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Barcelona Church: Oldest Church in Bicol

St. Joseph Church and it's ruins...
Barcelona, Sorsogon
by lakwatserong tatay

After our exploration to Lake Bulusan & Bulusan Belfry, and before heading to have an overnight stay at Rizal Beach Resort. You would pass by a handsome old stone church facing the sea in a town named after a famous city of Spain. Of course, this church is on our list to be visit, this place is part of the historical background of Sorsogon. The church of Barcelona, Sorsogon, the oldest church that you can found in Bicol.

Barcelona Church
Bicol’s oldest church built in 1874 by a Spanish friar from the Franciscan order.

Oldest church in Bicol
It is a huge Baroque-style dome-like structure. The thick stone walls of the church including its bell tower are original. The walls are made of coral rocks without the use of cement or steel bars. The windows are built high and wide for the purpose of giving light and ventilation to the parishioners. Alas the recent inside renovation is too modern looking and the stained glass windows were added in 2003.

what a beautiful facade
After exploring this church for few minutes, and photo opps also is one of our opportunity. We find out just infront of this church is also ruins of the past of this town. Known as Casa Tribunal & Baluarte.

isn't great to see such preservation like this...
Here are some of the pictures i've taken while im exploring the area.

they don't even need a light...see...

church center aisle

church's altar
Actually this place is very wide that from both side of this church has much grass area that you could enjoy and stay for a while.

left of the church

right side of the church

Just across Barcelona Church facing the Pacific Ocean and Gubat Bay stands the stone ruins of a Spanish fort and a lighthouse that guides firsherman at night to shore of the tranquil town of Barcelona, Sorsogon.

one of the church ruins
Hera are the ruins of a stone structure that was then known as the casa tribunal and baluarte. During the Spanish period the construction of stone structures used beaten egg whites mixed with tuba, the native coconut wine, and lime as binder. The huge slabs of stones were taken from the sea and arranged on top of each other to create a wall.

when you get inside of this ruins

here's another one

According to legend the place was called Barcelona by homesick Spaniards because the place reminded them of Barcelona in Spain.

How to get there:

Commuting to Barcelona involves a jeepney ride from Gubat, Sorsogon. Visit the post on Gubat or Sorsogon City for details on commuting to Barcelona or driving directions.

Where: Near Sorsogon City. Barcelona is in between the villages of Gubat and Layog.

It's been Xplored by Lakwatserong Tatay


Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

wow! ilang days na kayu sa Bicol region? andami nyo talagang napuntahang magagandang lugar...

lakwatserong tatay said...

Almost six days din ung trip namin sa sorsogon and 2 days in legazpi. 1st day and last day.
sinend ko na nga pala ung IT sir sa email nyo.
Hope to see you there.


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