muddy. It is home to some endemic species of freshwater fish. It also supports some birds, mammals and some beehives. It is completely surrounded by tropical rainforest.
its been Xplored
Here are some of the souvenir shots we've made when we were on this place.
xplorerboyz in photo opps mode
This shots we've made was one of the highlights of this trip in Lake Bulusan.I do hope you would appreciate it. thanks...
what do you think?
We had also the chance to walk further this trail as you seen below. This place also is the jumpoff part of the mountaineer who want to climb Mt. Bulusan.
uy...ano ginagawa nyo dyan.
of course i will not miss this solo pic...hehehehe!!!!
Once again, we would like to thank johari for bringing us to this place. It was indeed a great experience, and plese watchout for more entries on Sorsogon, sorry for such delays actually i had a busy schedule this past few weeks....hehehe !!!!!


Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

buti pa kayo nakapunta na dyan....

by the way, mt. bulusan had a minor explosion last weekend...

Anonymous said...

Yup it is wonderful to experience there..


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